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Author Topic: Mass can not slow time.  (Read 27092 times)

Offline Judges

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #45 on: January 02, 2010, 05:23:14 AM »
Common thinking IS theoretical math.

Un-common thinking is what we (and you) are about.

We can say that up-to-a-point,the less we know the better,education can get in the way of different mind-process branches.The overly educated(the really smart people) are hindered by what they have been taught.
In other words,our perceptions,hearing,seeing,tasting,etc,etc,
are all we have to go on.Throw in a spectrum analyzer,microwave Sig gen,photosynthesis lab,with complete understanding how to use,interpret the data and suddenly we are of a different class.
Those (Highly educated) people are whom our technology comes from.These same people enable this very post.Students who follow a single discipline for years of study enable us to a better,brighter,
Yet there are some (post above this one) who are able to grasp a totally un-ordinary concept,that few of us can visualize.
The break through may be tomorrow,or twenty ,or a thousand years.This FORUM with it's moderators speed the process a thousand-fold.Ideas,thoughts,intuitions,guesses,hopes,,,are thrown about with care-free,joyful,exclamation.This in itself is remarkable.

This enables the second class of (no letters after my name)people to use,discard,explore,replicate,improve on and develop their OWN,thought pattern branches from what the better educated have posted.

If I do not post this then it is of no consequence,if I do post this,It is to congratulate a very well organized,thoughtful group of people(hundreds i'm sure)who have posted here.

This drink is for you"Over-unity Forum"
May 2010 be the year.
Joe in Texas

Offline CompuTutor

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #46 on: January 02, 2010, 07:27:58 AM »
First Joe,
you hit the nail on the head.

We have progressed so far at this point
that the only available model is that of theory.

It may be decades before equipment can catch up to test stuff.

As far as the non private/military sector is concerned that is...

You seem to be thinking along the lines of
Einstein whom was quoted as saying:
"The only thing holding me back from learning
is the education I have received already"

Perhaps what would help would be if...

Each person that becomes (Formally) schooled
in (The sad current status of) science catagories of present
would automaticly gain a wider intelectual stance proportional
to said match in knowledge increase automaticly as a default.

Thus keeping us ever still open mined to the concept of error.

To never stop questioning what we "Think" we know so far.

Our inquisitive nature,
upon being fed solutions,
meets a saturation point instead.

Sadly it seems at this point
the intelect falls back on all the
(Draconly proven) "Stuff"
we think we already know.

We are admirable while persuing
what we see as unknowns.

But once learned,
we sadly have a tendancy to never quesion
what we (Have already) learned
anywhere near enough
as a checks & balances protocol.

So my vote is:
A collaborative enviroment where people that
HAVE NOT yet learned a stage in the learning process themselves
follow up on things "Assumed/Learned" is a huge benifit to all.

Almost like  trickle-down theory of checks and balances.

Now remember,
most of these otherwise well educated people
(Yeah I've had years of torment talking to them too...)
cannot be held at fault due to the entire quadrature section
of electrodynamics theory that was removed from what was
and is (Still 'till today) the best current understanding
of our grand universe so far.

That is before the likes of JP Morgan screwed us over
and had the overunity aspect of all theory symplified
to remove it from being used against all profetiers...

Ask one well educated persen to talk about overunity,
or time verses scaler potentials and vectors...

They got screwed out of learning what is truely possible.

Not their fault,
but they will defend
what they (Think/Assume) they know
to the very bitter end
before they embrase it.

This current enviroment where people of many plateau's
can interact is an awsome realm due to this simple fact.

As each person below an "Understanding" level climbs the ladder
they "Proof-read" each sucessive assumption published
looking for missed phenomena or variations from the assumed
results of most theoretical data considered benchmark today.

I may have even made you think/question something...

...Smarty-alec's need not respond and waste forum space...

Now on the "Mass cannot slow time" thingy...,
Mass is a function of time and space.

Without time as one vector,
how can mass exist at all?

And to quote from early in this thread:

Can time change mass?
If it can than mass can change time.

I believe every day we look into a commercial telescope
that is also proven more and more, right?

How can this topic exist questioning that?

The time references sent out in space
return newer timewise than when sent.

Velocity against time must be proportionally linked, right?

I mean...using time as a reference point as example:
A second ago mass didn't exist except as multiple probabilies,
a second from now it no longer exists,
except for the chosen probability path.

The rub is that our perception of time
varies in relation to event.

So we may think it is a variable.

I think only our frame of reference changes
causing taumatic events to appear in slow motion.

or more pointedly,
an airplane that only takes 20 minutes travel
in the bermuda triangle
that should take signifantly longer do occur.

the clocks/watchs will be near the same.
and a vacuum measurement of the speed of light
on the ground AND on that flight will appear to be the same.

GravityBlock puts forth a fairly comprehensible tought construct in post #7.

I mean,
can we really say time changes actually?
or our reference to it does instead?

good thing massless components of atomic structures
can communicate at time references that severely exceed the speed of light
or life on planet earth could not communicate properly and would perish.

I have recently made errors interpretating data
from a battery storage O-Scope in a faraday cage
reading a capacitor effected from a scaler wave emission
and interpreted as "Noise".

Can you say feedback loop greater than the speed of light?

I wound up posting the concept in an EVP forum
(Electro-Voice Phenomenon) do to It's iluminating results.

Sorry O.T. there a sec...

Stuff that can travel through ALL matter
intrigues me as much as it did Tesla too.

If you really wanna steam you noodle...

Why does an emission through two slots
behave has a wave or particle depending
on if some observes the process ?????

Thats the mind-nummer.
If a tree falls in the woods...

I want to give credit to another post quote
as reference to correct thinking.

.....Since time doesnt exist in time and it doesn't exist in the lesser dimensions it can exist everywhere at once.....

Other quotes on the mark:

Space is time, space is created from "time" vibrating.

Time doesn't need length, width, or height to exist, but L,W,H all need time to exist.

And Inarguables:

If we had no memory, would we not find ourselves in a perpetual 'present'?

whats interesting about this one is the recent discovery that all memory is present in all genes.
But that was a personal observation.
While alive we are capable of future and past recognition.
Not sure how/why only some have the future ability...

As a ship speeds up its energy state increases.

From an outsiders point of view the ship appears to get shorter (not longer like einstein says)

example stand on the side of the road and have a car drive past you at 10mph, it has an apparent length. have it drive past you at a 110mph, it appears in front of you for a short time, therefore it appears to be shorter.

Einstein said it gets longer, it only does this from a time constant point of view, in other words if your lowest time amount is one second, well the 110 MPH car appears to be longer than the 10MPH. But this is apparent from a point of view that is in line to the ships direction of travel.

from the side it appears shorter.

Now increase the speed to that of light, the transverse observer sees nothing, because its moving so fast that it went 2 dimensional. From a linear observer it would appear to exist for its entire ray length.

Einstein was refering to observers view.
His relativistic point of reference
indicates he is correct.

your impulse reaction says we must also raise our reference point.

The faster it goes,
the slower it appears IN TIME.

I fully agree at first glance it appears counter-intuitive!

Our currunt incorrect method of looking at time causes this error.

It will appear longer.

Did you think doppler effect was only for audio?
Of course it "Appears" longer.
Reletivisticly speaking...

In his reference it had already PAST the observer it WOULD appear shorter.

This is a wonderful topic.
Iagree with the differing points posted about some facet.
Let us not agree in a constructive manor of comparison please?

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Offline CompuTutor

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #47 on: January 02, 2010, 08:29:01 AM »
« Last Edit: January 02, 2010, 05:41:49 PM by CompuTutor »

Offline onthecuttingedge2005

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #48 on: January 02, 2010, 10:02:35 AM »
Here is my newest theory on how a time traveler could achieve that extra needed velocity by using the Sun's Magnetic field loops as added energy from a super magnetic pinch.

of course the spaceship must survive the intense heat and the magnetic field saturation.

the best material I could possibly think of is some sort of Metglas type Aerogel material or a superconductive Aerogel that has 99.8% heat reflectivity and Metglas's magnetic shielding ability. regular Aerogel by itself has 99.8% heat reflectivity for one inch of thickness and it is very lightweight. they also have a fabric made of Aerogel, could start there.

all in all it will be awhile before we have the ability to do this and it wouldn't be a public event either. no tourist except a selected team of highly qualified scientists would ever get to travel back in time.

Just my conclusions.
Jerry 8)

Offline Judges

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #49 on: January 05, 2010, 01:36:40 AM »
All we know about Gravity,can be summed up in few words.Rockets,brute force against brute force.
Totally un-acceptable for a race who wishes to explore space.GB, has searched for years,as have Phb.,ABC.whatever,Nothing.
The ISS,would look to me much better,if,halfway to the moon.
Isn't there someone out there who would like to SEE this monstrosity at the center of the spiral of our,one,small,galaxy???
The Center of the Galaxy Indeed!!!I generally try to keep my Science and Fiction separated better.
Gravity is a Force
Gravity becomes less,further from Earth.

Gravity is universal
Mass,density equal gravity.
Gravity must be accepted as a problem and one
chosen to answer.
Gravity,does not seem to correlate with atmosphere.
Gravity,fits the electromagnetic level.
If MASS is INDESTRUCTIBLE,then what happened to this 20$ I just lit w/my zippo?(I wish),just kidding.

Is turning gravity against its self,the same as making Gold from Lead?Will we ever know the answer?

For some reason I thought of a single spring or rubber band with a 5 pound weight on it.

Then 4,small car,front springs end,attached vertical overhead w/400 kilo.Then my thought ran to 3 springs,spiral,funnel.The two ends point up,center,base down,hmmmmmm
To long AGAIN,,RATS!!,,Grrrr
Joe in Cold 44F% Texas

After all,,, all of us do know;
But man must admit to himself,that he was made in his Creator's,image.
Brains and all.
Spiral,vortex,but first element of vortex must also be a vortex,can this be done w/electronics?,math I'm sure.Brrrrr,chilly,**** dogs!

Offline triffid

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #50 on: September 11, 2015, 07:26:35 PM »
I think its already been proven that clocks in orbit run faster than the same clocks sitting on the ground.Thats why GPS satellites have to account for the difference.So it would appear that mass slows down the flow of time.Fact not a fiction.triffid

Gravitational time dilation has been experimentally measured using atomic clocks on airplanes. The clocks aboard the airplanes were slightly faster with respect to clocks on the ground. The effect is significant enough that the Global Positioning System'sartificial satellites need to have their clocks corrected.
Additionally, time dilations due to height differences of less than 1 meter have been experimentally verified in the laboratory.

Offline triffid

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #51 on: September 11, 2015, 07:33:34 PM »
So according to my last post here.Our heads age faster than our feet?triffid

Offline the_big_m_in_ok

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #52 on: June 18, 2016, 05:15:16 AM »
Can time change mass?
If it can than mass can change time.'ve heard of the famous:   E=MC^2 ?      Approaching the speed of light   relatively   causes the moving object to seem as if time is slowing down as one   IN or ON   it observes the action occurring to it;  AND [/size]as one[/size] observing from the outside the object sees the occupant   IN or ON   it seems to be  moving/acting  slowly when the object passes by the observer.[/size]
       That's the way I would interpret the Theory of Relativity by Einstein.[/size]
Questions?   Comments?



    Someone unknown to me is inserting the [/size] statements in my posted reply.   I have a very high security clearance and whomever has responsibly for this childish prank has the power to hack this firmware package at   They may be 'testing' my reaction to this occurrence, and also---you as well.   If they can hack a borrowed computer like this I'm on, they should be able to do the same to yours, as well.   No way for me to stop them, also.   I just have to put up to it.


Offline Mulletron

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Re: Mass can not slow time.
« Reply #53 on: December 30, 2016, 07:36:29 PM »
Mass isn't the important quality to consider. Mass is just a property of some configurations of energy. What really creates gravity are the components of the stress energy tensor. Energy, momentum, pressure and shear. Mass isn't the source of gravity. We just think it is because of Newton. Newton was only approximately correct with his theory of gravity.

The components of the stress energy tensor are what causes time dilation.

Some links