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Author Topic: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"  (Read 1188433 times)

Offline Mannix

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The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« on: January 31, 2006, 12:18:53 AM »
About Steven Mark
           A history of The T.P.U .    (Torroidal Power Unit)
By Lindsay Mannix 2006

Have you ever had a dream? An idea that comes from within you and seems a bit crazy at first but wont go away? Perhaps you are crazy?
What if somehow you?re self imposed limitations and boundaries were lifted in a way that enabled you to do anything you really wanted to? Instead of ?I could? it was ?I must I will I can if fact I cant not!?
Reasons not to do things reasons not to believe are spirited by cynics and skeptics amongst us all over the world. We want our ideas to fit into other people?s boxes and when it doesn?t seem to it is too easy to just give up to the interests of other who really are not interested at all.
Why do we listen to their negative statements when the little voice in side us whispers ?we can?
The real question is what has a cynic or skeptic ever created other than doubt?
Instead of saying or thinking ?I doubt that? how about the possibility on the other side of doubt?  You see the very word ?doubt? contains this. Instead of doubt how about ?I do not understand that yet? or even ?I?m not ready to do that right now?.
Well my friends it is the fear inside us, which prevents that from happening.
Perhaps that fear seems rational. Quite often it really is not!
I would like to share my experience of how this works or doesn?t work? And if you will come on this journey you too I can be sure that some of the veils of your creativity may be lifted from your being. And more of your choices may be that.your choices!

I have never written a book before but this does not even fit my previous idea of what writing a book was. I consider this as a record of discovery from my perspective, and was inspired by a brilliant man whose achievements will not be forgotten.

Stories of devices like the one I am about to describe to you have been told before. The difference with this particular one is that as of January 2006 the device, the technology, the inventor, and most of those involved are still with us. You will be told of what amounts to a scam, real people have lost money here and many more may do so unless this story is understood. You will hear about personal attacks from people who would seem to have no reason to do so. You may also be schooled in the technology that could change how we live.

Histories going back 100 years reveals several inventors who have made these devices operate but for seemingly unknown reasons they have never succeeded in a way that allowed them to become useful in peoples everyday lives.

We are not talking about microwave ovens, dishwashers, computers, water treatment processes, medical practices and many other wonderful inventions of last century, which are useful and vital parts of our modern world. What we are focusing on is inventions relating to energy generation and specifically technology that has the effect of reducing oil and coal consumption throughout the world. You may think that the oil companies are just out to control everything in our lives. Let?s find out!

I can hear it now ?conspiracy theory!? another crackpot with tall poppy syndrome another loser who wants to justify his lack of material wealth by pointing at those who seem to have more. All I can say at this stage is hear me out, absorb what you can and please do not try to categorize this tale just yet .If you can bear with me you may see that it is the way that we too quickly make assumptions that prevent new ideas and concepts like the one that is revealed here from fitting into our world.

By ?our? world I really mean your world. Every body lives in their own different world, the one that they have created for themselves or happily allow others to structure for them. There is no judgment here it is just that we all cannot help but want things to fit into what we already know and this works for us in most situations.basic survival it is why a child can learn most things more quickly than an adult. It works and I?m not knocking it. But please identify this anomaly in your self and others to understand how our good friend ?experience? can play tricks on us. Other wise put this down now as another crack pot and read something more appealing to you. I suggest ?new idea? or ?who?.

Many people, at different times in their lives get the inspiration and an ability to create something unique something that means a lot to them and feels good. The arts are the best example of this creativity manifesting into something that many others can share, reject or analyze.  Have you ever sat down to paint something, gone to do some creative gardening, started to write a book, really whatever you really like to do and find that you just can?t seem to get into it?
Have you ever found your self-doing your best work really easily and getting results that amaze you and others and you just say, ?it was nothing really?. And you are not being polite.

Trades people suffer the same Inspiration and even TV repairmen get a bit frisky at times!

I do not apologize for approaching the subject matter indirectly here, as the understanding that I will attempt to reveal to you requires that I explain the social and interpersonal relevance of new discovery. A discovery that if we allow it to will make our world a better place. Without this the story will not be of any real use, if this is already in your present understanding then just bear with me as many others may not understand, in fact if you are not with me so far please go back and read slower. As this is a large part of the reasoning that prevents inventions such as this from entering mainstream use.

The device that I am revealing is by Steven Mark who invented it in the late eighties it generates electricity without the use of fuel, as we know it. This is not a Technical manual and I am not an engineer but Engineers reports are here for you to peruse. Anomalies that are used and exploited by Steven Mark will be explained in the hope that his technology will not fade into another money pit. 

Bullshit lies crackpot are common reactions to any free energy  ?claim? because right at this point that is all it is to you. Put this down now..If you feel that you are being misled already then what follows is surely not for you. But if you imagine that it might be possible that somebody has, in our recent times had the tenacity skill and inspiration to look into something and create a result that defies current science as we are told to understand it please, with out assumption read on.

To begin with lets get the terminology right these are not strictly FREE ENERGY devices they are CONVERSION devices, which tune to the earths magnetic field and extract useful energy from it. 

Since the early 80?s I ran my own Communication and Television repair shop. Never making a fortune and never wanting one. Happily challenged on a daily basis with nutting out the faults and repairing them. Occasionally putting technology together for new things..Windsurfing timing systems. Irrigation remote control. Radio communications systems that used ?unsound engineering practices? .Two kids a mortgage..Life was challenging but simple I was happy if a bit stressed by customer?s expectations.
1n 1996 my life changed. A friend of mine rang me and asked if it was possible to extract energy from the earth?s magnetic field.
My answer was that no body has done it but nothing is impossible. I had never seen an electron and never tuned to the earths magnetism. Sure we use electromagnetism for all sorts of things every electronic device uses it in some way, we even transmit it over long distances but as far as I knew there was only enough energy to turn a compass needle and it seemed static, in other words it didn?t keep turning the needle. I was curious
He then told me of a person named Brian Collins and how he had invented a device which could generate electricity with nothing more than wire from the hardware shop. My curiosity was aroused so I had a look around the Internet and discovered that over the last hundred years or so a few people seemed to have achieved this in some way. Tesla Cohler, Hendershot, Searl to name a few. Many other mathematician types could mathematically prove that it could be done but as I am not a mathematician it all looked like Chinese to me. Tom Beardon is worth a look if you like maths.
At this point I asked my friend to find out more ..
Apparently selected investors would forward $10,000 us and go on a trip to the usa to view the ?Collins generator?.
Brian Collins was the inventor of a unique engine dubbed the Collins engine, which did seem to have real fuel saving advantages. His engine is another story but of importance here is that he truly had a history of being a successful inventor.

I contacted Brian Collins by phone and spoke with him at length. My curiosity was insatiable and I asked him many questions but it became obvious to me that he did not know how it worked.  Well I didn?t know how it worked either so how could I say that he didn?t know? This was quite different than somebody not wanting to reveal the secret .He seemed to be suffering from some form of delusion He quite clearly and coherently explained to me that he was working in gods name. He saw himself as the modern version of ?Moses? ..In fact he suggested that it was his new nickname that his ?friends? could use.
Basically people who wanted to follow Moses into the new world could be allowed invest in ?his? invention that he would reveal to the world when it was ready for such things.
In retrospect there was some relevance to that!
I advised my friend not to invest money in this, as something was not right here.
My curiosity for the device however, was elevated.
If this was real then no money could possibly be enough to pay for it in the light of how much oil it would save. 

It reminded me of a scene in a movie where a wealthy sheik asked a mother ?how much for your children??
A few months later the same friend came to me and showed me a video of the device running with a well-spoken person called Steven doing the demonstration he seemed a gentle and patient person revealing the operation of the device as he understood it and a few things that were un finished about it. There were two devices demonstrated one was about 100 mm in diameter the other about 450mm .The small device generated a few hundred watts and the larger device 1 kilowatt.

Throughout the demonstration Brian Collins displayed incoherence and a complete lack of common sense. It was embarrassing to hear his explanations. Steven on the other hand was compliant and communicative. Of importance here is that the video was not at all ?professional? just somebody holding a cheap cameras as still as they could with no camera skills. Lots of blurry zooms and shakes you know the stuff! However the video was continuous and showed that something that would seem impossible was happening here.
I was 99% sure that the device was real and 100% sure that Brian Collins knew almost nothing about it. 
All the investors must have realized by now  that Brian was clearly not the inventor.

I kept the video and watched it over and over. I contacted other people who I learned were investors  whom I will not name unless they agree, and a few other who?s names escape me at this time and they were all very closed mouthed about it because they felt that they had lost money with Brian. They even considered that the whole thing might be a trick. My interest was not in money and, as they did not, and could not understand this I must have put them offside so to speak. All I wanted was to know what was happening with the device?  How did it work? I knew that a money scheme would not work here and how do I contact Steve Marks? I did not care that Brian Collins fell on his sword, only that there was a real device in existence and it should not be allowed to disappear like the others had over the years. They did not want me to contact Steven but they did want to know if I could make free power for them. Their only interest was the money that they could have made ?a part of me despised them. Perhaps they were ashamed?

I then started to examine the possibility that the whole thing was a fraud so that I could put my mind at rest. I started using radio transmitters and microwave oven magnetrons to duplicate the effect and put the whole thing to bed. But I was unable to achieve anything even nearly like the video demo It was really hard work and risky at times for the techs out there it would have to have been a 50 kilowatt transmitter to do it and even with 2 kilowatts there were adverse reactions (sparks and burnouts) all over the place.

I found it amazing that most all of my colleagues said it was a scam but when witnessing my attempts to prove it fail they were still in ?scam mode? after all we were never taught that you could tune to the earths field so I was considered WHAKO. Even the people who could possibly help solve this riddle saw no challenge in it. I wasn?t lonely but I really felt isolated and alone.
The Sunday paper here in Perth ran a story with ?Miracle generator scam catches fools?. and so on.
Professor x from uni z says that it is impossible. Conservation of energy law etc..So fools and their money ?. You get the picture.
I contacted the journalist involved and asked if he would care to investigate further and discover how the so-called scam was done. But he wasn?t interested, ?people lost money, the professor at the university which you have never attended say that its impossible ?go away you stupid dreamer?. %%%%!!!!
?But this is too important to pass of ?what if it is real??
?Let somebody else do it ..Vie got work to do?.
?I thought a real journalist would be curious why not look harder??
?A real Electronics Man should know better ..Go away?

You get the picture.
I wondered how the real inventor must have felt over the years.
But I was beginning to understand a part of human nature that I was unready to accept as I had expected that every body lived in ?my? world.

The next few years I spent on Internet sites, which were full of people who experimented with free energy. Many intelligent people were glad to offer whatever help they could to discover something. While most seemed well meaning there was a surprising number of people who really did not even know how to read a multimeter the most common ones included motors driving generators offering very small measure power gains over very long periods. I built some of these with some success but no real usable power. Basically they were pulse battery chargers and if you got the pulse just right you would see unexplainable power gain. At times!

Every time I offered my experiences with what became known, as the marks device the scam story would emerge over and over again. I would say but does any body know how the scam was done? Silence
Batteries somebody well meaning said?but batteries cannot do that?that?s because he has a special switching circuit that flattens the batteries more than any body else can?oh really how does he do that?dunno but he?s a scamster and a child molester so don?t deal with him?. how can I contact him? Dunno but we are not interested in any body like that and if he?s not prepared to show everybody then it just proves that it?s a scam.

The whole thing was soul destroying to me a bit like unrequited love.
Inspired by the achievements of this mystery person whom I would probably never meet I began to think that I better apply my self to my dream after all they all thought that I was crazy any way!
Since childhood I always felt a motorcycle could fly ..In fact it could be a very good airplane and the safety of these super fast machines on the ground was clearly something to consider.
So with the knowledge that anything was possible it was really only myself preventing me from playing my own hand. Thanks Steven the ghost!
For the next few years my efforts went into building the ?skybike?
And in 1999 I flew the first Honda CBR900

Around this time Brian Collins Passed away

It may seem reasonable to many that the motorcycle manufacturers would be begging to use something like this to market their products but let me assure you that they were all skeptical to say the least and it seemed that because they hadn?t though of it then I must be given a wide berth because who would do such a dangerous thing?
As it turned out that was not the reason The real reason was that their business is structured around the whiz bang marketing that they already have and the bottom line is that everybody with whom I spoke was working with in the bottom line which was transporting boxes of machinery to destinations and earning their wages as dictated by the business that developed over years. Flying motorbikes just did not fit that picture!

After a few years of this with no success as to finding Steve Mark I made a digital version of the tape that I had and posted on the net.
This created some additional interest and somebody else posted some earlier demos of the same type of devices with Steven Mark showing the process.
Now I really knew that this was the real thing and Steve was obviously the real inventor. but why was nobody else interested when it was clearly the best thing and the most recent thing on the net? Was I the only one who could see it?

The scam stories started again, as did the molester stories people who used to seem dedicated to research would cut and paste anything derogatory about him true or not but not spend any time examining the technology demonstrated. Did they all work for the oil companies? I was getting very cynical about peoples motives and wondered how the most brilliant guy was being defamed because he showed his technology to some people who really had no hope of selling it in their own name.
I felt like a traitor to the person I most respected for posting the first video on the net. Somebody that I hadn?t even met but felt for emotionally even though I was interested in the discovery myself. In all the postings on him there were only 3 or 4 who were really interested in the process of how did this work. The rest seemed happy to bag him and follow others who did not even know how to use a simple multimeter.
So you see that many people become their own enemies by using money and morality to gauge something that is surely neither but world changing.

Then I finally made contact with Steve, who recalled it very much like I had ,
Here are the first few emails. Please do not attack this man who has succeeded in what most us us only dream about.. If you only want to knock him all over again then that will surely not be appropriate for such a brilliant mind as his.

Thank you for your response. I aploagise for not answering sooner
I have been away for a few days working on our rail communications system.
 To me this is very important as I have spent the last five years of spare time wondering wether magnetic fields poses inertia. Deep down I knew that the operation of your device was valid and after watching one of your early videos it was obvious that this was certainly real.
From time to time I have shown this to "technical" people and asked what they thought and wether it was possible and I learned that perhaps i was crazy to believe in something that i should know better of.
My trade is in electronics !
What I really learned was that people cant help but be  so very closed minded about anything new . a good video which demonstrates this is "what the bleep do we really know" I hope you have seen it.
Any way, after type testing the sky bike I learned something else..something that I wasn't ready for and that is the way money clouds and fights discovery I really believe that what you have discovered is priceless. My admiration for you as a discoverer is unquestionable, but I also know that it could not have been money that motivated you to discover this.
I  think that your story is an important part of making this technology a part of peoples lives and I completely understand how the greedy money scammers cloud this, the most important validation of all.
Technically I have found no body who accepts the possibility that this works so in that regard I am alone with you....
If you google me you will see many posts on the quack sites saying here it is.. this going back 5 years
Let's talk more soon.. Thank you again
Lindsay Mannix

Dear Lindsay,
I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. Thank you for your letter.
I did not know that my letter was posted on his web site.  Usually my letters and reports about the technology are never posted anywhere.Or if they do get posted they disappear suddenly.
There has been a concerted effort to eliminate anything I may have to say and to discount the validity of the technology.This is done by attacking me rather then the demonstration as viewed in the video tapes.  That is because most of the demonstrations I gave were to engineers and scientists who confirmed the validity of the power generated by my technology. Lay people do not understand just how difficult if not impossible it would be to fake what is shown in the video tapes of the demonstrations.
The video tapes were made with permission to record the historical events as they unfolded. However, some very misguided people took them and used them for evil. Now that the video tapes are everywhere people have been trying to claim they are the inventor or know the inventor etc. Be assured that I have no associates except the those involved with the corporation owning the technology and with Paul Stemm who has been involved with the project longer then anyone else.
It is interesting that when we started to demonstrate the technology no one believed that something so small could generate so much useable power. So they hired engineers and other technical people to confirm that indeed the units did output the energy as viewed in the demonstration. Since no one could discount the demonstrations of power, over time they started to discount the validity of the technology by defaming me.
At first we did not understand this. Why would people who did not see the demonstration or have never met with me, go out of their way to create lies and post them on web sites devoted to furthering alternative energy sources? After a while it became quit clear that the billion dollar oil interests have provided most of the effort to distort any potentially serious alternative to the use of fossil fuels.They even have the world governments in their pockets.
The technology is now owned by a corporation not in the United States, and so that gives me a slight leverage in discussing my situation with you.
I see that you are in Australia.
I have had several dealings with people in Australia. Some of them good and some of them bad.
There was one fellow who was claiming to be the inventor and selling 50 percent shares in his company to everyone he could find. The problem has been that everyone with a copy of the famous demonstration tapes is claming to have something to do with the technology and is usually trying to exploit it in some way.
This only helps to create additional bad publicity for the technology and certainly works for the benefit of the oil industries.
I assure you that I invented the technology over 15 years ago and that I have never personally sought money for the technology. The technology is not magic and is in fact uses simple electronic concepts to achieve the demonstrated results. Therein lays the rub...
I hope to hear from you again.
Thank you for your time.

So my budding researchers I ask you all again. Can any body find fraud or deception in this device?

Has any body any thing real to say against this man?

Does any body want to apologize to him?

This is the place to do it Feel free!

Offline Tink

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2006, 02:02:14 AM »
Hello Mr. Mannix,

About a year ago I saw one of the 4 movies and I thought THERE you have it!
And then came all the bad stories about him a scamartist.
I still (after one year) believe that Steven Mark has something great to give us, and I still hope that one day we will find the drawings of his device somewhere on the net.
I wish Steven Mark well.

Greetings, Tink.

Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2006, 05:15:16 PM »
I agree with Tink.
Steven Marks has accomplished something very real.
It would be very hard to fake.
If there would be any hidden batteries involved he at least would have
created a very efficient inverter to upconvert any possible battery voltage
to the used outputvoltage to power the incandescant lamps.
Have again a look at the pics and the videos:

Is it possible to do this with just a few small hidden batteries ?
I don?t believe that.

I hope Steven Marks comes soon out of it hidden place and shows the world
how to do it...

Regards, Stefan.
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Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2006, 04:28:17 AM »
Many thanksfor the insight. Have to study this. thanks again.
Regards, Stefan.

Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2006, 05:43:48 AM »
Have a look at these circuits:

Steven probably meant the phase difference between 5 Volts AC heating transformer
and main transformer.
So if you run the heating transformer out of phase or in a phase offset to the
main transformer,he might see some strange induction voltage or some kindof spike or something like this...
This is not yet clear to me.
If somebody has a good interpretition, please post it. Thanks.
Regards, Stefan.
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Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2006, 06:34:51 AM »
P.S:Who is this guy  Paul Stemm and what has he got to do with it ?

Does the hardware still exist like the small coil ring that could light up a 60 or 100 Watts
bulb ?

Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #6 on: February 02, 2006, 07:09:58 AM »
What has Reed N Huish got for material of this stuff ?
What is the? GigaBytes data composed of ? Just movies ?
Reed Huish wrote:

Have 5.80 GB of data.

Agreements, documents, movies, notes, etc.? But mostly movies.

Cool stuff. But as you can see from the current video, if the date is
correct, then all of these videos are over 7 years old.? So what has
happened in the last decade?

Reed, ZPower


-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Hartmann []
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 8:37 AM
Cc: 'Sterling D. Allan'; 'doug_ZPE'; 'Alexander Frolov'; 'Mark Tomion'; 'Dr.
Steven Greer'; 'Rob_ZPE'
Subject: Re: Police Report on Steven Mark
Importance: High

Hi Reed , thanks for the info.
Well, the real question is, was it ever proved that it was a fake ?
What did all the guys find out, when they cut pieces out of the middle sized
unit ?
Were there any special batteries hidden ?

Otherwise, if they could not find any, how does this device power 875 Watts
for such a long time with this small size ?

Do you have any answer to this ?

Dave Squires and his group is working on simular projects with magnetic
cores, etc and they also have some effects, which still needs to be scaled

So maybe Marks was silenced with Money or was bought out by the millitary
black projects....who knows...

Maybe you could upload some more data to this FTP site, if I give you the
password ?
Especially the notes and technical documents would be very interesting to

Regards, Stefan.

Huish replied:


It not proven to be REAL or not proven to be FAKE.

Unfortunately, all the documents and videos I have are sealed due to past
confidentiality agreements signed.



-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Hartmann []
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 9:12 AM

Subject: Marks documents...

Come on Reed,
you tease us over here, that you have 5.8 GB of data about it , and now you
tell us, that they are sealed ???

Well, maybe you can tell us then? at least, who these investors were, so we
can contact them and hear their story and what the raid and destroying of
one unit was all about ?

How long do these NDA agreements lasts that you signed ?
more than 7 years ?

Does Marks still live in Anaheim ?
Why not driving by and just give him a visit.
Maybe someone from my 2100 users list is living near him and just can ring
at his doorbell ?

Can you give us names of the investors who have seen it live ?
I want to contact them.
Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Huish responded:


I don't know any investors that have seen it live.

Remember, this was over 5 years ago....

Sorry, names of the investors is confidential.

And I KEEP MY AGREEMENTS, so sorry for the tease, but I cannot give out any
further detailed information.

Reed, ZPower


It makes me wonder, why Mr. Huish does not make available these documents after
all those years. NDAs have probably long since then ended, but Reed Huish just sits
on his 5.8 GB of data about it.....
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Offline Tink

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #7 on: February 02, 2006, 06:31:23 PM »
Dear Mr. Mannix,

If Steven Mark didn't want any money why all the investors?
If I wouldn't have any money for a FE invention I would give it to the world and fast.
I must say something is wrong with this picture.

Greetings, Tink.

Offline hartiberlin

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #8 on: February 02, 2006, 07:12:46 PM »
Hi Lindsay, I did not want to annoy or insult anybody over here.
I just wanted to let everyone know, that also some other people like
Mr.Huish fell for this disinformation crap.

So it was probably started by this guy Brian Collins, who just was in there for the
money and as always money and politics destroy good faith into a technology,
the story continued to get too big for all the persons involved.

I hope that we will soon see some more explanation from you and Steven Marks.

Regards, Stefan.

Online lancaIV

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #9 on: February 03, 2006, 03:34:16 AM »
To understand your view Mr.Lindsay Mannix,there has to be explained some concrete facts.
When I visit the Keelynet-pages I have to read that this device is first introduced to public
1979 !
We have now 2006 !
There are several peoples named,also Paul Stemm as "interests-attorney",whom today ?

We can read about the Moulina-Martinez device,with same names-group-influence !

            de Lanca

Offline Mannix

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #10 on: February 03, 2006, 09:46:25 AM »
Dont we just love talking about irrelevant stuff

I am not interested in changing your belief system but I ask what do you base it on?

Meanwhile here is Steven's Latest in depth revelation for you I'm sure he just loves going over this you...not!

It is you who believes the bullshit. And you find it easier to belive bullshit than the fact that Steven has sreally done it.

Just dont say any thing if you have no know like the stuff in the video and what he has revealed so far.

What you read somewhere is no fact it is just something you read somewhere now go and watch the videos and go to bed!

Keep up 

Dear Lindsay,
I hope this letter finds you well. I have read the postings on the site. I am again saddened by the things some people say.
I tell you categorically, I have never met any of these people who claim to have met with me or seen a demonstration. Raymond Dale is someone I have actually tried to contact many times in the past to ask why he maintains disinformation. He never answered anyone who has inquired as far as I know.
I even sent him the facts concerning the disinformation he posted on his site.
Some of the lies posted about me are that I was born in Pennsylvania on such and such a date and I now live in Anaheim at some address on Humming Bird Lane etc.
The fact is that according to Pennsylvania state records, no one named Steven Marks or any possible derivation of that name, was ever born on or around that date. Obviously that information was just made up.
Also, the address was also made up by someone. According to the US postal service and the Anaheim police department there is no such address in existence in the city of Anaheim.
After proving these two main statements false I went on to prove virtually everything was made up as a lie, Dale did nothing. He didn't remove the lies or even post my response. I find that very suspect.   All these years I have been supposedly conning people out of their money and yet I haven't been arrested? In fact why is it that there is not one single police report with my name on it? Surely you would agree that if these people were really conned out of any money at all,  they would have run screaming to the authorities, right? However, if you check with public records you will find that there has never been one single complaint concerning me in any way. Even people who invested money with the enterprising Brian Collins admit that they never once met with me, or that if they did meet with me in fact I never once asked them for money. My job was to demonstrate the technology to technical people who were to report about the validity of the device. Not one single scientist or engineer ever left a demonstration claiming the demonstration was a fake. I think the eminent Dr. Schinzinger's report is conclusive and definitive that I did not fake the demonstration. He would be an absolute authority on the subject of electrical generation and he was interested enough in the technology to suggest that he be permitted to work on it with me.
I believe people like to say sensational things. They like the feeling of making up things they know nothing about and convincing others they have some importance.
I have never asked anyone for money. I never met any of the people who have recently written to the web site. And why for God's sake would I drive up to a demonstration in a Rolls Royce if I was a con man trying to milk money out of people? That is just foolish talk.
They are lying for some personal devious purpose. I assume that they are mentally ill, I do not know. Why is it that no one who claims to have met with me can agree on my name. Is it Steven Marks, Stephen Marks, Marx, Mark etc. I would think that if these people actually met with me and saw a demonstration they would remember my real name, especially if I ask them for millions of dollars. The reason they can't remember is because they were never there. Every single person who came to one of my demonstrations was checked out by a professional security organization to make sure of who they were and that they had a legitimate reason for being present. Records were kept concerning all of my demonstrations by the company owning the technology. They are still available if you are interested. All of the people posting things and claiming to have been present are simply lying. They were never there.
Now about the video tape showing the device being cut into pieces. That was a demonstration I did many years ago for two technical people. One of them was the famous Dr. Roland Schinzinger. He is the older gentleman with the gray beard you can see in the video. I cut the power unit into pieces with a jig saw myself to show once and for all that there were no batteries inside the thing and to let people know what was inside as a reference. At the end of the demonstration I gave pieces of the unit to everyone present.
However, more then anything, how can Mr. Reed or others explain to you and the readers how they know all about me or met with me at an address that doesn't even exist? These people need to check up on facts before they use  information they have seen posted on the net to propagate their own myths. In the end I believe it will only make them look foolish.

Have fun!

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
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Hi Steven and Lindsa
y, I agree, that we should now concentrate on the technical aspect of the invention and should leave all politics and bullshit disinformation behind us.

After looking at the electron tube circuits Steven mentioned, I have a slight idea, how this resonating and backlooping and amplification of the 'kicks' works. But I am really looking forward for Steven to release more info, so we could run a few experiments to see what is going on
in a 2 transformer setup, which are out of phase.
I did not yet understand, what kind of signals he did feed into them to see these  kicks ? Maybe he can let us know. Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
« Reply #12 on: February 03, 2006, 03:48:23 PM »
Too bad we can not ask anymore Prof. Schinzinger what his impression was about Steven?s technology, cause he died on 25th of Jan. 2004
as is written here :

Is this the Dr. Roland Schinzinger Steven Marks has mentioned ?
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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
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I watched the Marks videos many times and agree that the effect is real and that it could revolutionize our world. (at least for lighting! ;-) Anyway- to be in contact with SM is an incredible achievement- thanks for all your hard work in this.

SM seems quite down to earth and willing to help, but I have to ask why nothing has come of this wonderful discovery in all these years? I'm sure all of you agree with me that we are on the brink of global crises on the energy front.....and to have something like this buried because of greed (corporate or personal) is beyond my comprehension. Why oh why can't a construction diagram be uploaded? If it ever made it to the Net the powers that be would be helpless to stop it. What could they do- outlaw wire & magnets?

I do appreciate the tidbits of info (the many small kicks stuff) which reminds me of Tesla's resonance, or the operation of a laser. But obviously we will need more info to begin experimenting. What would happen if 100 of us had working units? Think the government could stop it then? How about 1,000? If it was on the Web there would be MILLIONS of replications within months. Mr. Marks- if you read this.....please we are begging you to release more info. My bet is the US or Israel will nuke Iran within 6 months and then the US will probably head into a recession or depression soon after. The time is now or never.

Geez.....if I could light an LED with this technology I'd be ecstatic! How bout you guys?

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Re: The Master Of Magnetics "Steven Mark"
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Steven told me, that he was approached and harrassed by US agencies and he was told to keep his invention secret and shut up about it, 'in the name of national security'. So he had a fear to publish anything. I wonder if he had to hand over any of his tech to the agencies and if it is used now already in black projects ?