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Title: New Link page add your energy related website here
Post by: hartiberlin on June 20, 2009, 04:03:07 PM
Hi All,
please add your link to your energy related website over here .

Please no other topics than energy related.
Sales pages of jewelery or something simular will be deleted !

To get your link to display here you first have to
link back to with the code given at STEP1.
Just copy all the code beginning with
<a href... etc with Control C into your clipboard and paste
it into the HTML sourcecode of your website.

Then you can add your website to the form at the buttom of this page
at STEP 2.

Then your website link will be displayed in this linklist and you will get free traffic
from this community.

Many thanks for your cooperation and continued support.

Important: Your backlink to must be on a page that
is linked from your main page, so the Google crawler will find it.

Backlinks from a page that is not linked from your homepage will
not count and will be deleted from over here !

You must have the backlink on a linkspage that is directly linked
from your main homepage or directly on your homepage !

So please not 10 directories deep where nobody will find it.
Your link is also directly here on this linkpage at:

so it is just one directory deep !
Many thanks for your cooperation.

Regards, Stefan.(admin)