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Author Topic: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant  (Read 513876 times)

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Re: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant
« Reply #2370 on: November 22, 2018, 06:23:48 PM »
Chet, do you mean that guy inside those large wooden wheels, that he put big tubes through?
That wheel is busted btw. I did calculations on buoyancy difference and the pressure difference between front and rear of the tubes. The area is greater on the front than the rear side. This difference corresponds to the angle between the wheels. The same angle is resposible for the buoyancy difference, so the net sum of forces is zero, because those two forces, pressure- and buoyancy difference is exactly the same, but in opposing directions.


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Offline ramset

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Re: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant
« Reply #2371 on: March 17, 2019, 02:01:53 AM »
A tribute to Cloxxki

Thank you for supporting  the old fellow at the other forum ,I believe he is a member here under a different name [ has a Tesla car in the UK ?] A nice fellow who deserved better.very hard to make sense of that place ... and what they are actually trying to accomplish .
Sorry for the off topic here but Cloxxki made an exceptional statement for "doing the right thing".

 respectfully  Chet K 
 PS to Vidar yes that s the one ,the Dutchman's tech.... its getting warm here now and that device is on the menu to play with ,TinMan found
promising results in his investigation .I will add the Device link here when I find it.

Offline a_user

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Re: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant
« Reply #2372 on: May 12, 2019, 10:59:53 PM »
Still alive, Abelings gravity wheel:

Newsletter April 2019
Dear reader,

Our products are now protected by patents. This enables us to delve a bit deeper into the question that everyone asks us: “How does the system work!?”

Let’s start our explanation with a familiar construction everyone knows: A scale. If there are equal weights on a scale, on arms that are equally spaced and with the exact same length, then there will be a perfect balance: Nothing moves.

Now suppose our scales could make a full rotation instead of moving up and down like a seesaw. It now no longer matters whether there are two, three or more arms with weights on the scale: Position the arms at the same distance, with the same length and the same weights, and there will again be balance (no movement).

If one of the arms is shortened (its weight gets closer to the center of rotation), an imbalance will occur. The remaining weights will move down because they are less affected by the movement resistance of the repositioned weight. The longest arm(s) move downwards to find a new balance. During the rotation the centrifugal force has an unfavorable influence on the movement technique.

The AirGravityMill (AGM) called “The Optimist”

With the movement techniques used in the AGM (the invention), the effect in basically the same as the operation of the described rotating scales. In the AGM, however, the imbalance is not caused by shifting a weight towards the center of rotation (shorter arm), but by shifting the force at the push-off points.

Those points in the AGM are alternately used to:

Let the weight push itself off
To receive the power of the weight
At one stationary moment of the weight allow the AGM to temporarily push-off (accelerate)
To let the force of the weight jump over a very large distance to another push-off point (removal of resistance).
The resistance on the ascending side with one or more “working weights” is so low that the forces on the descending side are always extremely dominant in the AGM. In addition, the centrifugal force has no negative influences on the applied movement technique during rotation.

Most of the external energy used to keep the system running is preserved (law of conservation of energy) and contributes to the overall yield. Almost all kinetic energy generated in the AGM (free fall with quadratic acceleration of the working weight) can therefore be used to drive a secondary system such as a generator, water pump etc.

We understand that this explanation is still very brief and that without sketches and the necessary details you will not be able to start building your own AirGravityMill. And that is fine: Building an AGM requires more than understanding a basic principle. An AGM is a complex machine with enormous weights that generate extreme forces. All of this must be strictly controlled to make sure that safety is never compromised.

Our priority is to provide a safe, durable, practical and cost-effective system. We invest all our time, energy and resources to achieve this. We will keep you posted on the progress!

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Re: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant
« Reply #2372 on: May 12, 2019, 10:59:53 PM »
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Offline Grimer

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Re: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant
« Reply #2373 on: May 17, 2019, 09:56:57 AM »
Well done a_user.

I check Mooie from time to time but you got there before me this time.  ;)

One thing for sure. Assuming that the device works and is not one huge
scam, it isn't harvesting Newtonian Gravity (NG) but Ersatz Gravity (EG)
or centrifugal force as my critics prefer to call it.

NG potential is constant with NG height so no gain there.
EG however is not constant with EG "height" (distance from the centre
of rotation) and so there will be energy gain from the difference in
EG potential as one mass goes "down" in EG space and an equal mass
moves "up" in EG space.

The trick is in using conservative NG as a catalyst to reset EG.
Think of NG as the magnetic field in a simple electric motor
and EG as the current.