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Author Topic: New member: A Newman motor replicator.  (Read 30802 times)


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Re: New member: A Newman motor replicator.
« Reply #45 on: March 12, 2009, 08:19:18 PM »

Hi all,

The brush holder for the coil brushes is adjustable +/- 45 degree from TDC. It can be adjusted with the motor running. It is on a round wood bushing sitting around the shaft bearing. The commutator blank spaces are 1.5X the width of the brushes and should not short out.

The 2 magnets are N48 1"X1" Neodymium with 87.6 lb of pull. The clearance between the magnets and the coil is 5mm. The rotor is made of carbon steel with a weight of 2lb.

To get more torque, beefier magnets would be needed but also a thicker magnet wire coil setup. As is the motor runs with 460VDC and 0.034A after tuning the motor/brushes setup. I don't have enough lead acid batteries to go that high in potential.

I will make a small alternator for the present motor and see if I can get as close to COP=1 as possible.

Take care,


P.S.: It will be easier to build a new motor than to mod this one. I don't feel like unwinding about 50,000 feet of awg31 magnet wire...


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Re: New member: A Newman motor replicator.
« Reply #46 on: May 29, 2009, 10:07:15 PM »
Michelinho said:
...I did my first replication last year and my second one is just done and getting ready to build the axial flux alternator to be coupled to it....

>>Hi all,

Michelinho has interesting photos unloaded to the forum, but my question is:
Is the schematic available for uploading or otherwise being rendered in ASCII keyboard notation?

Newman's patent, or application, #WO8300963, had a basic schematic in the drawings.  I had thought of trying to replicate it inexpensively with a 20" box fan arrangement similar to his patent/application or the Muller motor/generator.

Newman's work is shown on  (in .html)