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Author Topic: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze  (Read 15111004 times)

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8985 on: November 23, 2011, 04:18:25 PM »
So what was happening is that the pulse on the 50T was giving a good 70 volts but it also held back the pulses from the 15T from being exerted on the core. When the 50T was turned off, the 15t jumped up in voltage.

This means that at certain frequencies, the 50T is hindering the 15T and it must also be that in some frequencies the 15T could hold back the 50T.

Are you pulsing your windings with symmetrical AC waveform or pulsating DC waveform?
In case of the latter - did you try reversing the phasing of your windings ? (some people call it the "winding polarity"...)

Offline Hope

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8986 on: November 23, 2011, 08:18:19 PM »
Response from T-1000   Re: (No subject)Magnets at spark gaps?  « Sent to: Hope on: Today at 01:04:42 PM »   Reply
  When quenching spark gap it gives you ramp in discharge wave. And this is what you need for better efficiency. (

Quote from: Hope on Today at 04:43:02 AMPhysical adjustment of magnets at spark gap will increase power output (Tesla).   Altho it is odd please give it some time. 

So it is important,  then we can even further focus it by using a cylinder type magnet containing the spark gap.  This should be like a deflection yoke focusing a deflection yoke.....the yoke is on us!

Offline T-1000

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8987 on: November 24, 2011, 01:04:35 AM »
Must have step for your OU devices -
When you get non-decaying self osccillations, you're on the right way.. :)

Offline verpies

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8988 on: November 24, 2011, 09:11:03 AM »
Must have step for your OU devices -
When you get non-decaying self oscillations, you're on the right way.. :)

That's called a resonant raise and is the result of the signal generator pumping up a high Q LC tank.

Did you abandon your TV yoke device ?

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8989 on: November 24, 2011, 09:23:07 AM »
Must have step for your OU devices -
When you get non-decaying self osccillations, you're on the right way.. :)

Back to the good old Hendershot - like architecture :)

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8990 on: November 24, 2011, 11:15:42 AM »
« Last Edit: November 24, 2011, 12:16:05 PM by FreeEnergyInfo »

Offline Acca

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8991 on: November 24, 2011, 11:29:06 AM »
 Refference  to “  Must have step for OU”  by  T1000LTU   Wesley  and team.

    When I have seen this video clip with the triangular  ascending wave I  knew that Wesley has found the right scope pattern for the “tube ferrite core”, it’s what Don L. Smith has never shown in his public demonstrations.. Here is a link that shows the wave pattern that that is the same  that Wesley has produced with the ferrite core, however (shown below this is the Smith device) and the first clip just shows the ascending wave like demonstrated by Wesley, and the second clip shows a ferrite core that is inserted in to the two coils.. The common principles have a common pattern and the ascending triangular pattern is the way to validate the these OU devices.. I have looked at so may different scope shots (on YouTube) my head spins and none have ever demonstrated what Wesley has so far shown in this latest clip.. It’s SO IMPORTANT that I just cannot emphasize this more.. Congratulation.. on this milestone.. Acca… no ferrite core.   [/font]with ferrite core.

Offline verpies

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8992 on: November 24, 2011, 12:46:24 PM »

What's so special about the ascending voltage amplitude in an LC tank, driven by a signal generator?

When I push my daughter on a swing she gets higher and higher after every time I make the push, too.

The swing is a mechanical analogy of the electronic LC oscillator.

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8993 on: November 24, 2011, 01:21:44 PM »
Please save this page , video ,
  it contains very important information for replication !!!!!!!!!!

PEOPLE PLEASE HELP  MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was told this news MORE PEOPLE to find out, because it blocks all FORUMS.
 THAT ....

Offline stivep

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8994 on: November 24, 2011, 01:46:31 PM »
Explanation of :

At November 17 fly to Lithuania arrival Saturday  November 18 in the morning.
From Vilnus drive 100km to  "another Town"
-No exposure
-no hotels
-everything was arranged in total secrecy.
I was  sleeping in apartment of  one of the fellows. 
15 minutes walking distance from  LAB.

Lab was not equipped well but it was a good place to stay and work.

Working time :
around 20 hours per day 3 hours  of sleep 1 hour for eating and other needs and travel to  apartment.
Excluding Tuesday morning :
-we start to work at 8 Am and we did not sleep at all till Wednesday.
first nap for me was after 29 hours.

TSA did not created much problems when I was going with very much unusual equipment to the plane.
My scientific past  with NASA DARPA DOD programs was included in  the luggage as an self explanatory factor  for TSA and "other Agencies"  about scientific nature of the trip.
I brought  with me  two generators.To Lithuania . and plenty of strange looking things with  hanging wires and so on.

We have had  no interruption  all the time  but there was
one  "important person" with :
big money
I have simply managed to show him what is going to happened if his push on me and demands will not stop.

That is why I post on overunity pre-warning note  few days ago.
I also posted video that was marked "Private"
ready to be released immediately if problems  could of happened,with instruction what to do and how to react for all of you.  "Important person" quickly  realized that notion and big noise around this  is not worth action of any  kind. Aidas  and Antanas have been with me till I crossed security gate.

Well, if  there would be problems than plenty of attention including legal team representing my rights and USA  government involvement  enforcing my rights as citizen of USA could of take place.

That was to much for some of  negatively interacting forces.

I was ready for problems of any kind including  Problems in airport on my way back.
Lithuanian  are  not primitive and  at level of European Standards   even higher than that.
So  finally that "important person" gave up.
And I got back with extreme value of "working science" of un-estimated value.

This is foundation to work on the project and because there is no secrets  to anyone there is safety for future  scientific progress.

We have had 4 people working on the project all the time and 3 peoples  part time.
working team:
Arunas( remotely from England)
Antanas ( reporter and actively working  with us helping  to wind coils and get components -wire, coil forms.)

We have lost one of generators ( damaged)
second one I left to Aidas.

while working on  deflection yoke ferrite. (first two days Saturday and Sunday )
We have noticed strange force of undetermined  nature.There was no radiation of Alpha Beta or Gama present that was confirmed. Proper instrumentation  was applied.
When we powered  the  ferrite with just  2 generators delivering just miliwats of power the surrounding electromagnetic filed was as big as it was not explained.
I mean it was huge and felt by the body.

One of the problems we have had is that ferrite core  under the test pre-magnetized domains  to the point of self resonant frequency over 2 MHz.
We treat it with demagnetization coil  but that did not  help to much.
Instrumentation was not prepared to handle experiments over 2 MHz.

I still stay at the  point that this experiment  has enough of factors standing about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  active nature of interaction.

Arunas have made  theory that  factors responsible for this phenomena ( huge EMF filed) is observed on the spectrum analyzer presence of big amplitude   picks from few Hz to 25 Hz
Self resonant components of the Earth are from 4.5 Hz to 8.5 Hz roughly.
That might create mechanical interaction of parts and/or  the  bodies near vicinity of the ferrite.

As far as  Technology related to caduceus coil ( last 2 days of work)
For me there is not enough evidence to hold to NMR character of principals of the concept.

I  (Wesley) have created theory  ( still  not fully   composed)
That we are dealing with
Ferrite Switching Domain Relay
-it has memory
-it has delay of switching
-it reacts like hard drive disc.
-it is energy momentum reservoir.
-it is self adjusting last impulse in memory switch ( or last impulse shape recall memory switch)

That small rod of ferrite might of be used by TK but never  exposed and never discussed.
Without it device does not work!!!

Aidas discovered that properly designed and winded Caduceus coil create no response of pickup coil when you touch it under test ( caduceus connected  to function generator)
or you short leads of wind of pickup coil.!!!!

There is virtually no BEMF noticeable,



Coil capacitor was made from  aluminium foil (like sandwich rap foil insulated from both sides with clear plastic tape used for packaging purposes)

based on me (Wesley)
horizontal strip of foil  of 1/4 of diameter of caduceus and lengths   from cross X to cross X of caduceus acts as an interface between caduceus and coil capacitor ( look at videos that will be posted soon)
Without it device does not work!!

Scientific investigation on ferrite  from deflection core was not finished due to frequency response of the  ferrite jumping up  and over the limit of  lab instrumentation.

Scientific  investigation of  caduceus based concept that was fist shown on my video
Was very much positive and in very  great progress.

Without T-1000 Arunas who had the most of the cold logic we would be jumping from idea to idea.This guy has  incredible respect

Without Aidas we would not be at the place we are now this guy has the most unique skills.

Without me? Wesley ech........... I'm just crazy scientist that's all


PS: copy of answer given to:


The answer is  simple
Aidas Arunas And me we have no secrets
Ganza from Kazachstan was disapointed that Tiger name ( from Kazachstan) was not included in Kelly's book
For me technology  belongs to humanity.
Tiger has  had no problems with us and he is working with us in close relationship.
Ferrite from deflection yoke is tricky and it would be  explained in our articles and videos.
Look at comment:

But strange force was discovered when I was in Lithuania.
That force might be of military weaponry interest.
It was conformed on the testing aparatus, that Alpha Beta radiation is not present in that ferrite.
The field is of tremendous strength driven from miliwats generators.


Legal note:

From that stand point I recommend you to do not play with that
All of the experimenting is to be made only on your own responsibility and
We do not take any responsibility of your health, nor any responsibilities at all.. We do not recommend nor encourage  to play with FERRITE  FROM DEFLECTION YOKE TO ANYONE>

One of possible theories as much as it sound strange , was made by Arunas and is:

We are dealing with big spectral component on frequencies from 2 to 8.5 Hz...
That is frequency of graphite/coal, and frequency of response from the earth.

That might create mechanical interaction with your body.

again the strength of the field was tremendous.
The power delivered to ferrite was just miliwats

The concept :



To Howerd part#2

Please read this :
We have gone  much beyond my expectation.
and this.

Please notice form and con-tense.

Please understand that Tiger was not present in the process of discovery  of any of the concepts but after it was made.
Tiger was experimenting with ferrite core but was  deniable to my request of disclosure even after we start to publish our experiments.
But Tiger works wit us after all of the controversy . That is his native friend Ganza who made noise. Tiger did not conform any authorization  given to Ganza for this action.

The rest of the comment is I do not care to be clean  I'm not an inventor but contributor to humanity.. :)

But Tiger is our prove of replication and the successful one
A part from that Tiger never presented on his own progress  so he might be seen as showing black box .
Tiger is valuable member of the group but the last time I have spoken to him was  at the end of the first device based on caduceus coil.
That is all.
For me it looks like Tiger has had no other choice but  to be forced to disclose  anything he has made or he would be forgotten.The same  will happened to Tariel Kapanadze.
Tiger is very smart and very valuable  member of the group who  may contribute a lot of data to the overall progress.

We are pushing all of the guys  to expose themselves
Also so new  weaponry  and or explanation to some of existing weaponry  is the effect of my last trip to Lithuania

Response to Howerd part #3

The decision is Yours

PS: imagine person who is like me and try to write to me the way you see me.
Communication will be perfect.
 some of hints:
 -I like money but money does not buy me.
-I do not care for fame nor history files with my name on it.
- I hate Wars and domination
- I will deliver everything that I know not because I'm so good to everyone but becouse I'm not stupid enough  to die. Secrets are dangerous.. :)
-I'm scientist by nature.

« Last Edit: November 24, 2011, 10:40:28 PM by stivep »

Offline itsu

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8995 on: November 24, 2011, 01:55:13 PM »
Here are some wide bandwidth high frequency linear analog amplifier integrated circuits that are ready to use.
The PA107U is the most powerful HF amplifier IC but it is also the most expensive ($375). The AD8023 is the weakest and less expensive ($11)

Use those if you think that the windings need to be driven by high-power high-frequency non-rectangular analog waveforms. Otherwise two transistor H-Bridge buffer/booster circuits can be used for digital pulses.

@ verpies,

i found 3 TDA6120Q's in my junkbox, and looking to the datasheet they are better then your mentioned TDA6111Q, please confirm.

If so, is the test circuit on page 8 of the datasheet i good start to build?

Regards Itsu.

Offline verpies

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8996 on: November 24, 2011, 02:05:35 PM »
 @ those attempting to tune the STAAAR Yoke device.
 If my hunch is correct than the goal of the tuning procedure is to create a rotating magnetic field inside of the ferrite. See the animation of it here:
two perpendicular coils create magnetic rotation...
 See the animation of two orthogonal coil pairs below (click on it to see it rotate):

The animation above uses 2 pairs of windings (4 windings), but it is possible to create the same rotating magnetic field only with 2 perpendicular windings (see the attached picture).

 Anyway, to accomplish the above objective, at least two perpendicular windings are needed. If two of them are used then:
 1) The two windings need to be perpendicular to each other, in order to create orthogonal magnetic fields (H-fields)
 2) The currents flowing in these two windings need to be:
     a) bipolar symmetrical AC waveforms (preferably sine waves).
     b) of the same frequency (preferred ratio) or an integer multiple of the frequency (harmonic / subharmonic).
     c) 90deg. out of phase. This phase difference can be accomplished by one of these methods:
         i) Driving the windings by two separate low-impedance AC voltage sources (signal generators + amplifiers)
            outputting two separate waveforms of the appropriate phase difference.
        ii) Driving both windings in parallel by one AC voltage source.
       iii) Driving one winding by one AC voltage source and relying on the stray mutual inductance to drive the other winding.
 Depending on configuration, the STAAAR Yoke device uses methods 2c_ii or 2c_iii, so let's analyze what is needed to maintain the 90deg. phase difference between the current in the windings.
 From basic electronic engineering we know that:
 1) in an RL circuit the current leads the voltage from 0deg. to +90deg.
 2) in an RC circuit the current lags behind the voltage from 0deg. to -90deg.
 3) in an RLC circuit the current leads or lags behind the voltage from -90deg. to +90deg.
 Again, from basic electronic engineering we know that in an RLC circuit:
 A) if the reactance of the inductor is greater than the reactance of the capacitor then the current lags behind the voltage of the AC source
 B) if the reactance of the inductor is less than the reactance of the capacitor then the current leads the voltage of the AC source
 C) if the reactance of the inductor is equal to the reactance of the capacitor then the current is in-phase (0deg.) with the voltage of the AC source. 
 Point C describes the resonance in an RLC circuit.
 Note for Newbes: The reactance of a capacitor or an inductor (e.g. coil, winding) changes with frequency and is similar to resistance. Namely, it increases linearly with frequency for inductors and decreases linearly with the reciprocal of the frequency for capacitors.
 For DC, an ideal inductor behaves as a 0ohm resistor and an ideal capacitor behaves as an infinite resistance resistor (open circuit).  For very high frequencies it's the opposite...
The impedance (Z)  is the combination of real resistance (R) and reactance (X). Its magnitude can be calculated according to the formula Z=(R2+X2)^0.5
 Those wishing to study this further, look up the "ELI the ICE man" rule and see the attached graph of XL and XC.
 Each winding in the STAAAR device can be modeled as an RLC circuit according to the attached schematic, where:
 Rx is the internal resistance of the AC signal generator
 R is the resistance of the winding
 L is the inductance of the winding
 C is the stray inter-winding capacitance of the winding plus any added external capacitors.
 The AC impedance and current phase formulas for this circuit are quite complex, but what’s important, is that in order to achieve the 90deg. current phase difference between these windings:
 1) the current in one winding has to lag behind the voltage of the AC source (be more inductive than capacitive, see pt.A above)
 2) the current in the other winding has to lead the voltage of the AC source (be more capacitive than inductive, see pt.B above)
 For example if current in one winding lags 30deg. and in the other leads 60deg. then the phase difference between them is 90 degrees, because 30+60=90.
 Now, in the STAAAR Yoke device, the 50t winding has much higher inductance than the 1t winding which is confirmed by Itsu's measurements.
 Thus the current in the 50t winding should be lagging behind the voltage of the signal generator. Conversely, the capacitance should dominate in the 1t winding causing the current in it to lead the voltage of the signal generator.
 ...and indeed the STAAAR team reports that the device does not work with narrow surface areas of the copper strips (narrow strips have smaller capacitance than wider strips). 
Here, it should be emphasized that in the 2c_iii method of driving the 1t winding, the signal generator does not drive it directly but through a stray mutual inductance between the 1t and the 50t winding.
 In summary the whole tuning process of the STAAAR Yoke device might amount to setting the capacitance of the 1t winding and the frequency of the signal generator to such values that the currents in the 50t and in the 1t winding are 90deg out of phase.  According to pt.C, this precludes operation exactly at resonance (in method 2C_ii), because in such case the current is exactly in phase with the voltage of the AC source (signal generator).
 The easiest way to measure whether these currents are 90deg. out of phase is to set the scope in XY mode to measure both currents and look for the roundest Lissajous figures. See:

Offline verpies

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8997 on: November 24, 2011, 02:36:00 PM »
i found 3 TDA6120Q's in my junkbox, and looking to the datasheet they are better then your mentioned TDA6111Q, please confirm.

TDA6120Q has 100mA max output current and TDA6111Q has 5000mA max output current

Offline wattsup

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    • Spin Conveyance Theory - For a New Perspective...
Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8998 on: November 24, 2011, 03:25:31 PM »
Are you pulsing your windings with symmetrical AC waveform or pulsating DC waveform?
In case of the latter - did you try reversing the phasing of your windings ? (some people call it the "winding polarity"...)


I will have to see about that when I set up the same tests again. I should have tried that when it happened for comparison.


I degaussed my yoke coil and now I am getting about 20% higher outputs then I got before. The degauss coil (dC) seems to work well even though mine has a greater diameter then @T-1000s. With the ring standing straight and when the yoke is inserted in the center positioned as it would when placed on a table, you can feel the strong vibration of the degauss coil going into the yoke core. I did this until the degauss coil started getting warm. About 2 minutes. I remember my dad would use this on TV screens for not more then 15-30 seconds. I am wondering if @T-1000s degauss coil was maybe home made and would not do a good enough job, they should try to find a real one because it works. In my test case, I had 240volts, then it fell to 130 volts and now after degauss I get around 290 volts.

So, guys doing tests with these yokes should have a few standard settings and results on paper that they can repeat just in case the yoke goes haywire with the HV. But the fact remains that all of us have been using an already used yoke coil. That TV was running that yoke already for how many years? It could be that regardless of the yoke type, Russian, US or whatever, they will all have some coupling loss to varying degrees.

So here is my low level take on this. With the pulsed trio of 1T, 15T and 50T their relational impress on the core is coupled to the 150T as output. We know that when scoping the 150T and pulsing the 15T and 50T, the output waveform is shown by the thin lines of the waveform. We also know that when the 1T is added at the right frequency, the thin waveform line does not change but now becomes thicker and thicker. So if I extrapolate this to when I will be using the FB HV output, the waveform would be the same but so much thicker. One big fat waveform that would just go 5 feet off the scope screen is what I would expect. Now, how that big fat waveform is changed to 50Hz or 60Hz burst will remain to be seen.

I think what we also need is to better understand the original yoke coil functions in its original form when placed on a cathode tube. Maybe someone can provide us with a good layman's explanation of how a yoke works in a TV. Maybe a step by step description on why the yoke has only one sparsely wound bifilar coil per yoke half then the other butterfly coils on the inside that all work on the cathode stem. If we had a better understand of the standard operation, this may give us more insight into how to use it best with the WNY design. After all, they are not called deflection yokes for nothing.


Thanks for all your great effort. In the last video of the Caduceus Coil (CC), I have also the same setup and can both insert the ferrite inside my set-up but I can also slide the CC inside the outer wound bucking coil and see all the waveform changes. I never saw an ascending waveform. Is it possible to describe how that was connected to show such a waveform.


PS: Sorry for so much rambling. lol

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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #8999 on: November 24, 2011, 03:28:08 PM »
 Ok lets look at the last picture there. Put aside all the calculations ok. Lets just look at the picture. coil 1 is the first surface. and it should represent the 1 turn copper strip. When the 1 turn first across the spark gap it fills that area with a longitudinal pulse that acts like a sonar wave filling the inside and outside of the coil with a polarized surface. Once the surface is made we can manipulate the surface to spin to the left or even to the right. This surface looks like when you pull the drain from a full tub. The vortex going down or even up depending on the wind and polarity of the injected pulse. The coils around the ring which is on the same plane as coil 1 allow for one to twist this surface and cause the vortex.
 Now what the team has done is put the bifilar coil to pick up the twist just outside of the yoke. This will net them very little. Coil 2 is where we should harvest this tempest and not be attached to the twisting mechanism or drive coils. Tesla moved the receiver coils  lower and made them so he could brake the coils (slow them down, check their motion), they were moving because they mirror or lock into the vortex field. This made him devise a way to run a motor and generate a huge wattage by simply slowing the pickup coil or bringing it out of phase with the vortex field.
 When the steady state device returns to equilibrium it is at rest and nearly no current is made. It is only when you break the coil 2 does it want to create current to attain an equilibrium. This is accomplished by millions of little lines that form the vortex cutting the coil 2 setup. This part is normal. It is how every generator works. What is different is utilizing capacitance discharge into the drive coils which spin the vortex at extreme speeds. One could increase the speed of the vortex even further by using those discharges into bifilar drive coils on coil 1. They should also be twins with two sources 90 degrees apart. IT is easier to move something like a valve with two hands instead of one.

 Tesla was 100% in thinking that His Patent was the correct and most simplest way to accomplish that. Thats my direction of experimentation. When looking up this device I decided to look at everything he was working on at the time and most of it points back to the patent. Any motor he designed after that tried to improve on the efficiency of the drive motors as pictured in the patent. The motor must be made in the same method as in the patent and he specifically states it! The Patent shows distinct parts but it can be included all on one shaft if you wanted. The Exciter generates the high voltage current in two phases. Then it is injected into the ring via capacitance discharges to create the whirling vortex. Remember all this is rigid on one shaft and the coils in the generator are shorted at this point. It acts like a huge induction motor at that point. As soon as the shorted coils reach their peek he un-shorted them and used the resulting huge pressure to flow into the load or Motor. The motor is actually used as a balance mechanism between the load and generator. If it is lacking it boosts the movement of the field coils of the generator to return to a balance. If the load is pulling to much current the motor will slow the generator coils or reinforce the spin to cut more lines and give more current.

 This means if the load needs more current then all one needs to do is slow the internal coils (2) down and they cut more lines. if the current is plentiful then nothing is done and the unit regains balance. This is the steady state part. I think in this case the ferrite or iron acts like a pressurizable channel.

 Here is a good analogy. Take a bike inner tube. Fill it with air and we have the working or steady state example. Now clamp your hand on two opposite spots and you have one phase of the drive coils. The clamping causes a pulse through the entire tube. It grows all along the tube and not just in one spot. This one ring is just the drive mechanism. With the addition of a polarizing wave from the copper strip you are reinforcing the surface of the vortex. This increases the strength of the generation as well but in the case of your guys experiment you are not harvesting the vortex directly. You are only trying to harvest the spin of the vortex and loosing out on all the power of the vortex.

 In the example of that picture there is vortex above and below the coil 1 and coil 2 would effectively harvest most of the vortex's both positive and negative. The harvest coils must be regular coils and not bifilar I am thinking but that needs to be tested. His patent has no tuning per say because it is mechanical and rigid and if I remember Tesla said it could be made out of junk and still operate well. That is because the fields self orient the device and hold it in that position.

 I have gone out and gotten two 1 inch diameter soft iron bars bent into a round shape with Two halves. When the ring is charged it will hold itself together like the Leedskalnin perpetual motion holder. With enough frequency this ring will hold itself together very very tightly. Also when you need to work on the field coils the unit can be taken apart like a clam shell by  de-energizing the ring coils and it should fall apart. The field coils could be worked on with ease this way.

 P.s. Here is a quick look at the vortex locked into this aluminum stock:
 There is an excellent example of both fields captured in this picture in the lower right. It looks like a big pine tree.

 If you really study the closeup of that lower right structure you will notice that the center line going up and down is sliced. The upper part is very little field in the matter. Comparing it to the lower center field line it looks whole and rounded. This must mean it is a picture slightly on angle taking a slice of the field line. Heat uses this same network to evacuate the material of charges which makes it hot and flowing as does the electrical fields use, one is mobil and the other is constrained by matter. This creates a crystalline appearance but it is merely a copy of the underling order of this network. This network is highly capable of huge density variations. And it shows in the veins it produces in the aluminum ingot after it has been etched.

 This is an important clue here to what you guys are missing. This is a 3d wave and not a 2d wave. It must be interacted with in precise angles  and very different currents. One being heavy and the other being very high potential. Use both methods and you can capture more energy then it takes to input one kind. The cheapest in Tesla's opinion was very high voltages because it takes advantage of both swings. One we pay for but yet another we don't. It's our free lunch.

 Using discharged capacitance only increases the effect because we are using flow dynamics to amplify the power we supply via a shaped cavity(field coils).

 Tesla spent years trying to perfect the capacitor. I think his designs should be used here to facilitate the type of discharge he was using. Oils seem to be condensed network or lack of network in this instance and it's ability to increase the dielectric nature of a device like the capacitor should be used to increase it's capability to contain the voltages we will need.
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