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UPDATE: Excess Energy Observed in Carbon Arc Experiments


Doctor Whodini:
Hello all,

I updated my multi-spark gap experiments webpage with some intriguing results:

Excess electrical energy has been discovered in multi-spark gaps using Carbon/Graphite - Thoriated Tungsten rods with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) greater than 100% across the gap. A Wimshurst Generator is used as a primary high-voltage dynamo. A Tesla-like step-down transformer T1 with a ferrite rod is used to efficiently reduce the high-voltage down to safe practical levels, which can easily be distributed and measured. As shown in Fig. 1, successive electric discharges or Electrum Validum (EVs) discharges are generated, and their associated energy is collected in a 10uf low loss capacitor during a given period of time. An array of up to three spark gaps wired in series have been tested.

My conclusion is the Carbon Arc is performing as a NEGATIVE resistance-like device in every test case. The bottom line is that there is MORE energy charging up capacitor C1 with the spark gap than without, and the greater the primary inductance, the greater the amount of energy that is collected. More energy is collected with two spark gaps than one due to constructive
electromagnetic wave effects, and less energy is collected with three spark gaps than two due to destructive electromagnetic wave effects.

The Carbon Arc looks very promising as providing excess energy, once properly harnessed.


William S. Alek
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Hi Bill,
how much did you gain in COP through using 3 spark gaps
instead of 1 sparkgap ?

Doctor Whodini:

Three spark gaps resulted in LESS energy than one or two spark gaps. I suspect this is due to electromagnetic wave mechanics. In other words, the third spark gap added a destructive wave component.


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