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Author Topic: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"  (Read 1220569 times)


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #60 on: February 09, 2006, 02:22:52 PM »
Speaking of turbines:

I've often wondered if placing a number of cores north to south and somehow pulsing them to the earth frequency would form a blocking effect of the field.  If the 1st core were to block the field from the second, this may cause the second core to charge 180 degrees out of phase which would then pulse the third core...... but how could even consider looping something like this is beyond me.  Unless the turbine effect is more of a partial field blocking which allows it to step around the torroid, which would also mean that some windings would be 100% output and others only a partial.

I believe Hendershots first self runner had to be aligned south to north which could indicate an in-line coring system versus the torroid which would always place a couple of windings (when wound like petals on a flower) in a north-south configuration.  Just thinking out loud....



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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #61 on: February 10, 2006, 01:57:21 AM »

So here is what i have found out 22 turns of 23/0076 lamp wire around a 10
inch wood former . there are capacitors but no info on them. I have used a
14 inch wheel plastic wheel trim with 22 turns of lamp wire and ,wavin a
magnet over the coil gives a rf output which i have not been able to explain

Where did this info come from Lindsay ?

Why does there come up an RF burst, when waiving a magnet over this
coil ?
How did you measure it ?

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #62 on: February 10, 2006, 11:25:37 AM »
You just read the quote info of my posting!



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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #63 on: February 10, 2006, 04:31:08 PM »
Yes ,
That was a very early experiment  It was RF pickup !
I had to hold the magnet was thru my body!

That Info came from somebody who spoke to somebody who saw the cross section that was cut from the coil.

The Rf source turned out to be  a plastic welderacros the road . It it strange that somebody would respond to that now after all these years.

I had even forgotten that I posted that!

By the way it was years ago and your reference gives the impressin that it was yesterday!

I hope you can see how mis leading this could be

Lindsay Mannix

To bad, no answer of my question!

Today i was reading about magnet resonanz imaging and how it works. Maybe the cork like core is a organic material and because of pleacing a magnet it gives a stronger signal from the Schumannfrequenz.

Unfortunately I do not have measuring instruments, therefore i can only guess.



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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #64 on: February 10, 2006, 09:32:06 PM »
« Last Edit: November 29, 2006, 08:07:34 PM by Freedomfuel »


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #65 on: February 11, 2006, 10:12:40 AM »
Freedom fuel,

Thank you for your insights.

First of all the sebcar.
I did not discover any overunity as such in the sebcar...but.

One of the effects was that many people had trouble with the adjustment pot smoking up!

This could possibly have been external.

The sebcar was a fun project that was a bit outside the box so to speak.
Perhaps using the sebcar system with air turbine coils could be fun to?
another project that looked interesting was the tep project at jlnaudins site.

Just going thru what steven had told me

I do suggest that people who are not familiar with rf and the burns that can be had do not mess with this.

The coils get hot. THis problem has not been resolved. It apparently due to the windings moving.

Think of the ouput as dc (pulsed)5khz with lots of Hash in it.

When it is unloaded the voltage climbs substantially and I do not mean a spike. it lasts for several seconds and is a good third higher.
Steven calls it the turbine effect.

The large coils have control units (as seen) the small coils have the control unit mounted on the inside edge of the coil and they do have to be inside the coil.
Here is something interesting from Steven.

It has been a very long road from beginning to end. It took several years of experimentation to discover what frequencies and most importantly how to make small integrated circuits work to perform the control functions necessary to make the demonstrations you see on the video tapes available today.
So in many ways we have early RCA color TV engineers to thank for my discovery of the power generator. I am sure they are all dead now but they did contribute.
Perhaps a story which had impact on me at that time was told to me by my boss way back in 1970 I believe it was.
He told me that around 1965 or 66 there was an explosion in an apartment in Chicago. the authorities had concluded that for some unknown reason, a General Electric color television receiver had been the source of an explosion that killed a young black child in the apartment. My boss went on to relate that he was involved in the investigation because he was in Chicago at the time and he was  invaluably experienced with television circuits and etc.
He told us that what they found was, the TV had exploded with some quick furry. The explosion did in fact kill the poor child who was sitting directly in front but sparred his mother who was some distance away in the kitchen.
The explosion was strange because of the absence of expected chemicals necessary to create the explosion. It appeared that the TV was the exact center of the explosion, however no one could find a reason for the explosion occurring. Also consider that there is not really much inside a TV to explode with enough force to kill people and destroy the living room a large apartment. Yes a CRT can explode and kill someone, however this was not the kind of explosion we are talking about. The most interesting part of the story is that according to our boss, metallic objects especially those containing large amounts of iron were dramatically displaced. He mentioned that some nails were actually removed from the walls and pulled toward the TV set. When they found them they were bent and shaped like cork screws! Everything in the room appeared to have moved or was moving toward the TV as it exploded, or imploded as the case may be. The child was apparently killed by way of these metallic objects traveling through his body on their way toward the center of the TV set.
As far as  my boss knew,  there was never a good explanation for the occurrence. We found out that this was not the only unexplained explosion of TV sets worldwide. However, the fact that all the sets exploded while in operation may bear some light. Also most of the TV sets were made by the GE company or were TV sets made using GE circuits and of similar design.
However, this man who had been my mentor for so many years had his own theory which he never told anyone as far as i know, except me. His theory was that the TV while in operation, somehow managed to become a receiver of more then just television waves and so for a millisecond in time became a receiver and the discharger of a huge amount of electrical and magnetic energy. This discharge of magnetic energy is vary similar to the discharge of magnetic energy during an atomic explosion. . . Now that is something I have thought about a great deal.
My employer's words had great impact on me. Not that they meant anything really, but I kept thinking about the possibility of many frequencies combining at one moment in time to produce an entirely different effect then intended by the designers. And so it goes. Some of the reasons why I thought about things the way I did and perhaps why I set out to think along the lines I did when I discovered the power generator technology. Or more appropriately, the power converter technology, because that is actually what it does you know.

Thats about all I have for now.
As long as this stays relevant and in Stevens interest I will continue to post.

There is something that I must add here. Steven has had no convictions of any the net for effects
search for blowing up tv sets find a clue to unusual effects.


I do wonder why people chose not to use their actual names.


Lindsay Mannix


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #66 on: February 11, 2006, 06:32:31 PM »
Hmm, very strange this "magnetically-imploding" tv set...
Well, if indeed nails were removed from the wall and were accelerated into the direction
of the TV-set, then the magnetic flux density must
have reached at least 100 Tesla or more ! I can?t imagine, how this could have happened
just in a old TV-set. There must have been forces at work, which have not been
created by the normal 60 AC supply.
Such forces would have needed at least a few 100 KWatts of power to generate
just a huge magnetic field. The fuse of the appartment would have been
blown, if this power would have been drawn from the grid socket...
A loose transformer contact in the TV set could have caused just a burnup
of some components, but not such a Mega-Watts requirement magnetic field !
Hmm, indeed, very strange...


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #67 on: February 11, 2006, 07:15:17 PM »

This is the mentioned animated GIF pic of a toroidal core being powered
by a DC supply and changing the taps where the power supply is applied.

Remember, that the 2 partial-coils are in repelling mode, so the magnet fields
wil move out of the core inside the center.

This same configuration can be got, if you use 2 pairs of coils ( 4 coils all in all) located
90 degrees apart
on a toroidal core and control them with a 90 degrees phase shifted sine generator.
This way you can avoid any mechanical switching and also get the same rotating field.

Now I read, that the control circuit must be inside the big coils in the bigger units and
that the bigger units only contained cork and wires.... Now the question is,
how is the big outer coil wounded ? Is it wounded around its axis or is it wound like a toroidal
transfomer ? Are there many coils around the cork core or just one or 2  or 4 ?

If it is a selfrunning system as it appears to be, there must be some kind
of feedback loops, so the system can oscillate up and feed itsself.

But the small 2 toroidal coils ontop of this plastic box, can they generate such a big field,
that the outer big coil on the cork toroidal core can have enough induction
to generate a feedback loop ?
It is a pretty huge airgap so to say...

Hmm, we really need more info before we can try to setup an experiment
to prove any effects...

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #68 on: February 11, 2006, 07:17:59 PM »
Who is Klaus Rassbach ?
I don?t know him...

Lebt Klaus Rassbach noch,Herr Stefan Hartmann ?

Hoeflichst und mit aller gebietenden Hochachtung
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?de Lanca

p.s.:Hanna Albert Awad,irgendwo im Libannon(Ajaltoun,Kerouan),
mindestens ein Anruf wert

Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #69 on: February 11, 2006, 07:27:19 PM »
These latest comments about inspiration for the device are interesting.  Even more so considering that Tesla worked for RCA in the early years of TV.  It is said he worked under a different name... and I have no confirmation of the one source... but interesting.

About the TV exploding... I wonder what kind of antenna setup they had on it.  Back in the day, it was not uncommon to use rabbit ears with aluminum foil sheets connected to the ears.  I'm sure people used all sorts of metal and the like.
It's possible that a set of power amplified rabbit ears got screwy and electronically enlarged the antenna to such a size that it was able to draw a greater source of energy than regular broadcast waves.

If you like that theory... let's talk about how Bushwacker's HOPE might work.  :)

Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #70 on: February 11, 2006, 07:36:05 PM »
Oh yeah...  Aluminum amplifies signals at certain frequencies. 

"30 db amplification at 2.6 Ghz and a 20 db amplification at 1.2 Ghz"


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #71 on: February 11, 2006, 08:02:42 PM »
>You mention that you find the inertial effects of my technology as being interesting to you. All I can say is, MY GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA JUST >HOW INTERESTING!!!?

I can imagine that.
An all solid state electronic circuit that has inertia and would want to resist movement like
a spinning gyroscop would be very interesting !

>Do you remember our brief discussion about if it could provide a motive force?
>I am not sure if I should comment more at this time.

Yes, if the frequencies are changed probably it could also generate an unidirectional force
defying Newston?s 3rd law.

>I would like to answer a few questions I have read on Stefan's web site..
>I would like to mention Stefan and Freedom fuel and Bushwacker and Mica individually but instead I will just make statements that can be relevant >to whomever as needed.
>First of all:
>1.? ? There are several parts of the power unit which have patents. Remember that the power unit technology is owned by the UEC corporation >and I have to be very careful about not stepping on their toes. I am not afraid of them or anything like that. It is just that they are the legitimate >owners of the patents and most of the research ect. I would not like to break my trust with them.
>However, I can, and will give to all of you as much information as I can. I believe that I will be able to give you enough information to begin >research on your own. I just have to pass it in front of my attorney first so I do not get myself into trouble, that's all.

That is okay with us.

>2.? ? I will in time give out a basic Hardware diagram which you may find helpful.

That would be very nice. At least a basic instruction how to see the basic "noise" effect inside
a transformer or something liks this, so we can see, that there is indeed a bigger spike
pulse coming out of a small excitation pulse.

>3? ? No I will not publish a schematic diagram of the control circuit.
>It is proprietary information owned and controlled by the UEC corporation, so I won't go there.

Okay, sure.

>4? ? I will tell you about my initial experiments and what Electron tube circuits I used to control the frequencies that gave us our significant >breakthroughs way back when.

Yes, maybe we can try first the basic effects and lean from thereon forward.

>5? ? Yes, Stefan I do intend to point you in the right direction.
>You deserve at least that much for all of the good effort you have put forth for so long. And especially your kindness to me.

Many thanks I appreciate it very much.

>6? ? About the Flame like Discharge. Yes it does cause RF burns. I was going to tell about that, but I decided to wait and see how long it would take one of you to realize this on your own. Bravo!

Yes, it looks like some ofthe flames I could draw with my 2000 Volts DC battery power supplies, when
drawing arcs with it via the Newman coil.
As your output seems to be chopped DC with an RF noise superimposed on it, this is simular to what
I have seen.

>7? ? The patents are in several segments pertaining only to the control units not the collector coil itself,
>so I will send you examples of the hardware diagrams.
>however, I do not have access to a PC at all times so it will take some time for me to be able to scan things and send them off, be patient please. >Also I am not spending all my time sitting in front of a PC reading and sending.
>I must travel to a public place in order to safely send any information at all.

Okay, this is very kind of you. Looking forward to see the information.

>8.? ? YES, torodial transformers have some very weird factors..? Study the strange factors.

Yes, we should do this.

>9? ? Your interest in the harmonic resonance is also stepping toward the right direction of things.
>But then again it depends on your viewpoint about exactly what harmonic resonance is
>and how it relates to mag fields and converting energy as does my power unit.

I see.

>10? ? We have done a great deal of experimentation with permanent magnets with some very astounding results.
>I could stop now and start over again with that subject alone. Has anyone ever read any of the reports about our experiments with what was >called, the Magnetic shadow casting material?

What is the Magnetic shadow casting material? ?Have not heard about this yet ...

>No it wasn't some kind of paint.
> But you would be fascinated with the amount of renewable energy you can extract from a permanent magnet!
>We went through about ten thousand dollars worth of Neodymium and
>Super Cobalt 404 magnetic material in our experiments.
>I could write volumes of information about that stuff. Those experiments tie in to our development of the power unit.

Would be very interested to hear about that too !

>11? ? Yes, I agree, why does everybody assume that magnetic fields are so single dimensional?
>they are not . . .they can't be.

How many dimensions do you think they have ?

>12? ? Who ever it was that said there might be possibly military applications for this technology is a very wise man. We believe that is probably the >primary government interest followed by the ever popular oil industry trying to stop it.

Can imagine, that the black projects are already a few years ahead of us.
As they are so top secret I could imagine the oil industry does not know
of them either. But as they are so top secret they are also not used
yet, only for top secret military demonstration, I guess...

>13? ? I am sorry, they are not piezo stacks. However, they do look like it. And some of what you said is not far off at all.
>14? ? Both Freedomfuel and bushwacker have good and relevant points.
>15? ? Yes there is an inertia.
>16? ? Yes there is a genuine gyroscopic effect when the units are on.
>Everybody has noticed that when held and in operation,
>the units have a definite vibration and have a gyroscopic effect.
>They seam to resist being moved through the air.
>When placed on a smooth surface it is very pronounced.
> Some of you should think about that.

Very intersting ! Seems to be like a solid state gyroscop !

>17? ? Rotation of field. . . How many people think about that.
>If you could have a field that you could think of as a big ball.
>And you could rotate it in two directions what would the ramifications be?

Hmm, the ball is turning right or in the other case left around.
Hmm, why would this change the output power ?
Does it need to turn counter wise to the earth magnet field
or the earth rotation to cut their magnet field ?

But to my understanding the earth has a about 30 to 40 uTesla
strong STATIC magnetic field in every place or does it vary much ?

>I hope some of you will appreciate this info, my direct response and the spirit in which it is given.

Steven , many thanks, I hope you can give us more infos and we appreciate
it very much.

Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #72 on: February 11, 2006, 08:46:32 PM »
If you look closer again to this picture:

you can see, that there are probably 4 coils
wound on each of the 2 control circuit toroids
ontop of the box inside the big coil in the center.

If these 2 toroids have counter rotating magnets fields
like in
but every toroid has a different rotating direction, so one is
clockwise and the other counter clockwise, there would
buildup indeed an interesting interference moiree pattern
in a magnetic field around it.
Maybe the bigger outer toroid just catches this moiree magnetic
pattern and converts it to output energy ?

Or does it make sense, if the 2 smaller inner toroids have the
same rotation direction with their magnetic fields somehow ?

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #73 on: February 13, 2006, 02:19:02 PM »
Hallo Zusammen,

bin neu hier und hatte gestern Abend eine verr?ckte Theorie die ich hier mal vorstellen wollte. Bekomme den Text leider nicht auf Englisch hin.

Zu meiner Theorie: 

Jeder kennt ja das Ph?nomen einer vollen Badewanne wenn man den St?psel am Abfluss zieht. Es entsteht ein Strudel, der sich nach unten hin verj?ngt und somit beschleunigt. 

Vielleicht arbeitet Steven Marks Ger?t wie eine Art Abfluss f?r das Erdmagnetfeld, wobei der Abfluss ein Konverter ist, der die magnetischen Felder in f?r uns nutzbare elektrische Energie umwandelt.

Wird das Ger?t gestartet entsteht durch den "Abfluss" des Erdmagnetfeldes ein magnetischer Wirbelsturm. ?hnlich wie in der Badewanne verj?ngt sich dieser nach unten hin und wird beschleunigt und dann im Ger?t gewandelt.

Das schwache Erdmagnetfeld wird auf diese weise konzentriert und somit nutzbar.

Jeder Wirbelsturm hat im Zentrum das so genannte "Auge" in dem nicht sehr viel passiert, vielleicht erkl?rt das den Aufbau des Ger?tes.

In dem 180MB Video wird bei 32min 40sek ein Ger?t auf den Kopf gestellt, was daraufhin seinen Betrieb einstellt. Eine Erkl?rung daf?r w?re vielleicht das jeder Wirbelsturm eine bevorzugte Drehrichtung hat, beeinflusst durch die Corioliskraft. . Vielleicht stimmt hier die bevorzugte Drehrichtung nicht mehr mit der der elektrischen Schaltung des Ger?tes ?berein.

Wie gesagt nur ne verr?ckte Theorie, aber vielleicht ist ja was dran?



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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #74 on: February 14, 2006, 01:04:27 AM »
Hi Shadow, that is a very interesting idea, that you compare the bath tube vortex
in the water, when you release the water from the bath tube with this
magnetic vortex, which might be here at play with the Marks device.
Maybe Marks is really just creating a vortex inside the center of the big
coil with his 2 small toroidal coils and thus attracts a 3 dimensional
magnetic vortex which whirles into the center and thus "charges" all
the time the output outer coil ?

But then I wonder how the small units work as they don?t have exiter
coils inside the center of the toroid ?

Maybe also the skin effects works positively if used in a vortex excitation
sequence ?
Will the skin effect then add current into the system when used in a vortex condition
or will it also break and drag the current down ?

Regards, Stefan.