Money makes the world go round > investment scams, warning about fraudulent offers is it a scam?


I was reading a post they have mentioned this website I am curious if anyone has purchased the CD and actually tried to recreate anything on the CD?

i do own there cd.. it's not  scam

but everything on the disc .. is on this website
but this website has alot more and much kooler stuff too..

no their cd is no scam.. it has alot of very interesting pdf's on it from silk screening solar panels to making earth  batteries, clorox batteries.. info on catching back emf...etc.........

Hi, I come back to this post. The Creative Science have now changed their pages. (

I am interested in Fuelless Engine model #2 which seem to be improved.

Does anyone have experience with building this engine? I am thinking to buy the plans for this engine and try to build one.

Thanks Martin


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