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Author Topic: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"  (Read 1235327 times)


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #2745 on: January 25, 2018, 12:08:43 AM »
It has been over 10 years since my first contact with the inventor and owner of the tpu technology and I want to clarify a few things for those who still find interest in the technology.  Many are still trying to duplicate it with no hope whatever and it is those who will attract the most attention because understanding is not what they seek ,made obvious by their inability to comprehend what has been given out ina fashion that the inventor dictated under duress and poor health.

My onspiration was to spread the understanding that those who invent things are usually out of the picture in no time ,replaced by interests that have their own agenda . its just tha way the world works at this time and until we can stop bombing things better we will not have this technology

1. My health has deterioted to the point where i have large files in several hospitals that have medical professionals perplexed.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is on the list but only by exclusion

every day is a struggle and i was warned that i would be prevented from tpu development by means beyond my comprehension.

If this reminds you of the tv series stargate then you have some take on the basics here. Not that a government agency is directly involved but agencies protect us from things that would spiral out of control and harm us as a whole if it became common at this stage of our very young technological state.

who honestly would not at some point be tempted by the financial incentives and then allow commercial exploitation by companies whos  interests would mean weapons and mayhem for all.

There are those with religious belief that could name this and be satisfied that god's work is being done here .

My emails have been hacked ,and changed and yes this one is suspect as well.

If you do seek understanding then perhaps there is a way forward but i urge caution as all of the above has been my experience .

to resonate with something of more that 2 dimensions  a process of plus and minus or push pull is essential ...just hitting domething with a hammer is a waste of time (split supply at the very least)
Consider that basic electronic devices are more impotrant than complex mosfet h bridges with poor phase response and no tollerance for out of range conditions .

nobody wants to be elecreocuted do they ?
Then wtf do you expect to find with safe voltages?

plus and minus and round and round and up and down ...kapeech?

Think what a se output stage is compared to a push pull from a magnetic perspective .

most will say I have given you nothing ...
just that same misleading rubbish that does not hand you a tpu on a satin pillow.
It is my belief that only those with true wisdom will be able to keep this technology at least available for when we do get over killing each other .

I will not engage with anybody except for perhaps one person on this.

My health is such that this my be my last word in any case.


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #2746 on: November 12, 2021, 03:46:51 AM »
Steap and the TPU at Overunity Research