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Post by: robur on February 25, 2006, 10:44:44 PM

Hello, folks

Have anyone had any idea of improoving lifter to the extent of it lifting a small power supply? I have idea of replacing some air gaps with a solid foam capasitor. Foam that iis almost as light as air, but has a high K then air and should mot went power off like air does.

Post by: Elvis Oswald on February 25, 2006, 11:47:31 PM
That's a good idea.  It would lend itself to other improvments, like using a "board" of foam with aluminum laminated to one side and copper on the other.  Since the foam would provide structure... you could use a square or triangle of this material as the lifter.

Depending on the material used... you might not have any weight savings over the "tooth-pick" wire guides I've seen used... BUT the plate size should increase lift.  AND the foam should have a higher dielectric constant than air, providing more lift... maybe?
Should lift straight up as well - with less wobbly.  :)
AND it would be easier to add copper to the sides to use for pulling the craft in different directions.  You'd definitely save weight on that - compared to whatever you might rig up with conventional designs.

Of course this might require more power.  :) 

And on the subject of power supply... no one has tapped the aether yet.. BUT many have transmitted power.  Why not look into that?

Add a remote control for power to the main plates and control to pulse the sides with power to add motion in any direction....
Come to think of it a saucer shape would work well.  :)

Post by: Light on February 26, 2006, 06:52:27 AM
"Have anyone had any idea of improoving lifter..."
- Yes, I tried some designs, this for example (see attached).
Carrying capacity has not strongly increased, however.
Can you represent your thought about the foam schematically, what's the idea ("...replacing some air gaps with a solid foam capasitor...")?