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Author Topic: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"  (Read 1200542 times)


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #180 on: April 04, 2006, 12:34:20 PM »
Hi all:
   Well I have been trying to make sense of all this. I have been through the messages and video and I keep comming up with the same things.

1 7.23 hrtz opperation frequency
2 Multiple harmonics there of
3 Counter clockwise rotation of a magnetic vortex
4 Kicks are simply where the harmonics overlap as follows:
     positive side:  1   2  2   3   1   2  2   3   1
   negative side:    3  1   2    2  3   1   2    2  3

these kicks pose a very interesting wave form when seen on a scope.

Somewhere in this has to be some caps. That would make it a definate LC resonate device. Although he does specificly state that the device must never reach a resonate state. That would be the purpose of the "box" to slightly detune and keep it there. In the large device I can see what surely looks like a pair of caps.

What still has me wondering is what is being triggered with the placing of the magnet????  It was a simple ceramic magnet from the looks.
From the math it looks like the small 25watt unit is running at 400 ma and the large is at 850 ma. Thats not a lot but then considering where it seems to be comming from makes that a different ball park. I would like to get physical size measures of the large coil so I can wind up a test coil. Any one have any ideas on that?



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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #181 on: April 04, 2006, 05:19:11 PM »
Hi All,

Wel,l I finally downloaded the video of what I am going to call Version2, the one lighting two lamps.  So far all my comments have been on observing the very blurry first videos and a frequency  of 7.4 hertz.  I live in the country and only have a slow modem connection.  If anyone can send me a link for the clear video that shows litz wire,  would be appreciated  although, I will eventually get to it.

For the following comments, let us assume that the magnetic resonance frequency is a given at 175k hertz.  And, that the magnet excites the primary coil circuit tuned to resonance at 175k.  Let us also assume that my idea of how it works is close to being correct.

I am going to try and look at this through Steven's eyes and do a narrative that may have nothing to do with reality, but it at least will follow a logical path that will hopefully give so ideas to bulding some experimental hardware.

Version 1 is beatiful in its purity.  It uses the natural frequency of magnets to generate power.  It is sustained by the natural Schumann resonance of 7.5 hertz.  It should work even better in the middle of the desert away from modern electrical pollution.
However,  breakthrough it is, Steven realizes it has problems and can be improved.  To get any kick at all from the S. frequency, the circuit has to be tuned to its fundamental note of 7.4 hertz meaning realitivly large components.  A higher harmonic frequency would be so weak it would be lost in the noise of our modern electrical society.   Another problem is, it's scary!  The slight phase difference in freqency creates a rotating field that has to be carefully controlled to prevent runaway. ( Remember the emploding TV scenario). 

Instead of trying to find a weak signal amid the noise, why not use the pollution to maintain resonance?   The 60 cycle emf fields are virtually everywhere.  If I  tune to 60 cycles, I still have to deal with relatively large components.   If I  tune to 6,000 hertz, I can get impressive power using relatively small components.  The sub harmonic of 60 hertz will still give plenty of kick to maintain resonance.  And, I won't have as much worry about controlling a runaway situation due to a sight phase difference.  It may not work in the middle of the desert.  But how many peole live in the desert anyway?

So, Steven goes on to design Version 2.  He realizes that instead of just placing the magnet next to the resonant coil, if he incorporates the magnet into the circuit so that the current flows through it, he gets even more power.  This  is done in the Roy Meyer device and the coler device.  See

The theory is that the magnet works something like a diode.  Notice that Version 2 has two magnets each doing its half the cycle and that they are placed into a special holder (with contacts?).

Remember, Steven said no special massive electronic tricks.  Mostly just frequencies and coils and magnets.  Both Coler and Meyer were working simple devices that you could put your hands around.  But they didn't know the exact magnetic frequency of 175k hertz.  And were just lucky getting partial harmonics to maintain a weak resonance.  Think of their magnets as capacitor plates along with their respective coils forming tuned resonant circuits with the current going through the magnets and you basically have the basics of the process as I see it.  Of course I could be wrong, I'm only a musician .
Gentlemen, start your soldering irons,

Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #182 on: April 05, 2006, 05:52:06 AM »
I won't speculate about steven... mannix is touchy about that... ;)
But... considering your theory Tishatang... and I *like* the theory too - it's the same thing I was dicussing over the last couple of months in another thread... resonant circuits in cascade... so when you posted, I was very interested in hearing someone else back up what I had been considering.
I thought I could get enough voltage out of a loop antenna to begin a resonance (with a cap in series with the antenna) and begin to power the antenna to increase it's size (electronically) and capture more and more.  Of course the question is how to get the power out of the circuit...

But - back to this theory.   Is it really that simple?  The magnet induces current without motion?

But why not maximize that?  Why then use 7.4?


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #183 on: April 05, 2006, 10:02:30 AM »
I think things can be simple.  Our minds try to justify their existence by thinking too much.
Roy Meyers circa 1912, in a prison tool shed makes something that works.
Hans Coler circa 1940 a tinkerer makes something that works.
Serendipity revealed to them some magic combination that got an effect.
If they could do ti, we can do it !

All I am trying to do is look at Steven's device given the parameters and hints we have been given.
since we don't have a direct dialog with Steven, we have to start somewhere to explain what we see.  If the first device
ran at 7.4hertz and the second device ran at 6k hertz, what made Steven go to the second design?
I chose to do little bit of fantasy to illustrate a thinking process.  Otherwise, we will go on discussing little tidbits here and there and
miss the overall picture.

As exciting as the MRA story was to read, it is a nonlinear scalar device.  My gut feeling is that Steven's 7.4 hertz device is on the edge of a scalar device.  How many pieces of lab gear must Steven have lost in developing that first working model? A rotating field to produce power is OK, but if it has the potential to slip into a vortex of unknown potential, we have to be very careful.  I can see why Steven is so cautious. 


Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #184 on: April 06, 2006, 03:50:23 AM »
What specifically does he mean by the 7.4hz and the 6khz?  Is that the cycle of the output?


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #185 on: April 06, 2006, 05:46:27 AM »
It is the AC ripple on top of the DC output.
Download videos!


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #186 on: April 06, 2006, 09:45:16 AM »
It occurred to me that in this digital age, fundamental electronic theory might not be explained like the "good old days".
Here is a link some of the old books0  (free download)

I used the "The
Amatuer Radio Handbook" fifty years ago and somehow I still remember some of the stuff even tho I never worked in electronics.


Jack Dominico

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #187 on: April 08, 2006, 03:29:38 AM »
The magnet initates a Barkhausen effect which produces an initial current or "kick" which can be picked up by a coil.


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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #188 on: April 08, 2006, 06:47:28 AM »
could somebody please list a link and a book that will alow me to learn all about frequencies as well as a few other things that you all are talking about so that i may follow (i just need the basics i can figure it out from there) thanks,



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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #189 on: April 13, 2006, 07:40:48 PM »
On March the 20th Kosh may have quoted the valve textbook when he wrote about how mechanical damage occurs to filaments of valves due to a reaction force being developed between the current and the Earth?s magnetic field.  This is hardly overunity as the energy is supplied by the current source and not the Earth?s magnetic field.  Energy can be supplied by the Earth?s magnetic field but in this example I believe that it  cannot be explained by standard electrical engineering theory involving cutting lines of flux.  Rather the Earth?s magnetic field should be seen as mediating in the exchange of energy between the Earth and the Sun.  I have concluded that the Earth does not directly receive much EM radiation from the Sun, but rather packets of magnetic energy in the form of source free magnetic vortices are trapped by the Earth's magnetic field which acts as a vast solar energy collector.  How light, heat and other EM radiation could be formed can be demonstrated by considering the luminous effects that occur when UFOs take off.  UFOs utilize counter rotating magnet assemblies like the Mikell device and as these spin faster a range of colours is seen culminating in white.  In fact the whole spectrum of EM radiation is emitted as air atoms are ionized and excited.  Once they observed this the black project scientists understood how the Sun really generates EM radiation - not from nuclear fusion but rather from turbulence in it's magnetic field interacting with it's atmosphere.  In support of this hypothesis is the fact that the planets with considerable magnetic fields also have luminous atmospheres.  The Sun has the most powerful magnetic field and also the most luminous atmosphere.

The hypothesis I have put forward at this forum is that free energy devices pump the ionosphere until a resonance is achieved with a magnetic vortex directing these magnetic particles back to the device as a magnetic current or 'cold electricity'.  The curious thing about the Mark device is that it appears to output RF current judging by the flame like discharge made by a short circuit shown in the video.  This suggests that there is more than one way of extracting energy from the ionosphere.  You ought to carefully study this paper that puts forward the hypothesis that it is possible to pump the ionophere with verticaly reflecting antennas to obtain RF energy:

RF Energy via Solar/Ionospheric Resonance

Byers has put forward the hypothesis that the ionosphere acts as a massive solar energy collector which can be stimulated with RF emissions to reflect energy back to a transmitter using a technique similar to Masers.  Atoms in the ionosphere are ionized by solar UV photons and put into a higher higher energy state which represents stored solar energy.  He proposes a system whereby a source of RF energy can be amplified by the stimulated emission of photons of the same frequency and phase as the source as these excited atoms drop to lower energy levels.  Since the ionosphere reflects radio waves there would be a frequency at which standing waves would developed inside this resonant cavity and feedback would lead to amplified coherent radiation within it.  The flaw with this proposal is that the frequency of the hyperfine structure of air atoms would be in the gighertz range which would require a cavity much smaller than that between the Earth and the ionosphere.  However, Byers does support his hypothesis with a spectrum analyzer graph of an ionosounding test which shows a resonance at 5.456 Mhz with a broad sholder of stimulated emissins from 5.3 Mhz to 6 Mhz.

Another paper worth studying is this one from the Swedish Institiute Of Space Physics:

Stimulated Electromagnetic Emissions

This paper describes experiments in which powerful radio transmitters were used to induce turbulence in the ionosphere and study wave-plasma interactions.  The electric field component of the radio wave induces variations in the electron density at intervals of one wavelength resulting in longitudinal waves called Langmuir waves.  Part of the incident wave is reflected back at a higher frequency implying an energy gain since the energy of a wave is proportional to it's frequency.  Here is an interesting quote that may have some relevence to the Mark device:

'The pump waves used in the experiments were circularly polarised and depending on the direction of rotation of the field components, clockwise (ordinary) or anticlockwise (extraordinary) the effect could or could not be observed. This indicated that the magnetic field was an important contributor to the observed scattering effect.'

We know that the Mark device emits a rotating wave because the correct orientation of the coil depends on which hemisphere the device is located at.  This can be explained by the Coriolis effect.  This is the apparant deflection of a moving object in a rotating frame of reference such as, in this case, the Earth's magnetic field.  The analogy might not be valid because the Mark coil does not look much like a radio antenna, but I could be wrong.

Another way in which the Earth's magnetic field could be a source of energy could be connected with the action of solar electrons trapped in the torroidal Van Allen radiation belts.  The Earth's magnetic field bend the paths of charges so that they move perperdiculary to the field lines, i. e. in circles or spirals around the field lines, of which the frequency depends on the charge and the mass of the particle in question. Since these circulating electrons accelerate towards the centre of their motion they emit radio waves called 'cyclotron radiation'  Pump waves corresponding in frequency to this cyclotron radiation electrons tend to further accelerate the gyro motion, just like a forced harmonic oscillator.
I do not know if any of this is really relevant to understanding the Mark device but it may point the way to further research.  Here are some links you may find useful for background reading
Magnetic Fields Of the Planets

Living Reviews In Solar Physics

The Sun's Magnetic Field

Magnetism Is Key To Mystery Of the Sun

Do magnetic waves heat the solar atmosphere?

Mikell Device

Magnetic Energy To Heal the Planet

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Elvis Oswald

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #190 on: May 17, 2006, 08:58:59 PM »
well... if the magnet he sticks to the device initiates current in a coil... which I guess is a given... I don't see how the "king" is sending other electrons down another wire a short time later - or several times.

Perhaps the secret is in the "bing weavy" - though I'm not sure what the hell that is.

I've noticed you post the same thing twice (or more) alot.  Maybe you have a sticky v-key?

Here's my story - hehe - One day the king went to the local tavern to have a few beers.  He noticed a wench who seemed eager to put out... and so the king bought her a drink, and then another... and listened to her stories about how she loved , and couln't wait to get back to the castle and bang the king.  But of course, she wasn't ready yet... and so the king sat and listened to her talk for hours about all sorts of things.
The king was very bored - but very horny... and so he sat and listened, hoping that his patience would pay off.
Many people approached the king and whispered in his ear that the wench was a -tease.  But the wench assured the king that she was worth the wait... and that when she was ready... and if she had enough to drink... she would definitely "rock his world."
So the king continued to listen.  Occasionally, he would make a proposition... but the wench would say that, though she was in fact a , she was not a slut... and she would not put out unless he tried harder.
And so the king continued to play along.
There were other suitors too.  They all made propositions - and the wench would ramble on and on about how horny all these propositions were making her... and that soon, she would be so horny that she would fuck the whole lot of them right there in the tavern.
As they talked into the night - noone noticed the bulge in the wenches skirt. ;)
And that's where the story ends.
I'll leave it up to you to decide whether the wench was a guy... or a tease... or both. :P
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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #191 on: May 22, 2006, 12:05:00 AM »
@Stephan: OK, first post in this thread, has anyone posted a comprehensive list of all the clues here? I suggest this:

A new post, that is a locked sticky that contains 4 lists... for example:

1. What we know for sure about the device and it's operation.
  A. Device generates power by taking advantage of the earths magnetic field.
  B. Device consists of one or more coils in a special arrangement.
    a. One coil is composed of many small pieces of wire connected in series or parallel.
    b. One coils is composed of a heavier gauge wire than the other.
    c. The king's electrons "jump" from one coil to the other.
  C. Device is toroidal in it's physical aspect.
  D. Device requires initial Kick to be introduced by a magnet, at which point it self runs.
  E. Device generates in addition to electricity, gyroscopic forces.
  F. Device requires a Control Circuit to prevent it from destroying itself.
  G. Device is "tuned" to specific frequencies.
  H. Etc, etc., etc.. (I know I've missed a lot)
2. What we are reasonably sure are involved in some way.
  A. Harmonic frequencies (try creating the "worst case scenario" according to Mr. Mark)
  B. Some sort of magnetic cascade effect, or chain reaction that produces a magnetic "vortex" of some sort.
  C. Etc., etc., etc. (ditto)

3. Things we are completely clueless about.
  A. Devices Coils contain unknown core materials.
  B. Configuration and windings of the Devices coils are unknown.
  C. Process for Tuning the device is unknown.
  D. Etc., etc., etc.

4. Things that are completely wrong about the device. followed by correction
  A. Device contains batteries. - Device contains no electro chemical storage devices.
  B. Device contains Piezo stacks - Piezos cannot possibly produce that much power for sustained periods, if at all
  C. etc., etc., etc.

This will provide Mr. Marks a list to which he can refer and give us ideas as to the things we are dead on about, and the thing to which we are clueless, he (via Mannix) could simply say "that belongs in list 3" or "that should be in list 1.", or "banish that thought to list 4"
Sorry for all the nagative remarks here, and our meager attempts to understand this, but as you have stated, we need to drop all of our preconceptions of what we know about things and "be as little children." This is very difficult for myself and, I'm sure, many others. It took Mr. Mark several years to put this together, and we are being given clues via vagueries, and parables, which although enlightening, are a very unconventional way of disseminating information. Being experimenters, we like hard testable theory to base work from. Hence the noticed hesitance of people here to simply abandon other OU projects the may be involved with, and conduct experiments here. You see, we have hard tangible testable things on our workbenches, some of us. Those of us who are fairly talented anyway. You must admit, the way this has gone is very strange. Not that there is no credibility to the technology, but there are other questions that linger in our heads as we read this information, due to the strangeness of the way the information is making its way to us. For example, why does Mr. Mark speak exclusively through you? Why doesn't he post directly? Have you replicated the technology with the additional info that Mr. Mark has given you? You seem to posess more expertise on the device than someone who has not replicated it is capable of. And the inverse of that question: Given the information and knowlege that you no doubt command about the device, if you haven't built one yet, why not?

Please understand that these are rhetorical questions, you don't need to answer them, and they are not offered up in a skeptical manner, and are not intended to "derail" the thread. They are only offered as an explanation to why people have approached this in a skeptical manner in this thread from time to time. Many of us have scientific minds (or we would not be here), and as such, we are supposed to ask the tough questions, and have a healthy level of skepticism. Any technology that cannot be scrutinized(especially in this arena), we have been conditioned over time, due to the actions of hucksters (a few bad eggs spoil the... you get the drift), to be hyper sensitive to a few warning signs.

So, in the hopes of continuing our interaction, I would hope that you are understanding, and don't take the negative comments too personally. I understand that you (Mr. Marks) have endured much ridicule and skepticism. But consider the source, we are not big oil, we are not Uncle Sam. We have the self-same interests that you do. Our skepticism is, for good or bad, aimed at making damn sure we get it right, and are not being led around by our collective nose-ring.

Thank you immensely for the amazing amount of info that you have given us thus far. I hope you take my post as it is intended, and not as an attack.

Now that that is out of the way. What do you think about the Lists(not the content, the concept)? Are they a good way to reference what we have learned so far? I think they will help us to better connect the dots so to speak.

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #192 on: June 02, 2006, 05:18:31 AM »
This will be obvious to those who have studied free energy for any length of time?..but the SM device will never see the light of day.  The film I saw was from 1996.  Tesla had free energy. has dozens of free energy devices that have not been replicated but were witnessed.  Bell Labs has at least 28 free energy devices sitting on their shelves according to a retired Bell Labs scientist.

SM, I highly suggest you read Dr. Greer?s book  ?Forbidden Knowledge.?  You have the answers but along with the other dozens of brilliant people have sold out humanity.  Just remember this while your children or grandchildren lay dieing in a hospital from respiratory failure or some equally other bad disease due to pollution from petroleum based energy use.  Or half the animal and plant life are gone do to similar types of pollution.

I wrote an essay for English 101 while taking night courses in the air force.  The title was ?Man, God?s Greatest Failure.?  That was written in 1991 but is even more aptly true today??..

I understand not wanting to give away your idea, but did you invent electricity?  Are you responsible for the a/c running through our lines?  No, but Tesla did give-up all rights to HIS invention to help the world by allowing a/c to be used royalty free.  I don?t  know how long a patent lasts but don?t you think that at least one of the devices from the early 1900?s should be patent free by now?.and still not one free energy device is on the market.  Of course this is all coincidence and yours will be on the market in a matter of weeks? time to get real.  There is an energy conspiracy and you have one of the answers that if released, would unbind our hands from the tyrants of the oil corporations, the President and the Vice President of the U.S..

Look at Coral Castle.  Mr. Edward Leedskalnin died and everything he knew was lost with him.  He had free energy also and knew better than to share his secret with the world?.though he didn?t mind flaunting his abilities without every revealing his secrets.  Does this sound familiar?

Let?s put things in a different perspective?.certainly, 80% of the world lives in extreme poverty with hardly any infrastructure.  But, I gave my word that I wouldn?t share my knowledge to help them?.my hands are tied.  So what if most of them will never go beyond a 2nd grade education because they are having to work to support their families.  If they are bright enough, they can figure this out?.after all, how much does a little wire cost.  Let?s see, while I was stationed in Turkey the minimal wage was $5 per month so it will be no time before they finish their degree, experiment in their free time and get this figured out.

While in the 7th grade I remember a boy that came from a well off family.  He bought extra food almost every day just in case he wanted it during lunch.  There were several other children such as myself that didn?t have anything to eat at school but practically everyday he?d ask us if we?d like to buy his food.  Of course we had no money or we would have bought our own,  so practically everyday we?d watch him through it in the trash instead of giving it to someone. 

To whom much is given, much is expected??..

I grew-up poor but can no longer claim that title.  I have done 100's of hours of charity work in auto repairs, home repairs, even going as far as to give away cars to people that genuily tried to help themselves.  I've put time into experiments of various devices and none of them have worked in over unity.  I'm either lacking in brain cells or simply not intuitive enough to master these devices. 

The only way your device will be seen by the average Joe is by us.  The average tinkerer.  You should consider mass releasing your device and allowing replication.  When you pass you can be remembered one of two ways....the selfish guy that threw the bird to humanity or the guy that did something altruistic and came forward.  Reincarnation is a fact and will hold up in a court of law strictly using the scientific data.  If you chose to withold your device from mankind, you will no longer remember how to build it when you come back and you will be in the same boat as the rest of us.  Release it, and your life will be easier as all of humanity will be raised....simple as that.

I actually fear dieing only because it has taken so long to learn a few absolute truths that are only obtained by extreme experiences and study.  So much information to be relearned......



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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #193 on: June 05, 2006, 11:57:37 AM »
My notes in bold........................................... ;D

One day in a land under the noses of all the kings (I did it, but I'm not going to tell you how because I don't actually understand whats going on either, is that what you mean?) there were some electrons which were sent on a trip around the world by their king. Their destination was a place near their home(This implies switched ground or return connection later in the story) but they were sent the longest way possible (Root frequency winding = longest wavelength),it was so that they could meet as many friends as possible on the way(Resonance) . They were told  that if they were lucky enough to meet some friends they could have a big party and celebrate with them and invite a few back for a visit(Positive Feedback). So their king gave them a big kick(Inductive start-up and magnetic bias, symmetry breaking) and arranged to meet them back where they started, he showed them the other end of the wire just behind them.(Ground or common is still connected) See you at the arranged time back here he said and off they went!

Some short time later(Phase shifted harmonic generator) the king sent some more groups of his favourite electrons on a similar journey.down another wire(n'th order harmonic winding/'s) . After a while he lost track of how many he had sent and was worried that they all might arrive back at his castle together  so he disconnected the return wire before any of them arrived home(Switched ground or common connection) ..he wondered wether they might get lost but was more worried about them colliding with each other in his castle on their return home "Oh dear!.. What Have I done?" he said.(Why I caused multiple magnetic fields to collapse simultaneously causing very large inductive kicks, thats what I've done)

Meanwhile the electrons were on their merry way twisting and turning ..round and round when they noticed that their end connection was somehow ,gone ...What had happened?(I used FET's or relays to switch the connections of the windings to where I choose) they also saw some other electrons nearby that they recognised and so they met up and had a party. What big party it was.(Multiple collapsing fields inducing constructive and destructive interference) They all met and danced and sang and in the process many more electrons joined in the party, even ones that were not sent by the king. this created a few fights and some confusion but all the other electrons from all around heard about the party and sent messages to all their friends.(This effect appears to to be cascading or chain reactive, the magnet is not just for a starting kick, it is biasing the local  space against the earths magnetic field) Obviouisly the place was not big enough, but as it happened ,just nearby there was a wonderful piece of wire which seemed to have an even better way home and it was a bigger wire with much for room(Heavy gage secondary in a closed loop configuration i.e. ground un-switched) . They told their friends and  almost the whole party jumped over to the other piece of wire so that they might get home.(Induction from an opened circuit to closed circuit, approaching infinite impedance to approaching zero impedance) The uninvited guests were really getting out of hand at this point(positive feedback in a magnetic biasing) so It really was a case of either jump or be pushed so they jumped..the only trouble was that all the uninvited guests followed them and they just kept on  coming(There is you gain) .Nobody told any one that the party was over and not to come.(Nor do you have to, mother nature loves to party) . When all the kings electrons came rushing home thru the found wire that was not for his travellers. the king was  relieved(I can imagine) ..but when he saw(feedback or sensing path) all he other uninvited guests he realised that disconnecting the return wire was a bad mistake.(triggers the switching of part of the harmonic windings and the the root) He grabbed a few of them and put them to work ...he was able to send some of the  others back down the origional wire in the hope that they would(couple in or create a positive feed back mechanism) find another king to annoy But there were too many of them so he quickly found another big wire(Switching in an additional secondary winding) that led somewhere else and joined them together managed to get most the uninvited guest to go down that one, away form his kingdom.(This is the load carrying winding). told them tell the others that the party was over but they were having such fun ,weaving and winding ..jumping and pushing.  It did not take long for the king to have so many electrons passing by  that he had no way of dealing with them  so he would sometimes go down to the big wire and watch all the free loaders whiz by(timing sensing for the harmonic generators) . He would tell some of them that the party was over but they just kept whizzing by faster and faster.(Frequency sweeping) He even sent some of them down the long weaving wire(perhaps an additional control winding) to let the others know that the party was over but it didn't work. He gave up after a while and  left them to it and went off somewhere else hoping that nobody would notice(Now it's running and I hope someone from the oil companies or the government doesn't decide to kill my ass so I think I'll just run on free electricity which and of itself is a huge gain over my fellow man allowing me to keep my gold for other things while the peasants continue to pay for energy) ..I'm told that he went to a power generator where none of this silliness could happen to him again an all the electrons had things to stop them from being so silly.

Nice work, if it's true.

Modified to remove a little of the harshness..............My Fault....I was crouchy.
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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #194 on: June 05, 2006, 02:40:40 PM »

Don't hold back - tell us how you really feel!