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Author Topic: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"  (Read 1164945 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #75 on: February 14, 2006, 02:21:58 AM »
Each magnet symbolizises the vortex-effect,"Wirbel,Strudel,Spirale" !

? ? ? ? ? ? de Lanca

p.s.: The magnet gives the same graphical image like the (plasma) fusion process,why ?
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Offline not_a_mib

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #76 on: February 14, 2006, 11:23:29 PM »
The exploding TV might have been tuned to some program that really sucked, such as "The Waltons." ;-)
This would account for the material drawn toward the set.  That show has produced anomalous TV receiver
behavior in at least one other case, the David Hamel account.

Do these ring devices work inside a closed metal enclosure? (Faraday cage)
Possible experiment:  start a ring + bulb out in the open, then slowly lower it into a nonferrous metal barrel,
then finally put a metal cap atop it to form a closed shell.  If the energy source is nonlocal, the
device should shut down, probably even before it fully enters the barrel.

If the energy source is truly local, it might keep running inside the sealed enclosure.  In this state, it might do
something unusual to the space within the enclosure such as:  (clueless newbie speculations...)
1.  Changing the physical constants of the space, such as lightspeed, permittivity, and permeability.
2.  Making crushing or bulging forces on the enclosure walls, would expect crushing from simple "ZPE pressure" idea.
3.  Change in weight, would expect loss.
Calorimetry might be revealing, a local system might have exactly zero net heat production or absorption.

A possible transformer anomaly is the Poynting vector near one.  Consider a simple nearly-ideal transformer
consisting of a nonconductive toroidal (donut shaped) high-permeability core, with small primary and secondary
windings of a few turns each  on opposite sides of the core.  The secondary is connected to a load and the primary
to an AC source by two-wire "lamp cord" style transmission lines.  Now look at the Poynting vector
P = ExH in a few places.  It is supposed to represent a flow of energy and momentum ("stuff") as carried by the
fields.  E is the electric field, H the magnetic "intensity," which is just the magnetic field with a scale factor.
Magnetic flux density or field B
Magnetic "intensity" H
Permeability u (should be Greek mu, but I have an Ugly American (Yankistani) keyboard)
B = uH, for ideal core, u is very large, for air, u is small.

Between the wires of the lamp cord, one sees E directed between the wires, and H perpendicular to E, so P points
down the wires toward the load as expected, "stuff" is oozing down the gap between the wires, leaving the
AC source and eventually entering the load.

Now look between turns of the primary winding.  E is directed between the turns, in nearly the same direction as H.
Also H is present inside the winding, but should largely vanish outside it.  The P vector seems to quietly vanish
into the winding.  The secondary winding is similar.

Now look inside the core material away from the windings.  H is directed along the core, E loops around it,
so P "throbs" in and out normal to the core surface.  Just outside the core material, H mostly vanishes, so P
should also, giving a discontinuity at the core surface.  (The equivalent "surface current" from magnetic domains
in the core may account for this, acting as a source and sink.)  In the space outside the core and windings,
P is largely absent.

There does not seem to be a P flux crossing the space between the windings, no transport of "stuff".  In a
strongly-coupled transformer, the fields inside the core do not change very much when the load is changed,
the fields do not seem to reflect the energy flow through the transformer.  How does the "stuff" get from
one winding to the other?  (I am probably missing something really obvious here, I haven't quite got the
hang of this electric stuff yet.)

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #77 on: February 15, 2006, 12:26:19 AM »
>If the radio signal is too strong the radio receiver might be overloaded and distortion or
>other bad effects will take place. By tuning slightly off frequency we can weaken the
>signal the radio is receiving >and amplify and produce the sound for entertainment purposes.
>However, the music will not be of high quality. The music will be lacking in response and timbre, etc.
>OK let us compare this story of the common radio.
>Think of the power unit as a device similar to a radio receiver.
>No I do not want to hear feed back informing me that I am trying
>to convince the world my unit works on radio waves!!!.
>But it behaves very much like a simple radio receiver except for the fact
>that radio waves need to be amplified before they can be of any use to us.
>My units behave as though they are variable tuning devices, and we are tuning
>them to a frequency just like a radio. The closer you get to the center frequency
>the more power you permit the collector >to dissipate into a load.

I see, until here this all relates to a resonance condition for LC circuits.

>the important difference here is that in the case of the radio, you tune into the frequency and amplify it for use.
>In the case of my power unit, you create several frequencies within a space of the
>collector coil's circumference. The frequencies are directly related to the circumference of the collector coil.

Now this is the most interesting part.
This means that you must supply the right frequencies to the coils
that match their physical shape and length ?
Or does it just depend also of the used length of the circumference of the core ?

>You can begin to collect the current and dissipate it with no need for amplification because
>the signal source also becomes the feed for the power source and has the natural tendency to run with gain.?

So the signal source sees no load in this setup , if you draw a few hundred Watts out ofthe collector coil ?

>It is important that you note that you can never tune too closely to the exact frequencies of
>power conversion because the power received by the collector will instantly destroy it.
>We instead must >deliberately tune off the frequencies of conversion in order to make
>the thing properly work. Remember that it is like a furnace which feeds itself.
>The hotter it gets the more fuel it gives itself to burn. >that is why the control
>units are so very important. Without the control unit constantly monitoring the
>frequencies of operation and making the necessary changes to keep the
>whole thing off exact >conversion frequency, then the unit would very quickly destroy it's self.

Okay, this makes sense and is the bridge that? collapsed due to much wind excitation and was destroyed this way... That is just a resonance catastropy.

>By the way, have you seen the video of the compass turning violently in the center of the unit while in operation?

No, I don?t know this. Does Lindsay has a video tape of it he could post ?

> Notice that when I first turn the unit on that the compass starts to spin very slowly.
>it >speeds up faster and faster until it just stops.
>When it stops the unit is always operating at about it's design >maximum.
>We never found out why any of this occurred. It tended to reinforce what I observed as the turbine effect.
>When the unit is shut off the compass starts to revolve again and slowly comes to >a rest.

Hmm, maybe the freqency gets just too fast for the mechanical compass to follow it.
Then the compass needle stalls and gets to a rest at too high frequencies.
As the frequency comes down, the compass needle can again catch up and
restarts and slows down in sync with the singnal source.

Now, my most important question is:
Does the frequency run up controlled by your control circuit or is it due to some kind
of selfresonance and/or? your "current kick" inductions ?

If we go from a 4 coils on a toroid core spinning field like this

how is this? frequency windup done? ?
Is this done via your control circuit ?

On the contrary: If we would wind 4 normal coils onto a toroidal core and just use a 4 x 90 degrees phase driver to
drive it this way, that it keeps the flux inside the core, a compass needle would not move inside
the core center,cause the whole flux stays inside the core, so the setup must really by like in
where the flux comes out of the core cause 2 coil pairs always repell the flux out of the core...

>By the way, the fire discharge everyone sees in the video is after the output of the device is
>switched through a large high value resister! I hope that will wake up a few of you to the danger potentials.

Yes,there must be quite some power behind it as you can also see, that it can light about 8 to 10 x 100 Watt bulbs, so
so around 1 KWatt power from it from this small converter is pretty powerful....!

>Stefan is quite correct about the amount of power necessary to pull the nails out of the
>walls during the GE color television explosion in Chicago. Actually? Dr. Schinzinger
> told me that it would have >required much more power then that.

Yes,I can imagine this.
Is there any more info about this accidebt on the web available ?
Maybe we can study the circuit diagramm of this special TV set and see, when one
component fails, what could then happen ?

Did the tv electron-beam yoke, which reflects the elecron beam become
a rotating toroid converter ?
I could only imagine, that this unit, which normally also sits on
some kind of core was running away in frequency and might have catched up
the right frequencies which are required to get such a selfresonating state ?

I wonder, why it could then produce the huge magnet fields and did? not
smoke up earlier before it reached 100 Teslas or more
to pull out the nails from the walls ?

Normally the coils would have already burnt up, when they have produced
1 Tesla or less if too high current would have passed through them...

>We theorized that the TV set must have become for a split second, a
>power unit very similar in operation to one of my own making.
>Except for the fact that it wouldn't have been designed to collect >and convert the available power in a useful way.
>Instead, the TV just stumbled for one millisecond on the correct combination of
>frequencies necessary to cause the phenomenon of magnetic collection.
>But unfortunately the TV set had no way to control the function and began to absorb and
>discharge both the electric and magnetic factors caused by the influence of the strong field.

Hmm, I guess ithas needed more than a few milliseconds to remove the nails from the wall...
This is just all speculation only ....We just don?t know and an exact? report is not available...

>It was during this discussion with Dr. Schinzinger that he pointed out that during an atomic explosion aside from the gigantic
>blast wave and heat produced there is also an extremely large magnetic force which is so strong that it travels way out
>into space during the explosion. The magnetic wave is so strong that it will >completely destroy any
>unprotected electronic circuits of solid state design. That is why solid state radios will be useless
>after an nuclear attack on your country. Let us ponder where the huge magnetic field comes from
>when you explode an atomic bomb. It is just created? Is it converted? Is it part of the earth somehow?
>Is it just a by product of the fabric of time and space being ripped into pieces in a fragment of a second?
> I am curious as to where this unbelievably huge magnetic force comes from during an atomic explosion...
>It is something else to think about. perhaps in connection with my power technology. Dr. Schinzinger
> said that it is explained as being the result of the splitting of the atom.
>However, that is a very short explanation and not really a satisfactory explanation of what
>generates the force. He agreed with me and said it would also mean that in reality we
> know very little about magnetic fields and magnetic property.

Hmm, yes, interesting, but I am now more confused as before.
Now is the control circuit winding up the frequencies or is this done by selfresonation or what is going on there ?
And how are the coils wound onto the core and must the core? be magnetic itsself like a ferrit core or is itreally a cork core ?

And what does it have to do with the earth magnetic field giving a kick to the currents ?

I rather would firstly like to have a basic experiment, where we can prove, that the magnet field
of the earth can really work as a negative resistance and propell the electrons in a circuit...
this is what you first claimed was the propelling source of your circuit.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #78 on: February 15, 2006, 08:06:42 PM »
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Offline Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #79 on: February 16, 2006, 06:00:59 AM »
I've gone over this thread more than once, and maybe I'm missing something.  :)

But before I read one more post waxing-poetic about the little engine who could... haha (no offense) I would like to see some actual power come out of the device.  :)
I've seen voltage - but anyone can transform 60v out of a weak source.  Where are the ampheres?
The gyroscopic effect?  It's spinning.  So?

I can understand hiding the design... though I wouldn't hide anything... but I cannot understand the length of this discussion about a device that has not been clearly shown to produce real power.

This forum is made up of many different types of people.  There are engineers who think in formulas and specifics (show me a drawing!) and there are people like me, who are abstract thinkers, who perceive with abstract thought.  But we all have the same goal (hopefully) and that is to deliver power to the people for free.

I understand that when a device shows *promise* the tendancy is to try and decide how it might work and to start calculating... and I think sometimes the engineers get so focused on the math that they cannot see the forest for the trees.  This leaves it to the ones who think, not just 'outside the box', but abstractly - to say, "Shit - or get off the pot!"

We all appreciate the time people take to share their experiments and their knowledge.  But showing me a fuzzy video of a device and a voltmeter that reads 60v is just not enough to make me waste one second of time on wondering how it works.

Is there really one person here who couldn't make a box with a gyroscope in it that would have 60v left over?  At least for the amount of time that we've seen this thing work?


Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #80 on: February 16, 2006, 10:22:53 AM »
Elvis, look again into all videos, this device delivers about 1 KWatt of power in the biggest device.

Offline Mica Busch

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #81 on: February 16, 2006, 07:29:19 PM »
Also Elvis, this system is entirely solid state [as I understand it]. THAT is what makes the gyroscopic effect intruiging.   8)

Offline mpav

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #82 on: February 17, 2006, 03:20:16 PM »
It would be great if SM would be able to provide some additional information on these questions:

1)  When Larry is mentioning the "short" pieces of wire, can we assume that current is not constantly flowing through every piece of wire all of the time?  Can we assume that the wire does not completely encircle the coil?
2)  Were there any heat dissipation problems... did the heat generated stabilize...or did it continue to get hotter the longer the device was on?
3)  You said the spinning compass would finally stay in one spot....  was it always oriented in the same direction?  Would you attribute this to the fact that the magnetic vortex became so fast that the mechanical rotation of the compass essentially left it standing still?
4)  When you disengaged the unit for power down...did the compass start spinning again and then slow down?  Did it spin in the opposite direction?
5)  Can you breakdown for us the essential parts of the unit... at least in a descriptive manner?

These could be very helpful answer in understanding the basic working of the unit.

Offline Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #83 on: February 18, 2006, 11:37:58 AM »
 :-*  Glad you liked my analogy. 

Obvioulsy I can't argue that there is no evidence if others choose to believe whatever they see in a video.

But to be honest... and I hope you take this has constructive... ;)   It was your "infomercial" style of posting that pushed my buttons and drove me to vent.   :-*
When Steven brings his product to market and we are all free from the leash of commercial power... THEN you can rant about the man like he was the second coming.  Until then... ease up on the worship. 

On a lighter note - it might be nice to make a new topic with all the relevant info posted there.  This thread is bogged with nonsense - including my own. :D


Offline Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #84 on: February 19, 2006, 09:46:06 PM »

That's exactly right.  That surge killed alot of people before A/C came along.  That surge is what led tesla to his discovery that disruptive discharge across a spark gap would free the voltage from the current (or something like that) so that you could transform that voltage 10,000 times per foot of coil.  What he pulled off the spark was probably the same thing as the 'streamers' that conducts lightning.
And it's most likely that the resuilting radiant energy he produced... was actually something like streamers... that would ground to a resonating circuit to pull energy out of the air the same way lighting happens.
The frequency of the waves (for lack of a better term) he created determined the energy that was pulled out of the air.
As a matter of fact - the cooling effect he felt is the same thing you feel when a thunderstorm rolls in.  :)

Realizing this is what got me interested... and is the reason I am here.

Now... if I had the resources... I would have already built a spark-gap tesla coil and started experimenting with reducing the time of discharge.  :)
But... not only do I not have the resources... but I could never find a damn EE who could explain what kind of cap I needed and how I could tell the rate of discharge. 
And I have thought about using the ignition system out of a car to test with... but that's too dangerous for a newbie like me :)

I apologize for being rude in my other posts.  but it's frustrating to me... as someone who is not an EE... when I know what Tesla did... and I can understand it in an abstract way... but I have no education in electronics and no resources to experiment... and when I come to forums like this to try and find someone who might have the same light go off in their head - as did in mine... someone with the expertise to actually make it work... I find everyone wants to see a drawing and tells me to get off my lazy ass and test my own shit.

Tesla did it.  Gray did the same thing with his machine.  It seems obvious to me. 

{and as a pre-emptive strike on Bushwacker... it is not that I am lazy... I am just poor.}


Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #85 on: February 19, 2006, 09:49:47 PM »
« Last Edit: November 29, 2006, 11:38:33 PM by Freedomfuel »

Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #86 on: February 19, 2006, 10:15:10 PM »
« Last Edit: November 29, 2006, 11:39:25 PM by Freedomfuel »

Offline oouthere

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #87 on: February 21, 2006, 12:54:11 AM »
I have the basic skills, a multimeter and a personal 20mhz o'scope.? I am paying close attention to what's being said but I've also got the materials to build a Kromrey Generator and my resources are in that direction.? I was going to pursue the HOPE next but am waiting on a dual trace o'scope (input vs output) before that is tried.? Please don't stop, the archives are a wonderful tool but unless they are filled.......

The idea of extracting power from the ether isn't new, but is a difficult idea to grasp.? Where does the energy come from, the sun, the earth's crust versus molten core being in turn a dynamo, a basic back ground energy upon all that which is physical is built upon?? I don't know.? But I do remember at a free energy conference being told about a minute kick on the up-slop but didn't realize it was attributed to the earth's field.? ?So my guess is to have high speed switching and try to use only the extra kick.? SM's device was stated at being about 5khz dc but the Prentice device (see below) is attributed to be at 500khz a/c.? Perhaps I'm looking at to much information trying to figure this thing out.? But believe me, both of my remaining brain cells are processing the information given.

Also, I have a dead 12v car battery at the house and will perform the mentioned experiment.

Many thanks,


Offline Dansway

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #88 on: February 21, 2006, 01:03:30 AM »
Faraday stated: "When a current suddenly ceases, it can INDUCE a current IN THE SAME WIRE which is stronger than the original current. Thus, by conservation of force, there must be some force present, AN OPERATIVE, other than electric force. This force is probably the MAGNETIC FORCE."


Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #89 on: February 21, 2006, 02:59:02 AM »
Lindsay and Steven.
Many thanks for the infos so far, but I am also pretty busy with other things right now,
so I have no time to do these tests. Also I have tried to look up the effect
of the kick current with Google, but did not find any experiment,
which can prove this.
ALso the tube valve book is not available over here in the libraries
and I hoped, somebody would scan it it from their local library or
somebody, who has this book in his posession...
Just keep the info flowing. This year there will
also be many more interesting new devices come up, I can not yet
speak of, cause I have signed NDA.
Regards, Stefan.