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Title: Magnetic Fuel update, how could I have not seen it
Post by: Butch on February 22, 2006, 07:24:48 AM
1.The Magnetic Fuel Motor/Generator unit arrived Friday and after examining the device I found the pure iron rotor was over saturated. The rotor will have to be made with very large rotor pole ends and twice as thick in width to get it under saturation so the flux redistribution will take place. I will keep you posted. Working with this pure iron ( 99.98% ) is a challenge.
2. I got to thinking about the Pseudo Solid Rotor design I came up with and the Pseudo Solid Equilibrium Rotor I designed also in the recent past (see The PSR did exactly what it was designed to do, pull the first rotor in with tremendous force, but after it was released with the Pseudo Solid rotor (see video), the first could not be repositioned to be pulled in again because of the Pseudo Solid rotor being there locked to the magnets. But it did serve it's purpose as I will explain.
   I designed the Pseudo Solid Equilibrium rotor in an attempt to get it to self run. It came close, but you had to give it a slight push to get it to unlock.
   I got to thinking, how could I not have seen it? It was right there in front of me all the time. Put the two together and the first rotor will lock into position with a very strong force, the Equilibrium Rotor will move it out of the locked position, and then only a very, very small force is needed to rotate the Equilibrium Rotor on through, a huge net gain in energy.
Mark Olsen built both motors and got the same results as you have seen on video. We are now putting the two together to show beyond a shadow of a doubt, that overunity work can be done by permanent magnets alone. Will keep you posted, wish us luck.
Butch LaFonte
Title: Re: Magnetic Fuel update, how could I have not seen it
Post by: hartiberlin on February 22, 2006, 08:14:24 PM
just try to use weaker magnets for your new motor.
This will not drive the iron into saturation and you can try it..
Good luck.