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Author Topic: Magnet motor by pcockriel  (Read 51694 times)


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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #105 on: July 18, 2007, 09:22:37 PM »
Tried that using a ping pong ball with steel bearing inside, I think we will never know and there is more to the picture!

I tried that too. Different ping-pong ball sizes and steel ball bearing and different cup sizes & material. B. But no cigar! Not even close.


After going over video many times with ball in water I really believe its not really true. If you hear the video in the background one can hear high voltage buzz and the stand with beaker looks odd, and high voltage post. Unless he explains it I don't agree with video



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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #106 on: July 18, 2007, 10:16:19 PM »
As usual it the same story over and over again from some guy here that reports OU and then there
is silence when we ask for technical details to replicate his findings. I'm so fed up with these f--king scam suckers.....
OU without any solid proof is just to good to be true, and so far OU has never been true when tested for real.

By the way, I heard the background sound as well. His device was clearly a fake setup.


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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #107 on: July 18, 2007, 11:23:13 PM »
Guys like pcockriel comes here periodically. I?m not new here but not too old also; in almost one year I?ve seen enough such cases; I?d be grateful if a senior member can comment on it. And I don?t know why this is happening. I?ve suspected for a short while that it is mainly done to keep the ?free energy? spirit alive but I was wrong ? sorry for my dirty thought. Anyway, Otto (,2535.810.html) said that there are three categories of ppl. Members that I have great respect for agreed with Otto. One category, besides the real builders (?workers?) and the ?theorists?, is that of ?PC heroes?, criticizing most of the time. Well, count me into the ?PC heroes? category if you like and nail me down, although I always stood up strictly based on my own experiments. However, my point here is that there are some other categories of members as well. Namely, those ?flamers? who come and go. They are the real danger to common sense and good will ppl and, imho, they have to be identified and kicked out asap. Pcockriel is a good example. His motor (ball) starts to accelerate in a clearly faked manner; the sound in the background is similar to that of a mechanically-switching device or to that of a driven but loose coil; the ball stops also very quickly once the hidden motor mechanism is shut-off and the list may go on and on. When such a flamer hits, sooner or later a relatively new member, (like me a while ago or, more recently, like Ergo, for instance, in TPU thread ? no offense Ergo, it is just an example chosen because I?ve seen that your post in that thread really bothered several members. On that post I agree with the old members; on the above post I agree with you), comes and express his doubts. Most will hate the criticizing / the skeptic / one but is it really and entirely fair? Is it really beneficial to us, to the community? I don?t think so.

A little bit more on the above: there are ?intelligent flamers? and ?na?ve ones?. The na?ves I?ve seen among those re-discovering the wheel and they just need to be helped. (I was also over-excited on to several experiments and only checking everything again and again was sparing me of becoming a na?ve flamer.) They are excusable.
But the ?intelligent flamers? are a completely different story. I really do not have enough time and information to say what?s behind them. Maybe they just want to see their names on tops of something or maybe to help selling some magnets, videos or whatever they have to sell. Some may just have fun of us; sadly, they succeed for a while? More sadly, the true and real f.e. path the rest of us are searching becomes shadowed by ordinary lies and by failed experiments. It?s interesting that such flamers keep appearing periodically. Is it a pure coincidence that once one is exposed another one will soon take its place? Let?s count how many such flamers are still active right now and how much time will pass to the next pcockriel?

Enough I said. Time to shoot me now. Before doing it, I just hope that we, as a group, are smart enough to avoid being manipulated. I really think that the winning idea is already here and that the ?flamers? are just trying to keep us distracted from it.

Have a nice day everyone,


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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #108 on: July 20, 2007, 08:03:24 PM »
Well spoken.
I do agree and I will continue to flame those who present inferior material and doubtful test results.
If I knew how to get OU I would present it in detail right now.
The world deserves to be saved from oil dependence and personal profit shouldn't matter.


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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #109 on: July 20, 2007, 11:21:33 PM »
For now I'll  be sticking with the "The Drinking Bird", at least I know it works.

Just have to scale it up and do some improvements to it :),2421.0.html


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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #110 on: July 21, 2007, 11:19:41 PM »

How are your balls?



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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #111 on: July 21, 2007, 11:38:59 PM »
My da-gone  balls aint worken !
A sad sad thing. There is just no excitement for  my balls today or back then.

IronBalls  I mean Head  umm   hmm   you know what I meant.

« Last Edit: August 05, 2007, 08:36:58 PM by IronHead »


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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #112 on: May 09, 2009, 06:38:37 PM »


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Re: Magnet motor by pcockriel
« Reply #113 on: May 10, 2009, 02:44:03 PM »
If I am right about this PCockriel uses a  thin iron sphere?
In that case using a tin can could do the job as well (tinned iron, not aluminum)

Otherwise, in case of plastic, a plastic bottle will do the job as well.
Plastic bottles with rims in the middle will even guide the steel ball.
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