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Author Topic: New pyramid to electricity theory (it's all about electron movement !!!!!!).  (Read 14177 times)


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electricity is an electron, moving towards a proton.

the electron was usually attracted to a positive charge.
and then moved away from the positive charge, towards a positive proton.

the proton was usually attracted to a negative charge.
and stays by the negative charge, as the electron moves to the proton.

(the electron is MOST OFTEN a water molecule, which has an extra electron.
and is hovering high in the atmosphere, around the positive ionosphere.)

(the proton is MOST OFTEN a water molecule, which has an extra proton.
and is sitting on the negative ground/dirt/concrete.)

the atmosphere is ALWAYS positively charged.
the ground is ALWAYS negatively charged.

when it rains, the water molecules in the atmosphere gain an extra electron.
becoming overall negatively charged.

when it rains, the water molecules on the ground lose an electron.
becoming overall positively charged.

when a water molecule with an extra electron falls to the ground,
the electron MOVES from the negative water molecule,
to the positive water molecule.

the movement of this electron from a negative water drop to a positive water drop,

the basics that you need to create electricity,
are a positive charge,
a negative charge,
an electron,
and a proton.

the positive charge attracts and stores electrons.
the negative charge attracts and stores protons.
the electrons and protons touch together, to create electricity.

as long as the positive charge and the negative charge DO NOT TOUCH,
the positive charge will continue to attract electrons,
the negative charge will continue to attract protons,
and voltage/amperage will continue to be generated.

as long as free electrons and free protons are available to be attracted,
there will be ionization, to turn into electricity.

the easiest way to get spare electrons and spare protons, is from hydrogen/water.
(remind you of anything you have read about ?)

this is a theory.

but "i" am convinced that a metal pyramid builds up a positive charge, in its center.
a positive charge which is "stolen", from the positively charged atmosphere around the pyramid !

the taller the metal pyramid,
the more positive charge the pyramid steals from the atmosphere,
the stronger the positive charge in the pyramids middle !

i also theorize that the positive charge in the pyramids middle,
attracts/stores a negative electron cloud around itself !
(in the form of airborn water molecules, which each carry a spare electron !)

and that these spare electrons (negatively charged water molecules),
will READILY MOVE THROUGH THE AIR, towards any positive charge.
(such as towards the positive terminal, on a battery !)

the movement of free electrons from the positive middle,
towards another positive charge, IS ELECTRICITY !!!!!

i theorize that the easiest way to physically implement all this, is to:

have a body of water, electrically connected to the pyramids positive middle,
and electrically connected to the negative ground/dirt.
so that one end of the body of water will become negatively ionized,
and the other end of the body of water will become positively ionized.

have one wire running from the negatively charged water, to one half of a capacitor.
and another wire running from the positively charged water, to the other half of the capacitor.

hook up a multimeter/fan/light-bulb, to the capacitor.

a pyramid made of a negatively charged metal (aluminum/steel),
would be better able to "steal" positive charge from the atmosphere,
than a pyramid made of positively charged metal (silver/gold/bismuth)

if a chunk of bismuth (the most diamagnetic/positive element),
was sitting in the middle of the pyramid,
than the positively charged middle could attract/hold more negative electrons/water.

les brown said that electrons move from the corners of the pyramid, into the center of the pyramid.
which is where i got the idea for some of this.

les brown said that the electrons build up on an atom, and kick protons out of the atom.
converting the atom to a lighter element.

i theorize that using electrons to kick protons out of an atom,
could turn lead into gold.
which is the real life source, of many alchemical legends.

i will draw simpler versions of these drawings, when i don't feel as profoundly lazy as i do.
which could take months.


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by the way.

i theorize that the metals and hydrogen/water in the grand gallery,
made the great pyramid function like a giant CAR BATTERY !

electrons traveled through the air shafts,
into the positive charge in the kings chamber,
and to the battery materials in the pyramid.
perpetually recharging the pyramid-battery.

this pyramid-batteries "chemistry" was constantly refreshed,
by pumping in more hydrogen/water.

and re-polarizing the positive/negative battery-metals with electrons and protons (both could come from any atom !).

unlike a modern day closed battery, who's chemistry eventually expires.
actually, some brands of car battery ARE restored, by pouring in water !


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there is really TWO sets of kings chambers, grand galleries, ETC in the great pyramid.

in other words, TWO sets of batteries !

when the chemistry of one battery got mis-polarized, they electrified it with the other battery.

they REVERSED the polarities that the dead battery used.
so that all the electrons and oxides would get knocked off of the dead batteries metals.
restoring the dead battery to mostly as good as new.

for example.
if the kings chamber had positive metals like lead/gold/bismuth in it,
and the subterranian chamber had negative metals like cobalt/kickel/steel in it.

once that battery died, they would use the second battery, to charge them with the reverse polarities.

so that positive metal in the kings chamber was negatively charged,
and the negative metal in the subterranian chamber was positively charged.


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......i think that the egyptian legends about resurrection from the dead, and eternal life,
was a metaphor for one battery resurrecting the second battery in the pyramid.

for whenever one batteries chemistry is depleted, and needs to be "resurrected from the dead", by the second battery.

one battery was osiris, and the other battery was isis.
constantly resurrecting each other from death.

osiris's positive male energy, represented the positive terminal of the battery
isis's negative female energy, represented the negative terminal of the battery.

osiris's  getting cut off, represented the loss of osiris's POSITIVE ENERGY.
the INABILITY of the positive metal in the kings chamber, to attract negative electrons any longer.
because the positive metal in the kings chamber, has become over-saturated with negative electrons.

rendering osiris's positive energy neutrally charged. as if osiris lacked genetals all together !

the loss of osiris's , combined with his resurrection from the dead by isis,
also represented the need to resurrect the dead battery, by switching its polarities.

because once osiris is rendered dead and magnetically neutral, it is time to revive him, by temporarily making him negative/female.

when the positive metal/osiris becomes saturated with negative electrons, losing his positivity,
it becomes time for osiris's  to be lost (the grand gallery to have its water drained out !).

so that the positive metal in the kings chamber can temporarily be made female (be negatively charged !), so that the positive metal in the kings chamber can regain its male positivity !
so that the grand gallery (osiris's  !), can be reflooded with water/battery-acid !

some of the old egyptian legends, are metaphors for technological knowledge !!!!!!

which other legends secretly describe long lost technological secrets ??????

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the device that walter lewin shows in that video, is called "lord kelvins thunderstorm".
it collects positive charge and/or free electrons from the atmosphere.
which more or less makes it a lightning-based power source.

the water drops (HYDROGEN !) provide the electrons/protons,
for the electron movement (ELECTRICITY !) to form.

the main difference between lord kelvins thunderstorm and the great pyramid,
is that lord kelvins thunderstorm uses magnets or electricity to polarize the water.

where the pyramid uses its "positively charged middle" (2/3 up the pyramid),
and the negative ground/dirt, to polarize the water.

both the great pyramid and thomas thrawagers pyramids,
had what amounted to CAR BATTERIES in them !

thomas thrawagers pyramid had saltwater in its copper loop. which acted as battery acid.
it also had 2 graphite electrodes sitting in the salt water.

one graphite electrode was electrically connected to the positive copper loop.
which more or less acted like the positive half of the battery.

the other graphite electrode was electrically connected to the negative steel pyramid frame.
which more or less acted like the negative half of the battery.

the graphite rods touched the saltwater, so that the other metals didn't have to corrode !

odds are that saltwater molecules with excess electrons,
gathered around the graphite rod that was connected to the copper loop.

and saltwater molecules that were missing electrons,
gathered around the graphite rod that was connected to the steel pyramid frame.

when electricity was taken from the pyramid, electrons went from the copper loops graphite rod, through the device being electrified,
back into the pyramid,
and to the graphite rod connected to the steel pyramid frame.

so that the electrons could go back into the saltwater, and back over to the graphite rod connected to the copper loop !

the saltwater and 2 graphite rods, allowed the electrons to be recycled !
like an endless merry-go-round ride at the carnival !


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.......positive attracts, stronger than negative repels.
which means that the positive charge in the pyramids middle, is capable of causing infinite electron movement !!!!!!

because if a wheel is being pushed harder to the left than pushed to the right,
the wheel moves to the left.

the pyramids positive middle is ALWAYS pushing the electrons "to the left".
so the electrons are always moving (electricity is electron movement !).
so electricity is being generated, as long as the pyramids middle is positive !