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Author Topic: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant  (Read 552922 times)


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Re: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant
« Reply #2430 on: September 11, 2019, 08:12:51 PM »
That wont be necessary Grimer, your quest has ended.

Either by magnetic propulsion/impulse of a 2 sided pulse magnet system like in trains, or the flywheel double sided squeeze method, overunity will be provided.

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Re: Sjack Abeling Gravity Wheel and the Worlds first Weight Power Plant
« Reply #2431 on: September 20, 2019, 07:17:51 PM »
Exploring Prof Laithwaite's strong man act further I've found the
mechanism that's aiding him in lifting the gyro above his head with
so little effort.

In the past I've often disparagingly referred to women drivers of large
expensive cars who fondly imagine that when they turn their steering wheel
they are turning the front wheels.

They haven't a clue that they are merely providing a small contribution to the
turning action. They have no idea that there delicate effort is being magnified
by a servo-mechanism which provides the much larger effort required for

With all respect to our dear departed Prof he is that woman.

When he steers the gyro above his head he is operating the servo-mechanism
inside the gyro disc.

And what, you may well ask, is the nature of that servo-mechanism.

It is the contra-rotating ultra high speed flows of the Kinetic micro-strain.

Like Laithwaite, I have long realised that there was something not right
about mass.

I have long realised that is was a property of matter, accident not substance,
not an amount of matter.

I have long realised that linear inertia far from resisting acceleration was
assisting acceleration. That a servo-mechanism was in operation.

I could see that this is very difficult to demonstrate experimentally.
Fortunately, the Prof has come along with his offset gyro and done just
that ............ and provided a source of free energy in the bargain.

Because the gyro disk is rotating rather than translating it's a lot easier to
visualise what is going on.

If anyone wants some of the background to all this I suggest they read the
following link.

If you think about it precession resistance is very weird. After all, if a disk
is stationary on its axle you can turn it about about a diameter with no problem.

Why in heaven's name does it suddenly become so unwilling to be turned
when the disk is rotating?

Why when the disk is rotating in the x-y plane and the z direction resultant
of any vector in the x-y plane is zero, does it become so difficult to rotate the
disk perpendicular to that plane?

It's as though the mass has been polarised and has become much bigger in
the perpendicular planes than in the x-y plane.

And the more we speed up the rotation of the disk the bigger the resistance
mass becomes.

There seems to be no limit to this mass increase.

Very, very weird.


But of course there is a precedent for all this.

The physicists tell us that as a body is speeded up to the velocity of light
its mass increases, eventually to infinity.

They even give us a formula for this increase.

Since we humble engineers have no means of getting our machines
up the the speed of light we'll just have to take their word for it.

Does this increase in mass mean that the number of atoms the number
of protons in the body increase like the loaves and fishes of the gospels?

If not why not?

Presumably not since if they did I'm sure we'd have been told..

Now it occurs to me that if as I've suggested we are operating a servo-
mechanism when we spin a disk, the mechanism consisting two opposite
flows of kinetic strain within the material of the disk, then the weird
precession behaviour might just be connected to the effect of these flows.

After all, these flows are probably the interaction of electricity and magnetism
and electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light so there we have a big hint.

By experiencing the increase in inertial mass bought about by precession
we are treading on the physicists hallowed ground - off limits to lowly
engineers like Laithwaite (I did so tread at RRL - great fun).

Maybe the rotation servo-mechanisms are hogging all the precession
servo-mechanisms and allowing engineers a glimpse of translation mass

The positive strain in the x-y directions and the negative strain in the z
direction do hint at this.

Now I'm sure that the physics establishment will find a hundred and one
reasons, accompanied by reams of mathematics to show why I'm wrong.
Although, since unlike Professor Laithwaite I have no reputation to destroy
they won't even lower themselves to think about it - if, that is, they ever got
to hear about - highly unlikely.

They should remember that the Copernican system did not supersede the
Ptolemaic system because it was more accurate. It wasn't. It succeeded
because it was intellectually and aesthetically more appealing.

There are two kinds of event which might prompt an establishment rethink,
an AGR prestressed pressure vessel failure or gyro free energy.