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Author Topic: Stanley Meyer Explained  (Read 433655 times)


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #315 on: October 01, 2019, 10:12:25 PM »

I know this has been a ruff trip for you ...

Yes Ramset it sure has as between Russ Gries, Max Miller, and a whole lot of other people like Armcortex I think it's truly amazing I didn't throw in the towel a long time ago. As of right now OU is the only site like this I can post on as the rest banned for not going along with people whom clearly hadn't a clue how this technology actually works that were just making shit up as they went along. Some were in it for the donations putting on good shows to earn them donation dollars, others were in it for the prestige of being the one whom cracked how Meyer's technology worked, while others were just trying to get others to do their research for them. I was in it to do something about our current situations we all find ourselves in, like being enslaved by those whom sell energy, stopping the wars for oil, and climate change. I openly stated many times I am trying to put people in full control of their own energy needs with a technology that will help turn the tide on climate change. For this I was exiled, shunned, called a cheat, and so much more.

So many would outright steal the information I'd post and claim it to be there own like Daniel Donatelli of "Secure Supplies", and Dave Davies of "PowerGate technologies,"and "hyfusiondotcom" which would really make me upset as seeing people pawn my ideas as their own for profit really upset me. I drew this diagram and made the mistake of drawing the diodes backwards but before I could correct that mistake and actually put my name on the drawing Dave Davies stole it claiming to be the one that drew it: [size=78%][/size]
Acts like these made me see things in a whole new light. One person I work with told me that I was kinda naive when it came to things like this and I would have to agree with him but I am a fast learner. Greedy people like Matt McMahon and others would try and trap me into working with them and some others for them with one sided deals and proposals that only benefited them greatly leaving me on the street corner just as poor as when I started.

I have really had a rough time with all of this even got a few death threats, but I persevered and found the strength to keep moving forwards. I give this credit all to our creator as it is he that helped me see how this technology actually works with dreams that took me awhile to understand and gave me the strength and drive to carry on.

What Onepower posted above is correct and I will go one further just so all of you know just how important this moment in time is. Right now we all stand at the beginning of a whole new era of scientific discovery as what I shared on this site will spawn many to create things I never thought of creating for it is as Meyer stated, "This technology is only limited to the mind of the inventor to find a use for it."
I posted my theory here, and a few other places, so that no one could once again steal my ideas and pawn them off as their own as now it is apart of public record. I should have posted this a few years ago but I was still ironing things out and getting over all the times people did me dirty, but we have bigger fish to fry as climate change is going to effect us all and we are running out of time to do something about it.

And with that I will say Shalom everyone,
Take care,
Edward Mitchell, aka, h2opower/h20power.


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #316 on: October 02, 2019, 12:48:51 AM »

I found it

"Announcing !  the H2G Water BUS tour of USA. An RV / Bus will leave Tampa for Washington DC to Demonstrate the H2G clean water fuel technology that will run this bus across America and back, WITHOUT STOPPING FOR FUEL. The tour is from Tampa to DC to Silicon Valley, Ca. and many stops in between. There we meet with Scientists, Technicians and Financial VIPs from around the globe to introduce our technology. H2 Global invented this unique process based on studies of lightning, and charged particles. It extracts water from the air, like a dehumidifier, and that water is converted in our 4" CUBEs to a clean near zero emission fuel which improves by 5-10 x the mpg.  It runs on 99% water.  It replaces toxic fossil fuels. An engine test run is posted on our site  or which shows  an engine running on 99% water.  There is also a downloadable document on the website which describes in more detail this historic event.  We will be doing media interviews across America as we go. We will be riding Congresspersons on the bus at a demo in DC,  Some celebrities have asked to ride.  You can actually participate and may ride in the bus.  Email  h2ge@...  to find out how, You can help spread the word just by sharing this.  This will be a ride into history and mark the turning point from toxic fossil fuels to a clean energy future.  H2G has a solution for climate change."


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #317 on: October 02, 2019, 03:06:59 AM »
more info and a thank you to member iRon and Gotoluc for sharing this at another open source venue
snip,How does the H2G clean fuel process work?  Most of it is proprietary, as some patents are still in progress globally.  The essentials that can be discussed include a process which was discovered after a long study of lightning, and how it worked. Lightning releases one of the most powerful bursts of energy in micro seconds. From a series of experiments, a new theory was developed.   It was refined and translated into a practical method of restructuring water so it could be used as a fuel replacement in internal combustion engines. In practice, fresh or seawater is fed into a 4 inch cube. Two of these cubes working together convert water into a burnable fuel, in real time, on demand. One box has electronics and one is a wet-box, the mix takes place in it. Inside the box the water is reformed and changes to the covalence bond angles and magnetic influences are affected. The result is a new bonded particle. Very explosive. This process is proprietary. The mix is a percentage, usually 5% gasoline and 95% water.  Recently we ran a test engine on 1.1% percent gasoline and nearly 99% water.  A video of that test is available in the download section on our web page,  ( or ) 

This H2G process is based on new discoveries, not prior art.  It has absolutely nothing to do with electrolysis, which has been around for more than century.  In terms of efficiency, there is no comparison.  H2G clean fuel processes can run entire engines using as little input energy as 160 milliamps @ 24 volts DC.  Electrolysis could never extract enough energy from water to run an engine even with a hundred times more input power. In fact, most electrolysis systems just boost mpg on a gas fueled engines. But, electrolysis would never be effective as a primary fuel source at these low input power levels.  While our inventor spoke of electrolysis & hydrogen in early interviews and videos, later that process was left on a back burner while new  processes were being tested. Some, who view our videos and don’t pay attention to the timeline get confused and mistakenly think we are still extracting hydrogen and oxygen from water and then using it as a fuel to be moved into a combustion chamber.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  Our process is quite different. Our process captures and extracts all the sources of energy in water, and may extract some that are not yet fully established empirically.  Hydrogen and oxygen are not the primary components in our process.  Lightning and plasma are. 


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #318 on: October 02, 2019, 05:54:56 AM »
Looks promising but what is needed is what Dr. Billings taught me and that is a exhaust gas sample to make sure it is actually putting out clean gases. Burning hydrogen in engines will actually pollute more than engines run on gasoline as they produce something like 53% more NOx gases than the burning of fossil fuels. This is due to the high flame speed and temps at which hydrogen burns at. Dr. Billings came up with a solution to that problem in that cold water mist is to be injected into the intake system and by doing so the car he entered into the college competition actually cleaned the air as with all of their equipment the gases coming out of the tailpipe was cleaner than the air the engine was drawing into it.

Needless to say I learned a lot from Dr. Billings that added to what I learned from Meyer's lectures and my own research on this technology. I like this technology you posted Ramset but it must totally do away with the use of fossil fuels as that stuff needs to be left in the ground. But it is a good step in the right direction depending on what is shown to come out of the tailpipe as it could be our next step in kicking the fossil fuel habit.

With the electric cars they have left a big hole as most of the worlds population simply can't afford to buy them and the car manufacturers really don't seem to be in any rush to make things for the everyday man as once again they are profit driven. Thus we need a technology that can convert cars to run on this technology at very affordable prices. This way the technology can move quickly to make a difference as it's going to take a lot of time to convert all of the worlds fossil fuel engines and jets and the clock is ticking as we have roughly eight years to get things turned around. This is why I stress the need for this technology to get into mass production as quickly as possible. Install technicians need to be trained, mechanics need to be trained on how to work on the technology, factories built to make the technology, and supply chains to support the technology so that it can be built at speed. It's a lot of work but it has to be done or else we face the music of climate change with our hands tide around our balls.

Thanks for posting this Chet 8) .
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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #319 on: October 02, 2019, 09:53:40 AM »
Electric car conversion : costs 2000 Euros
the new OPERATIONAL APPROVAL ( STREET LEGALITY) costs : in Germany up to 15000 Euros for each individual

2000 + 15000 = up to 17000 Euros ( for this case ; car electric engine  and battery can actually costs 10000 +)

100% natural crude oil derivate internal combustion engine car to 90% hydrogen-on-demand + 10% natural crude
oil derivate combustion engine OPERATIONAL APPROVAL ( STREET LEGALITY) costs per car for the individual. ?

There is not a political wish, sponsored by several interests, for change. !
By the consumer ? SUV with 100 KW( in Nm) and more theoretical engine torque max. ! For 3-5 Km drives ?

Engineering is not such complicated that there has not been in R&D  " for a better world" - no solution- :especially cheaper than "common organized " market price

My world vision,           your world vision.          is not the world vision by some other V. I.P.s !

Earth + population : V. I. P.  ?                P.  in this case : Planeta "water as fuel" concurrence/ competitors for the better way

           GLOBAL FREE ENERGY ALLIANCE as U. N. - N. G. O.  ?

          Who controles the QUANTUM OF FREE ENERGY  generation/extraction ?



Chet :

German Balladen
" Warum hast Du Mich gebor'n. ? " Lebensborn/Todesborn"

Lyrics melodic :

Each them his " dernier cry":

"Adieu, motherearth ! " ( "normally" dedicated- in memoriam- to his wife/Ehefrau Anna)
And " Hello, warfatherearth ! "

                                  WIR SIND ALLEIN, ALLEIN

                                  WIR SIND ALL EIN, ALL EIN

                                  WIR SIND EIN ALL, EIN ALL

( und manche haben nen grossen Knall  ::) only private " big b- eng- el view)

MotherEarth + Sun and ME, YOU, THEM :

                              Engel-land Analphabeten lection one :
                                I   HATE     YOU
                                I   HATHE  YOU 

                                I   HASSE.  YOU
                                 I. HAZE.     YOU
~                              I HATZE/HETZE. YOU   ~ I DELETE

                                 I LOVE YOU       
                                I GLOVE YOU
                                I LIEBE YOU
    ~                         I GELOBE YOU.                ~    I BEWARE
about spoken and unspoken things and matters     

Written and spoken and written but unspoken : K,G,T,H +  k,g,t,h
Farbenblindheit, Tontaubheit :
Man eye/ear organ system defficiency : mono-/di( or bi) tone : v or b. , l or r  ?

Kindergarden or ( K)Indergarden ?
Key or ( K) EY
I know or I, ( k)now

And Chet, recitating You and your " classification" about me " to be zealous" :
let me ( try to) translate your expression with "Ziel-los/Unstet"~ without objects  : I am conscious and "equipped with Vordenklichkeit und Nachdenklichkeit" and observe  and preserve ( me and other)  !
"World Vision" as object is included  !  :)
You have as estatal citizen your future vision/ program called CONSTITUTION ( ~ CONSTRUCTION)  =each one his/her " small ( partial) World vision" :  are you and the CONSTITUTION DEMAND  in harmony. ?
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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #320 on: October 03, 2019, 11:48:06 PM »
Ed, Here is the Vid By Dr.Michael Clarage which Luc shared some time back.a remarkable observation !
and still looking for the looped "Papp" water turbine Vid--

with passion [Zeal]


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #321 on: October 04, 2019, 01:55:49 PM »
Chet : thanks for nearer explanation and alternatively : motivated or ambitious  !

To all "water as fuel "- developper :

Having the device ready, functional and demonstration ready,with/-out patent award,with/-out UAL/TUEVcertification:
implementing this/these device/-s to engine :

Allowance, legality. ? A.  to co-generation plant  B. to ic engine cars/ moto- bikes et cetera

You can re/ invent such a device - cheaply - :

how high will become the total costs in each specified estate for "ready to legal use" including installation costs

and later official approvement by UAL/TUEV/DEKRA/SBG....... for  legal " operational approval  certification "  ?

Illegal implementation and device use :  insurance cover. by accidents. ? It is a : crime delict. !

How radical works hydrogen( temperature/friction/pressure) in not special coated engines : device and engine lifetime warranty.  by seller. ?

Company classification : you have to be professional ( academic or superior technical school) engineer or having an professional engineer as company legal representive. ! For 100% responsibility. !

~ professional car tuner/tuning    Dipl. -Ing.  Wolfgang Krause eco( logic/- nomic)  tuning

and experience ( google translate does not function )alternative :

BING also not  :P

hoping not represented by " professional sound engineer"  ::) if not car sub-woofer related

In german : STRASSENVERKEHRSZULASSUNG(-SORDNUNG) translate this expression now in your common language and let become explaned which " extra costs" for each several car model you will probably have to pay. !
As translatory( not rotatory and not linear ;) ) example :

Delict determination : a.  fahrlaessige  b. vorsaetzliche Gefaehrdung des Strassenverkehrs ( mit Personengefaehrdung)
 As seller,company risc :  a. fahrlaessige b. vorsaetzliche (Vor-)Taeuschung falscher Tatsachen = BETRUG
Do at first your homework for later street work

Not entering with " water as fuel " but " hydrogen":     ANY FUEL  :)
Also to find :  a conversion device with manufacturing costs about 150 $ each : selling price avail for 1500 $
                                                                                                                                                     why not 300 $  ::) 


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #322 on: October 04, 2019, 02:52:28 PM »
 yes being prepared ,and also understanding what makes this possible ,[ for the world to understand [the MO] teach !!
Here member Jimboot shared some links
      Moray on water fuel.


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #323 on: October 04, 2019, 03:41:49 PM » delivered

compared with

dis-/ad-vantage(s) ?

             1975/1978  hybrid engine drive consume. possibility. ?

             hybrid drive with Kompanek transducer equipped engine consume. ?
             With Fischer-Tropsch process ( syn-)  fuel ? 1925 first development

            Synfuel process?  Liter/ KWh price. ?

             "  1-1,5 Liter low-CO2 synfuel per 100 Kilometer. hybrid engine drive " 1978 TECHNICAL STANDART

            1972 Olympic Games, Munich : PLO - Attentat
            1973 Oilcrisis : Suez-channel closed            1974 Military "cloves"- revolution in Portugal
            1975 our family came from Portugal, father President from ELF Portugal to Germany

            Speyer/Spira , Rhenania-Palatina(Palast/Pfalz)/BRD or FRG. ( Father GF from ELF-Aquitane rafinery)

          Learning by teacher Dr.  Anneliese Joerger singing and " dancing" in Crise/im Kreise :

          Hewenu shalom/salaam alechem/aleikum, hewenu salaam/shalom aleikum/alechem ........
         SALAAM ALEIKUM  Der,mein,Friede sei mit Dir  My "Passion/PAZ/PACEM" be with You

         ALEIKUM SALAAM.   d' eo ipse

         How is a foreign language to read and to write : from left to right side or from right to left side  ?

        Portugals south : Algarve( the geographical : West)  ( del Andaluz)

       Transcontinental : North-Afrika ( k or c) : Algarve Ultramare

        MAGHREB,written ,spoken ? : ? Function ?  K, T, G, H and k,t,g,h and b or v

       MAURE' (TANIA TINGITIS by the romans). Mouros/Mauren


       the estate in south from Maroc ( excluding Ex-Spanish-Sahara/Sahaur) : Mauretania
        The roman/ latin  language : since when to read,write,speak from left to right ( or right to left !?)

        Brain research : left / right side brain activity , left/ right side hand-er
        ( for some forbidden to give the wrong side hand !)

        What is political left position ( normally defined as progressive)  and what is a political right side position        ( normally defind as conservative)  ?  From Parliament-President viewpoint. !

       Is a global politics change progressive/ re-gressive or conservative/ re- servative ,  or now both./ ambo ?

        With a good economical administration in the G7 /20 estates since 1975 this kind of politics would be " stoneage threat "

Wer richtet der werde gerichtet  8)

All the  political parties failed, included the " green movement". !

1974/1975 Planet Earth population :
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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #324 on: October 04, 2019, 04:17:29 PM »
still looking for the "Papp" water turbine Vid--

It's not actually a water turbine but I think the effects are related. The Papp tech used noble gases and plasma spark which I think is related to a lightning effect.

Here is a rotary version of the Papp engine

Here is a link to all the videos which are well worth watching



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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #325 on: October 04, 2019, 07:28:19 PM »
This Papp engine sounds very interesting but here is the problem as it goes towards industry today. Each car manufacture will have a lot of stranded assets and for some that means they will go under. We are actually seeing right now some of them start to go under just trying to switch things over to making EV's as their profit margins didn't account for this rate of change. Being in the automotive industry for over 30 years I know a thing or two about what is actually needed for these big players to get on our side. They need a technology that doesn't cause them to have a lot of stranded assets, require them to retrain all of their workers from scratch, and dealing with insurance companies on safety issues for safety testing is a must. What is the long term effects of being in the magnetic fields of a Papp engine? Will it interfere with pace makers? There are a lot of things one must do in putting something to market and working with the existing industry is a must. Sure we can do away with the oil companies with hydrogen being made on demand which doesn't require all that much retraining of a company's workforce. Nor does it require them to have a lot of stranded assets as what they build will still work but just with a different source of fuel.

Learning from Dr. Billings this "Water for fuel" technology is what industry needs right now because each engine converted tail pipe emissions will be cleaner than the air the engine drawn into it. This goes with the idea of starting to clean up the mess we all have contributed to as we go about living our lives in the current way things are done. Water is only borrowed as it is not destroyed as the model is following the same things we find in nature, IE, a thunderstorm. When you saw Meyer holding that injector in the Palm of his hand think of it as having the power of a thunderstorm in the palm of your hand as that is exactly what is taking place. The technology works with industry as automotive companies will only require to switch the fuels they use not toss out assets they have dumped billions of dollars in over the course of their businesses life. We have only to pick our friends wisely as fossil fuel use must go as that risk they took is costing lives and robbing our children's futures. Now that EV's are forcing the automotive industries to part ways with big oil now the time is right to introduce this technology that big oil has put down so many times before as they have been weakened. With the understanding of "Climate Change" no one wants to use their products anymore and it is our job to give them an alternative fuel to use to power their cars, planes, trains, ships, homes, and so much more.

What most of you fail to realize is this technology doesn't have any friends as it is a one solution fits all type of technology. Just imagine if this technology had been allowed to come out back in 1968 we'ed have no solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, or wind power stations. Chances are high Lithium batteries would have never been developed and this global warming thing would have never happened. In fact the entire grid power system more than likely would have been done away with as this technology would leapfrog that old technology just as the cell phones leapfrogged the old phone-lines type technology. Our lives would be totally different today as the Iraq war would have never happened as the events of 9/11 more than likely would have never happened. There would have been no wars for oil, no massive oil spills killing our water ways and oceans. The Fukushima nuclear disaster would have never happened as there would have been no need to use that outdated and dangerous technology.
This future was denied to each and everyone of us by the IMF & World Bank because their primary product that they sold back then was oil. Heck, most of you would have grown up in a world never knowing what gasoline, diesel, or any other fossil fuel even was as that was over 50 years ago which most of you are not.

This water for fuel technology is a "One Solution Fits All" type of technology because it mimics what we see nature has been doing before the concept of time was even invented.  There is no greater technology than this to be used to power our world in which water is the key to all life and thus already powers this world as life wouldn't exist without water. All of these other technologies are just pipe dreams that don't follow natures power model. And for situations where we need to work in very cold or isolated environments offshoots of this technology can be used that keep the power going that don't even have any moving parts. This world where all is right can be ours if we collectively choose to back this technology and stop our crab in the bucket mentality. Thus if a business is promising to bring out this technology all of you should move to support that business and aid it's efforts to bring this technology to our existing industries so that our children's children will never know what fossil fuels really are.

Right now I have such a business that needs the support of the people so that I can show our big industries there is a better way. Sure that would be business suicide but if it gets me what I want in that my children's children will never know what it is to make use of fossil fuels to power their cars or homes I am all for it. This way we could all start living lives that no longer have to pay for energy anymore. We must get these other industries that can help make this all possible on our side by showing them there is a better way. Like I said this technology has no friends as it puts down any other forms of energy production because it is a one solution fits all type of technology. You want to cook with it you can do that. You want to wield with it you can do that. You think of it and this technology will allow you to do it in a manor that doesn't harm our delicate atmosphere, but it can't do it if you don't all stop fighting this technology and willing choose to get behind it with your support.

I know you all didn't come here to get a lecture but I feel a lecture is what you all need as all of this fighting has to come to an end or our children will have a future that is so bleak it really won't be worth living. I hope this lecture of mines hits home as time is running out for us to do something about climate change and I need your support.


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #326 on: October 04, 2019, 07:57:18 PM »
h20power :
Do not search for " No! "- sayer ,offer the solution at first for partial interests,  which can and wish afford the change :
Car-owner with " no entry ! "- allowance to inner City by strict emission rules et cetera :

Oldtimer, RV,  semi- new cars :

20.000 €/$ for a small new car or 2500€/$ for well calculated conversion kit +/- ? installation and approvement certification
City car share groups : converted low/now emission drive

Dad/ Mom buy him/ her a new car and the 17 years old " kid" get the " old" family converted car

Busses/Trucks/Taxis(yellow cabs) to cleaner h20

17 years old " kid":
Son daughter
nephew niece
grandchild granddaughter
cousin base
neighbour,pupil et et et cet .....
 8) Greta ::)


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #327 on: October 04, 2019, 09:29:06 PM »
IancaIV I have been at this since before the concept of "Open Source" even started. At first it sounded really good and like many others I jumped on board. But it didn't take me long to see that it did produce results and all of those results were mostly bad. So, I left Opensource as I got tired of always having to defend the science that I was uncovering. This video was the last time I really shared how this technology works and to the best of my knowledge not a soul has bothered to follow my lead. Note this was the very first time anyone has ever seen true high voltages being applied to a water fuel capacitor. But I wasn't able to reach a high enough voltage to get that cell working as that cell required a voltage of around 12 kv to get it to work correctly:

After this I basically gave up on opensource as the response I got for giving this technology away was priceless. In 2012 is when I had by big break in understanding this technology and I shared with the whole world what information I had found in 2013. Which I again chose to share again here on this forum: [size=78%][/size]

I was met with the same hostility as I was in the past as if nothing had truly changed in over six years. You will find that what I talked about back then hasn't changed but only has gotten more refined in my being able to talk about the process more clearly. In these forums I always run into Naysayers so much so that I basically gave up on opensource and moved on. Working with a few close friends I gained an even better understanding of this technology. But as my understanding grew those that remained in opensource understanding got totally clouded to the point when they now hear me talk it's like I am coming out of left field. It's like someone dumped a bunch of garbage data on these forums so that no one figures out how this technology actually works. The way I see it if people aren't willing to trust the science I share with them then they are of no use to me and I will go one further in saying the world has no use for them.

In this video Dr. Billings goes over the story of him entering into a contest at a college for clean energy.

Now I haven't shared with Dr. Billings how this technology works but he has figured out a few things that aid to this technology working even better and note he entered that contest back in 1965.

Dr. Dingle, whom I spoke with before he died, seems to be the first to accomplish this back in 1968 but was stopped by the IMF & World Bank in 1969 as you will hear them talk about in this video:

Only time will tell which of my many plans I choose to implement but know that I have developed many plans in which to follow based on my observations of what others will do as I move forwards with this technology. My main goal is for this technology to replace the use of fossil fuels world wide and I already know I can't do it alone. If I get no support I will just go it the long way around as I am doing right now as in the end I know I will get there, but will it be in time to make a difference given we only have around eight years to do something or face the music of climate change unprepared?

All I can do is hope I get the support of the people so that I can move at a faster pace.


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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
« Reply #328 on: October 04, 2019, 11:24:05 PM »
The energy industry with an " Whodini- Syndrom" : can they liberize themself  ?

h2Opower : unknown. ? Day-by-day negative/positive feedback. ? 

225 mpg hybrid  :  225 (land) miles =  362 Kilometer per 3,758 Liter = 1 gallon  ~ 96,3 Km/ lt. "water as fuel"

XR3- hybrid : + " water as fuel"

Is he as Designer " impotent" to disclose a normal 4-wheel drive street legal car. ?
I assume he is very potent also to develop a 4-wheel drive street legal car, but he uses  - for easier living- for himself and the DIY- builders the less restrictive lawfull orders by estate and industrial fixed normation for 3- wheelers   !

D. I. N.  = Deutsche Industrie Norm as industrial protection;
  US. I. N,  .....

I see here where I live some people driving Micro-cars. !
When the future politics will decrease the average velocity in inner cities and suburbs to 30 Km/h and 50 Km/h
the actual car powering by automobil industry with 300-400-500-.... hp engines is ABSURD. !

Simple low-weight  4-seats cars are with 6 KW nominal electric motors well equipped , with 50-75% input power saving electric magnet motors this mean average 3 down to 1,5 KW electric input for 50 Km drive !
Max.  5 KWh battery/capacitor energy storage and probably portable ic-hydrogen- genset as range extender ( vacation)

This are actually new 5000 Euros fob factory price cars. !
( comparison : the FORD company assumed  to produce the model KA for 5000 DM ~ 2500 Euros at the mass production beginning;  market   entry  9/11/1996)
Alternatively : etrikes,ebikes or trikes/ bikes with hydrogen engine or compressed air.

eSpecially with/ by Uber/Google driverless future car perspective. !

 "water as fuel" + Reinhardt turbine  ?

+ " water as fuel"

+ "water as fuel"

h2Opower :
Can you give them the best advice. ? Compressed air ( MDI,di Pietro),  e-drive or h2O  ?

p. s. : Dr.? Dingle. ? ( Dr. ?) Daniel Dingle  ,Philippino ?
           DOCTORAT : teaching licence ( faculta dependent)
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Re: Stanley Meyer Explained
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well it may be possible to make a Papp engine that runs on the Thunderstorm/plasma Zap .Actually if this technology works as advertised ,that should be doable and a goal ?
a closed system with no emissions would work around soo many issues with industry .
We have a friend who is a member here ,that has been saying this for years [water and Papp]
I just could not hear it ....
He dropped this off quite a few years back   and he helped us with some soap here [surfactant ]
I know he still reads here...will be calling tomorrow ,and yes the "guys" are cleaning the benches , and it will all happen here .
at the very least a proof of concept build/replication ,word on the street ,this has already been done by a member here .