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Author Topic: Stanley Meyer Explained  (Read 445599 times)


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #930 on: October 29, 2023, 08:29:58 PM »
As I understand it from past readings of original Meyer documents, the pulsing transformer had the 2 L coils both wound on transformer secondary side, along with the secondary winding. The L coils were composed of RESISTIVE insulated magnet wire, - not copper, for high resistance. This was a low wattage ferrite transformer as the end result was not related to electrolysis. Molecular Polarity alignment with small current pulse, then high voltage pressure separating the water molecules, to very fine ionic charged bubbles that rise upward. The pulsing on + off of circuit allowed the ions to raise upward quickly and escape, since the concentric tubes SS cells were also of short distance height , and in multiples of electrodes.  I believed that the water capacitor total as C, reacted with the inductance , so as the input power supply had the same frequency as water cell. A  separate circuit board is necessary for automatic matching of the changing Frequency as the distilled water varies in quantity. The engine would have adjustable valve EGR applied so as the speed of combustion was slowed down using the entered contaminants such as Nitrogen from the exhaust air. The burst mode pulsing DC circuit is similar to the toy guns used in that laser tag game.

Hello russwr,

This technology is something that is new to the world of science, but unlike some have said in the past that science can't explain this technology, and as such I went ahead and made use of the scientific method to get at the actual science behind the technology. Now I have a very complete understanding just how this technology actually works and have shared a lot of what I figured out with my use of the scientific method. This theory I came up with is of upmost importance as it's a whole new era of scientific discovery just waiting to happen.

"All molecules can be separated into their component atoms by taking away the electrons from the atoms that make up the molecules."

This seemingly unimportant mix of words is far more important than anyone on this forum has given it as most simply aren't willing to do what it takes to get to a point of being able to be able to actually work with this technology as it's expensive to do so due to the high cost of the measuring equipment and other machines needed to build this technology correctly, like a CNC coil winding machine and other machines needed so that one can design and build this technology without the even higher cost of having a machine shop make it for them.

Meyer simply mimicked the earth's Global Electric Circuit, but me saying that isn't enough as most simply do not understand how the earth's Global Electric Circuit actually works as what's taught about thunderstorms is generally incorrect in our teaching intuitions. You see each and every way that we know of to get the electrons away from their atoms will work at breaking the bonds of the water molecules. Meyer mimicked the earth's Global Electric Circuit as it uses high voltage potentials to ionize the atoms getting them to eject their electrons by making water capacitors that he would charge with the transformer to voltages that exceeded the threshold for ionization for the hydrogen and oxygen atoms causing them to eject their electrons which in turn creates hydrogen & oxygen gases and the creation of an electric charge. Now unlike the Global Electric Circuit where the water capacitor is horizontal, you know a cloud in the sky, Meyer's water capacitor is vertical which allows the gases created to rise out of the voltage zones and be used as a fuel for vehicles. But with the invent of the injectors Meyer changed the game a bit as now the rate of water breakdown was sped up to the point where water could be broken down in real time to power a internal combustion engine, but Meyer had some design flaws he didn't get to figure out before his untimely death. But since I made use of the scientific method I was able to also figure out just where Meyer messed up and design around the problem. Though in order for me to build those injectors I will need to purchase yet another CNC machine that allows me to be able to design and build them properly soo that I can test them out for as of now my designs on the injectors only exist in drawings.

The use of the resistance wire is to add resistance to the system giving the charge side a clear difference from the discharge side of the circuit making it so the voltage intensifier circuit charged the capacitors quickly but discharged them slowly. Now in resonance the resistance of the coils goes up very high in the form of inductive reactance measured in ohms and to make this difference even more for the charge side from the discharge side Meyer added in some resistance wire. Does that make sense to you? Anyway the use of resistance wire was slow down the rate in which the capacitors got discharged. Again nothing magical here as it's just science but you first must understand the how the system works so that you can see these things. That's why I spent years making use of the scientific method until I was able to get at this technology secrets as I had to understand it first before trying to recreate it. This copy methodology you see most people doing just doesn't work for a technology as complicated as this as one small error and nothing works and the builder/designer/experimenter has no idea what's wrong with it as to why what they built isn't working.

There are a lot of rules one must follow with this technology like the capacitance of the transformer coils must be greater than the water capacitor it is slated to charge or it simply will not work. This is why you now see me getting large and larger transformer cores as I now realize that the transformer must be as large as the one Meyer had powering his tubular WFC. The only way to shrink down the size of the transformers is to also shrink down the size of the water capacitors, IE, Meyer's injectors. Trust me there are a whole lot of other rules that must also be adhered too.

And you are correct in that in a car the EGR system must be reprogramed and/or redesigned so that the burn rate of the hydrogen can co equal the fossil fuel it is replacing. Bravo as not many have understood that part of Meyer's technology. But you shouldn't think of these gases as contaminants but only as gases that do not support the combustion process as it works by putting these gases physically in the way of they hydrogen and oxygen gases from coming together quickly, kinda like a traffic jam on a highway which keeps a car from going from point A to point B directly as all those other cars are in the way.

In time as I save up the funds to purchase the things I need this technology will have it's time in the sun.

Take care and know I am willing to help with the science behind the technology as I did after all post all of this information in this thread to be shared with everyone,

Edward Mitchell
True Green Solutions