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Title: Fast 10 seconds instant on Linux Boot distributions
Post by: hartiberlin on May 09, 2009, 02:21:58 AM
There are now a couple quickboot linux OSes:

Linpus Quick OS

Have a look at the test from :

also available:
Linpus Lite or Linpus Media Center from
Linpus Quick OS is not downloadable there yet,
but maybe you find another download link ?

If you try it out, please post your experience over here.

Otherwise there is also

but seems to need Intel netbook hardware

or a hacked Splashtop for USB drives.
but I have not yet found a ready to install ISO
Splashtop for USB sticks.

What I could test yeasterday is one really nice distribution,
which is very easy to install and is put onto your
harddisk in combination with WIndows:

Xandros Presto.

It installs itsself along a windows installation and it boots in about 10 seconds !
Very fast.

You can choose during the boot sequence, if
you want to boot windows or presto.
It adds this to the Windows boot manager.

It is very nice.
you can then also install other
aps from an application store website.
Most aps are free there.

I installed a few applications and it is all very
easy to do andyou don´t need any Linux knowledge.
It is really a very Noob friendly system.

It costs 20 US$ for the license and I think it is worth
cause you never never need to type in any
editor commands for anything else to install new

I installed
the Kaffeine Media player in it cause I wanted to have
a very fast player for HD MOV Quicktime files
and this is the first player that really plays these
files from my HD cam really without frame skips.

It plays the MOV files very smooth, still better than XBMC under Windows !

Also I installed Picasa 3.0 and OpenOffice via the application store manager
and all worked great !
Also the installed Firefox browser comes with the latest Flash
plugin, so you can surf Youtube after 15 seconds boot time !
Amazing !
Really great !
Also installed is already Skype and IM Messager program.

This is really a very easy to use Linux disti !
I like it a lot and will probably buy a license.

It worked flawlessly with my Nvidia based 6150 chipset
based ASUS Athlon 3800 Dualcore PC in 1920x1200 truecolor mode !

Regards, Stefan.