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hydrogen peroxide makes HIV symptoms go away.

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it is said that food grade hydrogen peroxide,
(sold over,
makes symptoms of HIV disappear.
though the persons body likely still produces the virus.

you mix a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, into a large bowl of water.
then drink the water one sip at a time, over a few hours.

it is also said that this method of hydrogen peroxide, has cured cancer.

illnesses are nothing but chemical based problems.
which means they have chemical based answers.

it is too convenient for drug companies, to say that only they have the treatment.
the overpriced treatment, which accomplishes nothing.

*gives the finger to the entire mainstream*

so does ozone


--- Quote from: alan on June 19, 2009, 01:04:41 PM ---so does ozone

--- End quote ---

Researchers have indicated, in alternative press, it might be the excess oxygen the makes the difference.  Hence the reason hyperbaric therapy with an over-pressurized oxygen atmosphere works so well.


I think there are a few areas in T-Cell and or Antibodies that need to be researched, one super T-cells and or Antibodies are normal cells but much much smaller than the average cells, they have an ability to fit into the membrane and attack a virus where as the normal cells are thwarted by the virus changing its membrane structure.

normal but smaller T-Cells and or Antibodies are probably the answer, I have heard mention that Lama cells are the smallest but I don't know if there is research in this area of genetically combining them with human genetics via Stem cells yet.

making the immune cells smaller but normal might bring about an immune system that could fight just about any virus.

The original post is interesting, but the idea of putting a 'just few drops' in seems frivolous, you'd be better off with tablespoons or what have you.

'A few drops' of H2O2 is something you can get from the standard solutions for treating wounds.  Occasionally I'll gargle with this - boy does it taste nasty too.  Helps relieve soar throat.  Clears coated tongue, etc.

It's the next best thing to drain-o. :P ...

In either event, the excess of oxygen is suggested ...hyperbaric = greater oxygen, H2O2 = more oxygen ( do we see a common element )?


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