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Ok guys I am just thinking aloud.

Some of you like me have been around the block several times so you can  identify the pictures for yourself.
The pictures all point to the same phenomena.

 hope we can join the dots in the correct order.

I start by:



Your idea needs to be worked on.

It took me a long time to find this picture.

great find AhuraMazda, thank you.  I've been very much interested in Lester Hendershot's work.  

Do you know why his coils have pegs in them?  I do  :)   

Regardless of what you might have heard,  it's a technique to increase the Q of the coil,  less capacitance between adjacent windings, that can rob the performance of the coil at high frequency.   But what do I know....

great picture,


3 coils , one on top of the other, not interleaved


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