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Author Topic: Stanley Meyer Explained  (Read 381363 times)

Offline h20power

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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #885 on: November 14, 2022, 04:46:30 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I've been trying to see what I can get the old 8xa circuit to do as far as high voltage but it's tough as the circuit truly wasn't designed for it. For some reason it loses the ability to control the pulsing at only around 45 volts input from the variac. With the Voltage Intensifier Circuit things are different as it's a resonance circuit and getting high voltage isn't all that hard to do if things were built correctly. With this old 8xa circuit I think I'd have to change the SCR switch and make a much larger bifilar choke coil. Unless you truly know what you are doing none of you should follow my lead on this as this high voltage is dangerous and must be respected at all times coming from a microwave oven transformer. Here's the video: [size=78%][/size]

Once I have the wire tensioners I'll be able to wind up the VIC transformer and use the 10 resonant cavity WFC. I'll more than likely make several different designs to test out too see which one works the best and is most cost effective.

From my research the plate WFC would need around 1650-1900 volts to reach the threshold for ionization and the 10 resonant cavity WFC is going to take around 8.5-9.5kv to reach the threshold for ionization. The plate cell puts a high load on the transformer due to the plate spacing being so close. The resonance WFC is much the same as Meyer's so not that much of a load will be placed on the VIC transformer. The highest voltages I took the plate WFC up to thus far is around 500 volts but it loses the ability to pulse it correctly at around 335 volts.

Anyway, once I have those wire tensioners I'll be able to get back working on the resonant WFC. This will more than likely be one of the very best built transformers ever done by someone as I am using a coil winding machine. It's sure going to be nice to see just what these newest line of transformers can do once they are built.

Take care all,
Edward Mitchell
True Green Solutions