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Title: La Fonte idea, using steel for equalibrium?
Post by: Blainiac on March 29, 2009, 05:53:00 AM
Hello forum,

I've been watching Butch La Fonte and everyone's designs for magnet motors that use plate separation by similar orientation flowing through them.  Although a lot of people have made some extremely creative ideas using the principle, I've been playing around with the original 'design' presented by Yucca.  Experimentation has shown that the magnets that separate the plates have a difficult time exiting the separated plates once the are spread, as opposed to when the plates are 'compressed' when the magnet is entering...  I was wondering if anyone had the tools laying around or free time to test this?

I was thinking that if you had the magnets that are moving past the original plate piston, but with steel throughout the entire run of the test set up just like the separated plates beside them, the flux would be equally likely to go through that steel as the plate steel, kind of like the magnet never really having to leave or enter the steel plate piston area, as its flux would always be going through the same amount of steel...

The only drawback I can see of this is Lenz Law would be increasing because of more surface area perpendicular to the magnets, this could equal it out?