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Author Topic: Lentz aiding/magnet coil attraction  (Read 3685 times)

Offline SkyWatcher123

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Lentz aiding/magnet coil attraction
« on: May 18, 2009, 04:59:47 AM »
Hi folks, I've come across a pdf from Dan Combine called "Radiant Energy & Overunity" and I know others have voiced some of his ideas as well. I'm not sure if you folks have heard of Garry Stanley and the dual rotor air-core motor he built some time ago, the conversations with him and others were on this site under its former name. Well it has become apparent to me that he understood these principles even though he had no scopes and fancy measurement devices to observe lentz aiding his voltage input or no bucking of supply current and a possible aiding. So what Dan Combine and others have pointed out is that when a higher magnetic field source, as in strong neo magnets approaching a weaker magnetic field source, in this case air-core coils it is said that the lentz generated can actually aid our input, so here is a few quotes from Dan Combines pdf.
"If a low magnetic field attracts one of higher energy at a synchronous rotary angle, the stronger field ports energy to the COIL that attracts it - leading M field. (Like connecting a LOW voltage battery to a HIGHER voltage one, the one with higher voltage will charge the one with the lower one) As a magnet is attracted, its STRONGER field LEADS the COIL FIELD inducing KVARS of power to it. What is happening is magnetic amplification from the higher ROTOR M field component, all this under specific set of phasor conditions for
current and voltage relative to CORE mass, impedance and frequency. The same law applies to attraction and repulsion, as energy can be gained in AMPERE flux or VOLTAGE flux (see section on magnetic attraction)." and this,
"A magnet is just a natural battery were the energy flux from atoms is POLARIZED and directed into N & S poles, in fact like a battery. Its relation to a coil is that it requires VOLTAGE to create an M FIELD. Magnets LOOK like batteries similes, but in reality they are transverters, "transponders", convert one energy transforming it to another type from what is called "REALMS". In a PM magnet, the power is contained within the ALIGNED atoms of the magnetic material, the ELECTRON SPIN being the POWER SOURCE (here the Magneto-thermalgravity- Aether theory comes in play - not before)." and this,
"As a coil attracts a magnet, if the magnet is stronger than the force attracting, it will raise the VOLTAGE of the source reversing the current in the coils as they are approached (as in one pair N-S poles circulating inside a 3 coil triangle in RV mode). The pole distance provide "attractive approach" to self induce creating VOLTAGE to reverse back to battery source. MAGNETIC amplification is the way to go using PM as energy source in pure ATTRACTION modes. Put all the coils to ATTRACT magnet toward them as they are switched. If done exactly, voltage will increase in the source
capacitor as magnet is attracted to the coil."
I am currently trying figure out a way to see or measure this to see if i can achieve these results or maybe they are already occurring in my air-core pulse motor although maybe one needs an o-scope to view the brief pulses. Anyway if anyone knows a method using typical dvm's or other to be able to see this and tune it i would be thankful. Your thoughts on this principle are greatly welcome.
peace love light