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Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze

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Your suggestion to visit the earth Village entrepreneur is a good idea and would tremendously
Expedite our understanding and support of this /his venture.

Let us have this discussion here and now as we have MANY members very close to this area
Of the world.

With all sincerity and respect

Chet K


The purpose of this article is to find suitability of certain phenomena handy in analyzing importance of earth ground in Electrostatic Devices such as Tariel Kapanadze, Akula , Vasmus, Ruslan.
To add more of consistency or to say more bricks  suitable to build more concrete  library or spare  parts   for any idea that comes from it
I went little deeper into Telluric Current
That article is  an addition to my proevious article  directed to  those who are willing to participate in join contribution to article
I have posted here...................
 (despite the fact how inconsistent it was.)

Very nature of Telluric current is presented in this article

--- Quote ---So if there happens to be a wire connected between two points on the earth’s surface (e.g. a communications ground line), any current that might normally have flowed through the earth itself will instead flow along the lower-resistance wire. 
For example, according to The Earth’s Electrical Environment (Pg. 244), between August 28th and september 2nd, 1859,
an enormous geomagnetic storm induced 800V on a 600km wire in France. 
Much later, on March 24, 1940, a similar event damaged two communications sites in Tromso, Norway:
Sparks and permanent arcs were formed in the coupling racks and watch had to be kept during the night to prevent fire breaking out… One line was connected to earth through a 2mm thick copper wire, which at once got red hot, corresponding to a current more than 10amps.”

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---By taking measurements of voltage and current along an array of points at the earth’s surface,
scientists can characterize the conductivity of different areas of the ground. 
--- End quote ---
from quotes above we can conclude variations of Telluric  Current power or boundary of such phenomena up/down values.

--- Quote ---Well as you may have guessed, naturally-occuring telluric currents can even be harnessed to provide electrical power. 
Of course, this requires a wire of substantial length. 
And this point, combined with the fact that there’s not much energy to be drawn from most telluric currents anyway, makes this an impractical power source.
However, there is one related invention which at least solves the length issue: the earth battery.
Basically, the earth battery works just like any other chemical battery – you insert two electrodes made of different metals into the ground,
and the earth acts as your electrolyte.  The ground needs to be slightly wet for this to really work properly.
But with such close spacing, you’re not really deriving energy from the earth’s magnetic field,
you’re just making a simple chemical battery (like that potato battery you made in elementary school).
However, earth batteries did work well enough to power some early telegraph stations.
If you’re curious, here’s the patent for an improved earth battery, issued in 1874.
--- End quote ---

Improvement in earth-batteries for generating electricity
US 155209 A

--- Quote ---By the way, in researching for this article, I ran across a (seemingly) amazing “patent” for a device that claims to be able to produce 3000W of electrical power from a 500W input.   It says this can be accomplished through a simple high-frequency oscillator and a half-mile antenna which derives energy through resonance with telluric energy.
--- End quote ---
Frank Wyatt PRENTICE
Electrical Power Accumulator
US Patent # 253,765

--- Quote ---For one thing, US Patent #253,765is for a portable fence, not an electrical power accumulator (and I couldn’t find this “patent” via term searches)
--- End quote ---
Wesley's comment: nothing new

--- Quote --- But secondly, how could telluric currents possibly resonate at 500kHz?
--- End quote ---
Wesley's comment:Up converter ( mixer- plenty of methods)

--- Quote ---Everything I’ve read describes naturally-occuring telluric currents as having periods on the order of, at shortest, minutes.
 Which means we’re talking about frequencies in the millihertz, not kilohertz.
--- End quote ---
Wesley's comment:Here is the trick to be solved in todays technology one can create any frequency of desire out of any AC or DC source
the importance is only to have it for free.

--- Quote ---In fact, most telluric current oscillations are diurnal, meaning they follow a daily, 24-hour cycle. 
Oh and third, the rest of the website hosting that “patent” is unbelievably sketchy…
--- End quote ---
Any source of energy can be stored if desired or if it is used to:
- just interact,
-release valve of bigger source
- due to upconverted  frequency of it resonate with another source( signal from Schumann Resonance.
That in effect  will  establish  generator solely powered without  any external   influence.
Ionosphere and Earth  is a waveguide( look at the picture)

--- Quote ---A waveguide is a structure that guides waves, such as electromagnetic waves or sound waves.
They enable a signal to propagate with minimal loss of energy by restricting expansion to one dimension or two.
--- End quote ---
for more infromation please read:
Human Interactions with  Telluric Current.
In regards to Electrostatic concept devices such as Tariel Kapanadze Akula Ruslan Vasmus:

--- Quote ---Quote from : Russian Source:
We here all gathered  have set to ourself basically a simple problem,
But  very few people did it, and explained it, and even less to said few words  how  to make it.
And here we are, thrown from one extreme measure in to another .
We pick up certain improbable theories about an ether, about other (new) structure of substances.
Learning a new kind of science.
Meanwhile, the problem is quite simple, and it is most interesting that nobody really formulated.or stated it.
We need to create a secondary energy source, managed along the standard device type inverter. I.e. without disrupting the operation
of the inverter to get extra power and combine it with the main output.
How to get more energy along the way?
Where could it be? And here you can use the most basic phenomena, which we are familiar.
We do not need any colliders, we need the initial, school physics course and a little creativity
--- End quote ---

The specified goal in electrostatic concept  Free Energy investigation should be formulated in easy to fallow steps:
1. Fallow the known art ( physics)
2. fallow the practical  art( the similarities of Vasmus, Akula TK, SR, and plenty others)
- all of them start from initial impulse( it looks like initial energy to start circulation of other energies from other sources - like  opening valve)
- all of them uses HV
-all of them or most of them have ground wire.(Ground can  be replaced with artificial ground COUNTERPOISE)
   however  metal plate on the  floor  of say 20 Floor bldg  will do it  very well.( or body  of the car)
-all of them operates with self loop. allowing no battery no power supply   operation.
- All of them shows ability to handle significantly important to us  amount of power drawn by the load
- most of them have been presented working with resistive loads such as  tungsten light bulb
-All of them  shows no easy to spot mechanism that makes  their operation  possible
- most of them when ground  wire is disconnected stops their operation.


--- Quote ---from  Wesley's article:
-The fifteen , 15 years old girls starts to  push small car,
After the moment there is a need for two girls compensating  losses to sustain the motion or accelerate the motion.
After some time there is a need for one finger of one girl to push to  to sustain the motion or accelerate the motion.
Energy from all of that pushes is stored in the mass of the car being pushed.( excluding losses)

So the point is that at  certain acceleration there is need for small amount of  force  overcoming  the losses
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---from  Wesley's article:
Now let's switch to another example:
If we have valve on the  big water pipe and we do not have to pay for water flow or its pressure
( the same way like we do not  pay for utilized energy of flow of the river or for solar radiation)
Now there is very little energy needed to open the valve  on the pipe.
That energy can be stored energy of water  pressure in the pipe.

If we can now somehow think that in electrostatic pump we have
1.difference of potential
2. that difference  wants to neutralize itself.
3. the low frequency force supporting ("valve like") operation comes from  telluric current
if that telluric current is strong enough in say Kazakhstan at Akula location or in Riga Latvia Ruslan location.
--- End quote ---

-Telluric Current or Earth Battery may act as trigger( valve opening  energy) and we do not have to  pay for this energy.
-Telluric Current  upconverted to  higher frequency*  say 60Hz) can be synchronizing  generator with man made energy generating systems
- Telluric Current or Earth Battery may be interacting as  impulse generation component into  Wave guide of Schumann Resonance in  Earth  Ionosphere  Waveguide
   and such waveguide operates ant  enormous amount of energy constantly triggering another  lightnings from one single  lightning.
1.There is constant transfer  energy from  waveguide to its  Earth boundary, where this energy goes?
2.Does dissipate  without causing any other phenomena in the earth?
3.The concept of waveguide( practically  everyday used ) allow  for energy to leak from waveguide? The answer is no.
4.So under what circumstances we have losses of energy  from waveguide?




--- Quote from: ramset on January 10, 2016, 04:35:42 PM ---Mrzlica
Your suggestion to visit the earth Village entrepreneur is a good idea and would tremendously
Expedite our understanding and support of this /his venture.

Let us have this discussion here and now as we have MANY members very close to this area
Of the world.

With all sincerity and respect

Chet K

--- End quote ---

Don't waste your time, the company dissolved in November of 2011 after being in business for one year. It was a two person company, a Director and Secretary.

The former place of business:

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I'm from Slovenia and trip to London is 100e. I rather invest in the trip. You show me ONE over unity device and we have a deal.  It can be  1w device it doesn’t  mater. I seen to many guided workshops with the end result,  “device” on a table doing nothing.o
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mrzlica- why do you want to spend a money for a trip- Atom93 has Alien friends- they can give him lift and will be in your place in no time ;)

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