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One of the most basic concepts which proves or disproves the existence of electrical energy in the ether all around us is that of an energy receiver similar to Tesla's ideas on the subject.  It can take various forms, but common ones are wires and flat panels.

Similar to solar panels, the flat variety are supposed to work at all times of the day or night because the electrical energy or cosmic power is always around everywhere all the time.

Does anyone have any data that shows conclusively how much energy per square inch has been able to be captured in real world experiments?

I can give two answer to the question !

If you want to know the theoretical/experimental energy receiver max-potential I recommend
the study of all Joseph C.Yater patents(special attention: US4004210,page7,line 8-10;
US562311,page8,line60-67/page11,line 47-54/page15,line 3-6

then the visit of the webpage and their technical summery
(reference:Stanford experiment =Yater work approvement !).

If you want to know about "ambient energy capture potential" I recommend to think about this
test/experiment:Eastgermany,Dr.Helmut Reichelt et al.
 room,20 sqm floor area,60sqm of the room walls and tect are covered with a therm-ionic/-ovoltaic cell:
Conversion effect:ambient/room temperature decrease from 27 degree C to 23 degree C,
and transversion of this energy as 60X80Wh(=per sqm) ergo 4800Watth !?

The NL SPACE-BOX with 18-22 sqm floor area is equipped with a 1300 Watth heater,
only an idea to compare this values,winter- natural outside/wished ambient inside-temperature amplitude !

? ? ? ? ? ? de Lanca

Thank you for the response.

However, this is part of the problem that plagues the whole New Energy Movement.  While I don't doubt that you may very well know the answers, the thing we non-scientists need is simple, straight, bottom-line answers to our questions.  In fact, I'm sorry but I didn't really understand half of what you wrote.

Those of us in business will never be able to promote anything if we don't have clear, hard facts.  We do not have time nor interest in redoing the research that others surely have already done.  We really don't want to be research scientists.  I personally believe that if an inventor has discovered something of value, he should have the facts and figures to show for it.

In the case of the Tesla-type receiver panel, the idea has been around for aproximately one hundred years.  That begs the question of why we don't use it.  The answer to that question becomes apparent when we have the answers to my original questions.

It is sort of like asking how long a gas-saving device has been in use in the inventor's own car, and how much he spends on gas and how many miles he's driven.  The figures speak for themselves.

Like Friday used to say, "Just the facts, maam".

Thanks again.

Tesla- sphere,ambient,ground,wire,flat panel:
GB198467,Electric Power Accumulator,Gilbert Adam Bartholomew,1923

or Don Adsitt ambient power? modules

But do not expect KWH en masse !

? ? ? ? ? ? de Lanca? ?


These devices either are not listed on the Internet as being used currently, or they put out too little power, as you pointed out.

We need something that actually powers a house now.  I doubt that there is any such thing in the category of electricity receivers.  What I think is that we need to use something like BingoFuel to power an engine to drive a generator to power the house.  That is available now, so maybe that is what we all should be using.  It's a thought.


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