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Title: Aether Category
Post by: Elvis Oswald on February 16, 2006, 06:14:58 AM
Some of the greatest minds of history have theorized that there is a field of energy all around us.  Tesla - perhaps the greatest mind - believed he had tapped it.  Einstein said his theories did not rule it out.

IF there is a category for 2nd law violations... and for mechanical setups that claim perpetual motion... then surely there is room for a category for the discussion of tapping a real energy source like the aether.

I'd bet my life that the aether is more real than perpetual motion.  That's where 'free' energy will come from.  The more focus we can have on that idea, the sooner it will happen.

If you are reading this - please second the motion until we have a new category.

Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: Clarky on May 28, 2006, 11:47:05 AM
Motion seconded  ;)

New scientist is really digging into concepts like this now if anyone reads their magazine.

There was one thing I heard Steven Hawking say on the discovery channel about the universe, something along the lines of 'I believe the universe spontaniously came into existance out of nothing'.

Now undoubtably he has a great mind, but it just makes me happy that other scientists are taking note of this logical fallacey and looking into the aether.

I myself think of it like a very complex computer program, but of course not literally like there is a big computer controlling the rules :P. For instance I believe in evolution, how can you not.. it's existance is physically evidential, It is a function of reality, an 'output'. But the real question is when it comes down to the more fundemental quantum elements that make this process possible, where is the information coming from? why do particles behave that way? what is the causal function? the fundemental 'input'.

Thats what I think the aether is, an information carrier. Constantly laying out the rules which we take in through our perspective as our universe / dimension, The illusionary barrier is our conciousness.

Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: Colesakick on June 03, 2006, 09:33:27 PM
From what I?ve seen of aether physics models, there is a general consensus that the aether is conscious and intelligent. In short, your idea that it imparts information into the physical reality we experience appears substantiated; though your depiction is more dry than most.

There are clear-cut rules to physical existence, force law, binding relationships, what have you. The fractal signature on all atomic and molecular arrangements bespeak symmetry of well-defined mathematical rules, ie, intelligent planning. Whatever it is, the aether is powerful and intelligent, like a quantum computer with sentience.

Evolution is of course real (to the extent of adaptive mutations), but there does appear to be a clear issue with the idea of life creating itself unguided. There also appears to be limits to evolution. The idea that one species gives rise to another is not supported, it is still hypothesis based on hyperbole that fish can become mammals etc. . .. The process behind adaptation is looking more and more like bio-automation via programmed systems of logic (fuzzy logic protocols at the level of the genome). The idea that evolution is random and unintelligent is getting harder and harder to defend as the field of bio-informatics grows.

I'll come back with some good links, I'm on the wrong computer right now.
Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: Colesakick on June 03, 2006, 11:29:33 PM
Unified Force Theory, an aether physics model attached. This is the official white paper, there is also a book about this model available at  (
Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: volantis on June 04, 2006, 02:51:43 PM
If you are reading this - please second the motion until we have a new category.
I would participate if there is an Aether category. 
Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: Colesakick on June 05, 2006, 06:10:20 AM
All right then, we have a quorum, let's make it so. What do we do next?
Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: Colesakick on June 05, 2006, 06:15:49 AM
Silly me, I see now that this topic is now threaded under 2nd law violations on the main page.
Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: Colesakick on June 05, 2006, 06:18:28 AM
That list of books on Aether physics would do well to add the Secrets of the Aether book I mentioned before.
Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: JoCa on August 21, 2006, 05:24:54 AM
Just found this on google

Jimmy Sabori's Papp Engine Video

 A two-cycle engine demonstrates power output up to 500 HP on a dynamometer; and a one-cycle engine with Plexiglas cylinder shows ignition

What do you think about?

Might be a very new way of energyconversion, which had aktually worked, but he suddenly died and leaving an engine, which do not work without the mighty gas he only knew about. Pity.
Title: Re: Aether Category
Post by: raburgeson on September 24, 2007, 11:26:04 PM
Dr Wilhelm Reich and his orgone energy, I will explain why I bring this up here. As explained by Tesla the aether flowing through and around an object produces a negitive and positive charge on opposite sides of the object. So between molecules and atoms there would be a potential difference, but how do you extract it? I believe Dr. Reich and his simple accumulater found a way to seperate the charges of a bandwidth of the aether. There is a charge of some type in the accumulater, it has been photographed, it has been varified by temperature. As for the government protesting and making the lives of all those individuals that experiment in this area, I take that as another proof of the existence of a form of energy. You know this part. (I thinks you protest to much Horacio)

What we have because of continued experimentation seems to be this. An accumulater seems to be equivalant to the capacitor in and electrical circuit. We can also surmise the modern cloud buster. I'll take a guess. The copper pipe, and antenna array or (collector) if you prefer. The metal filings and resin, an accumulater. And the quartz a filter or diode if you prefer.

You want to look at a nut there's Einstien, he was a real fruitcake and they swear by his (work).  My interest is peaked by a few facts I have dug up. One scientist said there are 4 types of energy the government has developed that the rest of the world knows nothing about. In the last more than 60 years the government has been spending 50 time what the civilians have been on research. That would put the about 2500 years ahead of us in every catagory of science. It's worse than that they also have there hands out to colleges and universites for free research and the inventors and scientists they have killed and robbed, it probably is closer to 4000 years ahead of us. The parisites desended on Teslas work before the body was cold and, they deny his work was valid and it is still top secret and hidden from view from us all even till this day. If they ever do release something it will be a false fabrication of facts. I will stand on my conclusion that we have some crude components to work with the aether given to us by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.