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Author Topic: Disinformation on hot spots,  (Read 6876 times)

Offline raburgeson

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Disinformation on hot spots,
« on: February 27, 2006, 11:12:39 PM »
I believe there is almost no activity in my immediate area.
Searching maps on the internet shows me to be wrong.
But I'm not wrong, careful study of the state shows almost all
activity here is intense in the SW corner of Pennsylvania.
Matter of fact the only place that seems to be hotter is a small
area in California. As we have had uninteruped cloud cover
here for the last 2 years, there have been very few sightings
in the whole NW corner of the state. Why are the maps wrong?
Can someone direct me to a source that may be fairly accurate?
Who can be behind the bad info?
Search, ufo human mutalation, on the net?
Search, ufo missing children?
Search, ufos attack island Brazil?
Even though I haven't seen one the numbers of people who have
cannot be ignored. These people come forward in the face of
being laughed at and treated as mentally incompatent in these
Gentleman we have a problem, have any of you gone to a third
world country to trade with someone who is using stone tools.
Of course not, but that is the appoximate equivalent of star
ferrors stopping here. The only thing we have they could
possibly want is our planet. This was arrived at by cold blooded
calculation. I do not feel a need to kill something, I do not buy
hunting licences. I do however feel crimes are being comitted and
being federal crimes we have the right to make a citizens arrest.
So let's hunt them down, After we have a few it will become impossible
for the government to denigh their existence.

Now for a little more insight, don'y go to the net for this one, goto
ufo sites and get maps cronologically for colorado, the get cronological
maps for CWD - Chronic Wasting Disease - , you will be looking at the
same map. The little ufo pricks have released this into our food chain.
It's time for civilian involvement. I fully expect the maps to be immediately
changed to destroy this evidence within the hour so get copies of the CWD
maps immediately or you will no longer be able to view the truth.

Anyone who lives in swampy areas will tell you swamp gas is light and 50
feet above the ground is dispersed in the wind. It was the poor coverup
that made me believe in ufos. Anylize the lame denials and invented wet
dreams invented by the government, then look at the footage from Mexico
during the famous sightings were a thousand witnesses and hundreds of hours
of tape reveal a large number of craft and remember it's just swamp gas.

They've been screwing around here for years and not been dealing with the
public. That means they have a subversive agenda and we should kick them out.

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Offline Elvis Oswald

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Re: Disinformation on hot spots,
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2006, 12:12:51 AM »
eeeeasy... :)    Abductees will tell you that these aliens have complete control over you during a close encounter.  So if you were to "hunt one down" then you would be like the dog chasing the bus - what would he do if he caught it?

Beside's that - I'm sure they would have taken our planet if they wanted it.  So that can't be what they are after.

You should think about the possibility that they do not just stop by and say hello because many people would grad a gun first thing.

Personally, I have seen a ufo up close.  And I saw a military craft chasing it - and the ufo only evaded it.  I'm sure the ufo could have at least fried the electronics in the plane and let it fall from the sky... but it didn't.
That is my experience.  And there are many reports of the military trying to shoot down ufos.  From this - I assume that the government is not friendly towards the ufos... and the ufo pilots do not intend any harm - even to those who try and harm them.

So why would the government policy be to shoot down these ufos - if they are not shooting back?  I can only assume it is because the ufos are a threat of some kind.  But if it is not the threat of defeating our military... then what is it?  the only answer that comes to mind is the technology.  That would be a threat.

So who are the aliens?   Abductees stories could be explained with increased production of DMT in the brain... since most abductions occur during the same hours that dmt production reaches a peak.  This would also explain why family members are often abducted... same genetics = same hyper-dmt production.
Also - people who smoke dmt report seeing "aliens" too.  Not just seeing - but interacting with them.

The real ufo sightings?  Like mine?  I believe they are piloted by humans.  Either scientists who fled Europe during the wars - google Marconi AND Venezula - or some other race of humans that were part of a civilization that existed long ago.
If you had the technology - you could live anywhere - underground, in the amazon, under the sea, or even in the remote mountains of Venezula.  :)

Offline raburgeson

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Re: Disinformation on hot spots,
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2006, 01:44:44 PM »
They can be killed, that's just more disinformation. Lead is no good for their ships take a tip from the govt. use depleted uranium. That's not even necessary, just a shell with a high melting point. I have pics of human mutilations if you couldn't find any. This guy was alive and concious when they carved him up. So was our reported first, an air force personell in Arizona. I have news for the aliens, I can shoot then scared screaming and with shit in my pants. I ran tunnels in Nam, 2 wrist holsters with 41 automags in them a few grenades and infared. They had straight stretches they thought no one could get past. In this case the only change I need is the conversion of the coherent spectrum that's fit for holographic display shifted to the visible spectrum for one of the lenses in the goggles, incinderary grenades and launcher in addition to the pistols with armor piercing shells. The govt. is running around disinforming people, those little machines aren't impregnantable fortresses. They've made a deal with the devil and there last effort to protect them is (bullshit the public). We need to capture a few alive the grow diseases in thier living tissues that are specifically for them to make this planet forever safe from future (visitations). This is typical of moving into a new neighborhood, you meet the fecies first, the good people hang back to watch to see what type of person you are. If there are any good aliens out there, they're watching us trying to make up their mind whether we are worth knowing or not.
« Last Edit: February 28, 2006, 02:04:19 PM by raburgeson »

Offline Elvis Oswald

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Re: Disinformation on hot spots,
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2006, 05:50:40 PM »
I figured Whitley Streiber just liked that anal probe :)  He should pack a pistol. 

Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: Disinformation on hot spots,
« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2006, 07:45:51 PM »
Surely it shouold be obvious by now that UFOs or 'flying saucers' as they used to be called are man made secret weapons.  They are owned and controled by government's intelligence services and are mainly used for low level surveilance.  They are also used to create an endless series of hoaxes on the public as part of a psychological warfare strategy to conceal this technology from the public and other governments who do not yet have flying saucers.  They are also used for various illegal medical proceedures on members of the public without their consent as well as testing biological warfare techniques on farm animals and humans in third world countries.  They can do this by stealth because their is a conspiracy between all the governments of this planet to deny the existance of man made flying saucers and to allow them to be used in black arms of the military industrial complex that can evade politcal supervision by our elected representatives.  If you want to really see what is going with phony alien abductions and cattle mutilations read the interviews of Steven Greer at .  Also William Lyne has taken the lid off all this deception in his book 'Pentagon Aliens'.

As far as I am concerned anyone who goes along with the alien hypothesis is an unwitting stooge of governments intelligence services.  It's about time we stood up and said 'ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!'

Offline Elvis Oswald

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Re: Disinformation on hot spots,
« Reply #5 on: March 01, 2006, 09:31:04 PM »
I'm with you 100% on that.  With the exception of the foo fighters and the ufos over DC in the '50s... and some of the ones today.  I've seen one close up and it was evading a military plane that was trying to intercept it.

The cat is already out of the bag on these huge floating triangles that are being used for military transport.  But I think we are behind (technology-wise) whoever has been flying these things since the 40's.

And of course the disinformation theory holds true either way.

Offline raburgeson

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Re: Disinformation on hot spots,
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2006, 07:17:32 PM »
Black triagular craft, SR-75 and 76, Wonder what they call the big one that looks like (silhouette from the bottom) a stretched out lion skin with the tail half cut off. Tail end seems to be front of craft. Really hilarious thing about the new planes they make is this, The faster the plane the more trouble it has with ufos. It got so the blackbird SR-71 got played with every time it was seen out. They were buzzing them then out running them. They are doing the same thing to our new models.
Let me tell you something, when Mexico had that giant flap the US politicians white and black weren't smiling, they knew it would be impossible to keep US citizens from getting the info. In India , they got the key the the elite bathroom handed to them to keep them
quiet, becoming members of the World Trade Org. , welcomed into the nuclear society, remember when they were in the same fix as Iran? Look up the history on their nuclear program and our reaction to it.

There was special something about the flap in Mexico, no not some special sign or something. Something special about the ambient enviroment that allowed so many people to witness it. Something small and stupid, humidity, air pressure, lens effect of the earth or sun? I'd like to know what. It's been speculated (by more than one) that vehicals are hidden from most because they are surrounded by energy just outside the normal spectrum of sight. Some people's view is not exactly perfect and their sight is shifted slightly in one direction or the other. That would explain why one person may have 2 or 3 sightings and another has not and will never have a sighting.
The fact that they show up on radar even when you can't physically see them exists also.

Our government is dirty, your right, don't trust them. Things aren't all they seem, don't distrust your fellow citizens, if they are willing to bear the ridicule and come forward listen to them. Check the sightings posts, were they speak of throwing away creadibility, the gov. knows the majority can't and won't see anything. Therefore, they can divide and conquer us. While we fight and bicker they are free to pick the tax payers wallet.