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Author Topic: Cold Electricity  (Read 173672 times)

Online ramset

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #135 on: September 10, 2010, 03:43:23 AM »

Holy Crap,
Its like a Captain Kangaroo PDF!!
Sparks you made me laugh so hard ,
"i" almost thru up!!

Very Good!!
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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #136 on: September 10, 2010, 04:51:25 AM »
So Sparky...

You are stating for the record that cold electricity is electron puke?... or would that be a hydrino?


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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #137 on: September 10, 2010, 05:04:03 AM »
O.K. I'm back from testing your claims and was not able to replicate.

My experiment:

I am like a negatively charged electron. Very negative! - ask anyone.

My home is my nucleus, the center of my world and is filled with the positive energy of my wife. I am orbiting around the house all day as I am unemployed these days.

I ate a bagel for dinner in my kitchen which is a bit over lighted as the guy we bought the house from was a gay chef.

Next, I went over to my neighbors house who is a real asshole since he lets his dog out to crap on my lawn every morning. I puked the photon filled bagel up on the hood of my neighbors new sports car and ran back home.

The vomit did not emit any light. FAIL!

Offline sparks

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #138 on: September 10, 2010, 06:48:25 AM »
   After reading the lecture to the class the teachers book has an appendix for class experiments; 
The children are instructed to bring in a large amount of their sweetest candy and a blindfold.  The desks are moved into a  circle which represents the magneitc field.  The kids eat the candy at the end of the lecture while they move their desks.  They then all halve crazed from the sugar rush put on the blindfolds and are positioned at various places by the teacher.  When he says go all the kids are instructed to run as fast as they can in the direction they are facing.  The whole process turns into a sugar fueled rumble until all the childrentrons are no longer excited but are all lieing aound on the floor drenched in stomach acids and various food dyes added to candy to make it more exciiting to eat.
   Teachers are warned not to employ this exercise before checking their tenure statis.  School board officials dont take kindly to listening to 50 or 60 concerned parents rant and rage as to the competency and sanity of a science teacher employing such methods of teaching.  I betya the kids will go home for weeks afterward with their mouths open facing the Sun injesting infrared photons.

   Been there done that.  Now I landed a job getting paid the money I made when I was 18years old.  Close to 40years ago when you could get 5hamburgers for a buck.  Old McDonald had a farm and not a food processing network.  And telephones were a convenience not a lifestyle.  The wife wasnt too impressed with my mid to end of life crisis since this high paying job is 1200 miles from home and she is working two jobs back in the hood.  Not even sure were married at this point but definitely seperated physically and spiritually.  The house got sold for less than we bought it for 10years ago and I am living in a gated trailor park (this place is ridiculous.  If you have to rob to make a living are you going to go to a trailer park so you can pawn miny stuff people who sell trailers catering to womens deep desire to live in their childhood doll houses pack into mobile living units)  after dumping the house and the BMW in lieu of foreclosure and repocession.  I hope whoever pulled these strings chokes on the  he is sucking.  The big one he doesnt even know or care is stuck in his mouth and jiggling his eye balls so he cant see the light. 
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Online ramset

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #139 on: September 10, 2010, 09:25:58 AM »
Very strange at times this thing we call "Life",
Things have changed "Big Time" for me in the last year!
One thing that "rings" true to me,
"I could live anywhere in the universe but I chose to live in you"
No religion !No Building!
ME................. YOU.......................

And I believe these words!!

I see things differently now!!


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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #140 on: September 10, 2010, 09:42:59 AM »
Hey loner,

I think that was one of the better posts I have ever read. You clearly have thought integrity and the logic, reason and accountability that goes with that. I have no problem with someone calling me on my bullshit and value that more than 1000 cheer leaders. I get nothing for the cheer leading and the push back keeps me sane and is the other half of collaboration that advances thought.

I intentionally throw stuff out hoping that people will find the flaw. I never respect a believer that just takes my word for it. I get nothing for that.

I have a bunch of stuff people have not seen and would share it with you any day. You have the right attitude. I wish you lived next door. Anyway before I get started, Thanks again!

The power outage was just something that happened and you failed to explore a spiritual possibility. I have perfectly documented experiences that I would not share here that prove these things happen and for a reason. But who knows?

In order for something to get colder, it has to lose energy. (Bohr model of atom) This works in any mass in any state regardless of whether we are looking at freon in an air conditioner or mass of an electronic circuit.

I have been pretty clear all the way through that I don't claim to know much about cold electricity. If fact, since I have not played with it and only read other peoples accounts, I don't know anything about it. Knowledge is experience.

Here is some info. that you may find interesting:
I saw a Russian video where they connected a spider web to a single electrode on a light bulb and the other end to a cold electricity source. The bulb was being held in the had of a scientist.

Protons will not flow through a solid, only a liquid or gas. Conversely, electrons won't flow down an organic spider web or string.

So if the video was real, some sort of static field was probably flowing. Static electricity is cold. An ionic breeze is a no current high voltage and a Whimhurst machine produces a cold breeze between electrodes.

Voltage flows toward the cathode and so logically, one would deduce that electrons are coming from the light bulb and voltage is flowing to it. No? Voltage is cold and current is hot and that is pretty carved in stone.

Now if the current or electron energy and I don't think in terms of point particle physics, rather a wave(s) compress energy into a particle, the wave would have to be distorted.

Now since current is mass, and cold electricity is massless or the mass is self canceling in some way (unpolorized), then we could have a look at a photon to try and understand the process.

What a photon is, is highly disputed but I will throw my version into the ring.

A photon is (was) an electron but instead of spinning in a single direction, it is spinning in two directions like a curve ball. Imagine the earth spinning on its normal axis but now ALSO spin it on an equatorial axis.

Gyroscopic precession will now be present and the Earth will exibit torque upon on itself between the two axis of spin. If the two spins are equal and the mass is round the two torques will alternate back and forth at a 50% duty cycle and give us one a light wave at frequency A. If the two spins are not equal, then we get a different light wave at frequency B.

Why does the photon emit light? Because the two torques acting against each other consumes energy and mass losing energy emits light. This is also why a light wave moves in a zig zag motion. It is also why a photon is nearly massless. It is consuming its own gravity.

So we look at sparks cartoon adn ask why does the photon attract to the electron? Because the photon is losing or emitting energy and the electron is a negative charge.

Electrons are clingy little things and just as sparks stated, when they strike an object, the bond is broken and the electron goes back to the nearest atom that needs one since they don't just hand around anymore than a magnet just hangs around in a pile of nails without attracting some nails.

Now so far most everything I have stated is logical and or experimentally provable.

Next we look at what an electron is. Particle physics has many models. One thing that we are sure of is that for every particle, there is an anti particle.

The ancients knew of the anti particle and that is what the ying yang represents. It is made of two waves and the particle is formed in the middle where the two wave overlap and cup energy. A black hole has a ying and a yang and mass is created where the two tips come together spinning in opposite directions to twist energy into mass.

(Posting this on a physics forum got me banned as a crackpot) :) Fuck em! They can live in their willful ignorance forever!

If you want to look at a model of a photon, look at a photo of the Milky Way. Nature creates using fractals. As above, as below.

Notice how the galaxy is spinning in two directions? The central core is spinning 90 degrees to the outer axis? If that were not the case, the universe would be super dooper flat. :)

So now we have to ask ourselves what is cold electricity again? Well look at the coil that he is using to produce it. Notice how the electrons are being spun in two directions? If he were to build his coils slightly different and balance it, he would have it nailed since there would be zero current flow and yet the light which is the force carrier for the electromagnetic force, would be able to flow.

So far everything is logical and can be or has been proven.

So cold electricity has to be light and that photon has to be spinning in such a way that it is not like a photon that we are used to. You see you can spin a ball on a third axis. The light is a force carrier that sinks mass would be my best guess. But wait! There is a third axis and that is the right thumb rule of an electron flowing down copper.

As the light pushes the spin curl, it is exactly like if you were to push a toy spinning top. When you tip the top to one side, the Side of the edge gives it a slight movement sideways. That is what causes right thumb rule.

If he used silver wire and balanced the coils he would probably have it nailed perfectly. I could probably write more about all this and write it better but again, I have zero interest in the subject. Im just here to be lubricated by Ramset. Proof I don't have a life.

I am not sure if you understand what I just wrote because I suck at explaining things but it all makes logical sense.

I offered to help dole but he didn't respond. That is ok by me as I have anti interest in cold electricity.

I intentionally throw stuff out there that I know is wrong or don't believe to see if people will push back. Usually they don't and so I feel they don't deserve to know what I really think.

You on other truly do seem to have a functioning brain and integrity so I will throw you another bone that has been discussed a lot in this forum and that is Meyer info.


Some time back a buddy gave me high res photos of Meyer's circuit boards from the inside of the white box on the dune buggy and the circuit board from inside the alternator. I was able to make a complete schematic of Meyer's fracture generator and alternator as the photos were perfect.

What it taught me was what Stan was NOT doing. There was nothing too special there and so I looked further into what he WAS doing and how he was doing it.

Meyer used accelerators all the way through that dune buggy. The laser in the air gas processor, a process sparks just described in his cartoon, was only one of the accelerators.

If you look at fig. 10-4 of Meyer's notes, you see the word COMPOSITE to describe the wire. The SS wire had a coating of anther metal. One would jump to the conclusion that it was a copper coating but it would have been silver. Good luck finding that wire. It would have to be custom made and that will set off an alarm. The steel keeps half the spin curl from going too deep into the wire. (skin effect) Silver is the most conductive and the oxides are very loose and abundant charge carriers.

Similar to how the photon forces the electron to lose orbit, electrons move in a straight line on silver. The electron builds up centrifugal force as it goes around the coil and is flung off the coil. The bifiler pancake wire attracts it and catches it as it is self inducting and acts like a trap and in the process the coil becomes an electron sump.

The resonance is important because an electron at resonance goes from its highest orbit (term used loosely) to its lowest. At its highest orbit, it has the weakest attraction to the nucleus of the atom and the weakest bond allows the photon to do its trick or the centrifugal force depending on the method used.

Example - When a basket ball reaches the top of its bounce, it weighs zero.

That and the ozone being used to attract the O atom from the water molecule are the parts of Meyer that people missed.

"Nobody ever thought of using an accelerator before" - Stan Meyer

How many years and how many hundreds of times have you seen that posted? :)
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Online ramset

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #141 on: September 10, 2010, 10:08:25 AM »
Well Q,
I bought the cavitation thing,seeing the little pistol shrimp made that easy!
I suppose that acceleration would be tide directly to cavitation!
Makes sence [even at 4 in the AM]
I always look to nature as the Urim and Thummin.

Perhaps the acceleration in wind can manifest a tornado?

Acceleration seems to make so many things possible.
Time? I believe time to be a big part of what can change [for usand the elements]] during a really good acceleration event!

On a happier note ,a buddy sent me this!
Give it to your Gay /liberal nieghbor!
Oh I'm sure you Know this anyway!



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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #142 on: September 10, 2010, 10:17:56 AM »
Yep, a tornado is an accelerator.

Look at the base of a tornado. Notice how there are actually a bunch of little tornadoes around the base near the ground just outside of the funnel?

Now look at a hubbard coil...

I made a bunch of edits and corrections to that last long post so you may want to re-read it if you care. I usually do that since that little edit box is difficult for me to spot my mistakes.

Offline sparks

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #143 on: September 10, 2010, 10:20:50 AM »
      Proof I guess is in the eye of the beholder unless the beholder is blind.  Then proof would be in the consious experience of what the beholder deems necessary to call it proven  We live in a gray world because between the forces of darkness trying to sequester consiousness and the forces of light trying to increase consiousness there is this gray zone.  It is said you can not serve two masters.  This is true but you can rule two masters. 


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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #144 on: September 10, 2010, 10:32:29 AM »
I will add something to my photon diatribe to make it easier to understand or offer more proof of the model.

When an electron moves down a copper wire it is spinning in a particular direction, when it hits the tungsten filament, that changes since electrons flow in a straight line over steel and the electron tumbles. Poof! A photon is born.

Gas discharge - as electrons bounce through the mercury vapor, they develop multiple spin axis and poof! A photon is born.

Offline sparks

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #145 on: September 10, 2010, 11:00:01 AM »

  I did find a probelm with your last post.  I heard tell that electrons in lower energy orbitals are excited by adsorbed photons.  Cold electricity is not an unexplained phenomenon by classical quantom mechanics.   As  mass goes one way currents go the other.  Almost like massive things displace all these unmassive things laying around all over the place where there is not massive stuff.  This unmassive stuff would have to be displaced in some manner if massive stuff tried to occupy the same spot.  I have this intuitive process that tells me if something isnt there it isnt there.  Like my paycheck.  It isnt there on monday but appears on friday.  It wasnt there and then suddenly it is.  This would require that the space my shitty paycheck takes up is void of mass that resembles anything that scatters photons like my shitty pay check does.  This space could be filled with some rich guys mazzerati or some other photon spitting mass but who knows.  It could just be some plasma construct's unwashed private area that the space in which my shitty pay check on friday appears.  I havent a clue what is in the space that my paycheck will appear in latter in the week right now but it would be great if this space spit an interference pattern of photons that appeared to my photon eater upppers and chemical computer as a 100 percent increase in pay.

Offline sigma16

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #146 on: September 10, 2010, 04:16:03 PM »
Holy Crap!

I have a couple of beers and all Hell breaks loose around here.  Luckily ... I don't give a shit.

Not all currents are particulate.  Everyone knows that Röntgen discovered X-rays.  He also proved that polarization current and displacement current are real as Maxwell predicted.   In the process, he verified that these forms of current do indeed produce a magnetic field just like a conduction current does in a wire.

Polarization currents propagate by a change in polarization of the medium that they propagate through.  If this medium is the vacuum of space, what is polarizing?

Displacement current occurs when you move the medium, be it a solid dielectric or whatever.  You can move it by increasing it's energy so that it bulges and shrinks or change it's location.

Rotate a magnet and it pulls the medium around with it.  Do this fast enough and you'll see what Marinov saw.  Try to show this at a public convention and fall of a stairway and die.

I don't believe that the mass of anything is converted, just that it pulls the energy into existence from the space around it.  After all, the energy is already there.  Now the spooks can piss off because it's not mass to energy conversion, the energy comes right out of my ass  - LOL!  However, the means to the end is the same for both models and it really doesn't matter.  No Nobels for this one.


Skipping forward so as to skip over the "how we get there part", "cold electricity" or "cold current" may be current that is induced in an insulating material by displaced medium or a spin curl wave.  Conduction current is induced in a conductor by the same means, so just like Tesla said, you can have both in varying proportions.  Like having your cake and eating it too.

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #147 on: September 10, 2010, 08:57:40 PM »
So there your go Ramset, a little intelligence gathering lesson for you. If you really want to know what people think, just make a super long post filled with bullshit. People hate that!

Your statement  "I could live anywhere but I chose to live in you" is just latent Ashkenazi phallic homoerotic innuendo for "I want to live off of you like a parasite" or "I want to occupy your colon like a gay roundworm that finally made it to heaven"

Bottom line, you need a bigger better shtick to beat information out of a gentile.


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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #148 on: September 10, 2010, 09:04:55 PM »

Holy Crap!

Polarization currents propagate by a change in polarization of the medium that they propagate through.  If this medium is the vacuum of space, what is polarizing?

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\    OR    /////////////////////////////////////

I don't believe that the mass of anything is converted, just that it pulls the energy into existence from the space around it.  After all, the energy is already there.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Which is it, empty space which also means no energy or space filled with energy?

Perhaps once you have had a chance to sober up you could clear that up?

I will get to sparks once I find a money to mass conversion calculator so I can understand it.

Online ramset

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Re: Cold Electricity
« Reply #149 on: September 10, 2010, 09:08:36 PM »
Why does it always have to be Jews and gentiles?
A nice old  gentile "liar for higher" once told me
Never give a man a stick[schtick] to beat you with!

Some how I feel all I have to do is say freakin hello to you!
And you'll figure out a way to beat me with "That"[hello]
Probably very soundly too!
My handlers want to Know which "diatribe"you added to
since my last report to headquarters.
They talk to me thru the toaster oven so I'll report in once I'm done cooking my bagels.

They used to talk to me thru the Microwave But sparks gave us a plasma experiment with tinfoil and water or something ,
And it fried
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