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Sunflower oil?

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Elvis Oswald:
Anyone with experience using it with a diesel motor?  From looking at the numbers, it would seem you could use it without any processing - as opposed to the steps to make biodiesel out of other oils.  I just haven't found a cheap source of it in bulk.

Yes, you can buy heating kits on Ebay, so it would also starton cold days.
Many peopleover here already drive with sunflower oil in their modified diesel engine cars.
Regards, Stefan.

Elvis Oswald:
You would think it would catch on for commercial use... but here in the US - the trend is to use 20% processed oil and 80% diesel.  I wonder why?? ;)
Thanks for the info!

Over here in Germany one liter Diesel costs about 1.10 Euro when I remember
You can get 1 Liter sunflower oil from the supermarket for around
0.75 cents per Liter, so it is cheaper to fill up your tank from the supermarket.

I live in the netherlands and pay 60 eurocents for a liter sunfloweroil. I don`t use a ``oil-fixed`` car. Just a Renault Express Diesel 1.9 from 1995 (no turbo). Normally i mix my diesel with this oil in about 50 - 25%, just by pooring it in my tank (after that, a bit ``bumby`` driving will mix it). The warmer the weather gets the more oil you can use. Major problem with sunfloweroil is that it is thicker than diesel and with cold weather (under 10 C) the oil ``flocks``. This is unhandy for starting the engine. Lots of smoke and the engine says ``what the **** are you doing to me``! When the engine is warm, it runs OK though. Takes some minutes. Well, when temperature is moderate, starting the engine results in some smoke and some seconds later it runs fine, just smelling a little funny. Some people don`t like the smell. I say then; `` hey, normal diesel smells really healthy, heh?``. Fact is, that diesel mixed with 20% sunfloweroil, gives already much less carbondioxides and exhaust-dust, compared to 100% diesel. So, together with the fact that you drive cheaper this is nothing but fun. In Holland it is forbidden to do this; driving on oil. Because its taxfree. We are not free to decide what petrol we choose, government want to earn money from it. So, when you are taken by police and they see a ``fixed`` car (that is; a changed engine for driving on 100% oil), you get a BIG fine. The way I do it I always can say that I took some BIOdiesel just over the border in Germany. I live in Arnhem and thats close, just 30 KM. Its childish, but hey, the devil made me do it! (devil = oil)...  >:(


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