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Author Topic: TPU Clues  (Read 60233 times)


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Re: TPU Clues
« Reply #150 on: October 25, 2009, 07:52:46 PM »

    This inventor may find it difficult to get a patent.  Tesla had this down awhile back.  I have the feeling that his gentleman applying for the patent is using the patent office for dissemination of information like Tesla did.  Conversion of energy from electromagnetic radiation to thermal energy or viceversa is not reliant on dragging magnets by coils anymore.  The mechanical alternator soon to take it's place on museum shelves in the section over from the horsedrawn carriage.  Or the coal fired steam engine or it's cursed child the combustion engine.  58 percent of the energy that falls on earth is in the infrared bands.  Never mind the geomhd waves from the inside of the Earth.  Plasma converts a widespectrum of electromagnetic wave energy into longitudinal magnetic waves.  The exlusion of the polidial field influence on the media results in the magnetic and polidial fields to appear as traveling in phase through the media but in reality is just an exclusion of the electric field influence on the media.  The electron ion field polarization being many orders stronger than any outside polarization of charge.  The magnetic portion of the transverse emwave is absorbed into the plasma field while the electric polarization associated with the em wave continues to radiate.  Tesla brought this to Hertz attention but it never got into the text books.   What this does is allow vasts amounts of energy to densify in the plasma in the form of magnetic waves.  When the magnetic flux reconnects with the ambient field it releases all this stored energy and if it is on the scale of a star then all the lights go out on a planet millions of miles away.