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Title: PM Motors v. EM Motors
Post by: rossmarshall on January 30, 2006, 12:35:23 PM
PM Motors:  Law 1 says, Ya can't make a magnet work itself; 2. Law says ya can't get more Energy out than what you put in.
Well, from what I have seen, Purely Mechanical PM Motors need three things "inputs" to work: 1.) PM Magnets and Magnetic Flux, 2.) Weight - rotor, etc, whether magnet or non-magnet, 3.) Gravity.  And all this set at the right degree angle.   Perfectly flat horizontal motors disallow any gravity use on the weights, but only allow for momentum;  Vertical motors seem to work as long as the ball or weight is AIMED GOING DOWN, but cannot climb up the other side. the magnets counter each other, no matter what we do.   the only way I see us creating a PM Motor is If we take a magnet PM Rail cannon and angle it at the same angle of the ''drop point -to orginal starting point'', then we could get the ball to return and start over: using a circluar RAIL array of magnets, rotor-weight, etc, the rotor weight would then continually rotate arround the array of magnets. Shielding the magnetic flux and / or Halbaching the field  is very necessary for a smooth rpm.  I have not seen one of these working yet by anyone else.
As to PM & Electrical input Motors, using coils:  As for all those who say they can get more energy out of an array of magnets and electro-mags such as mounted on a FAN blade, I don't think so. The more PM's to attach to the blade, the more PULL on the coils, thus the more LOAD on the FAN motor...  doubt you can get more out of what you put in.   That's why we should stick to PM motors.   There is a way to  make MAGNETS "work". ... just figure that perfect "gravity" percentage added to the device, plus MuShieling" or "MuMetal and the angle of the motor, and we have it". 
Let me know what you folks think.  PS. I'll have my working PM motor soon.  It's real simple, and why no one for 200 years has figured it out is beyond me.   Maybe everyone is trying to make it too complicated?
Title: Re: PM Motors v. EM Motors
Post by: hartiberlin on January 30, 2006, 06:24:18 PM
Maybe you can draw up a sketch of your idea and post it over here ? Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.