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Title: Just want to say hi.
Post by: Orgon1 on January 21, 2006, 09:34:29 AM

my name is Orgon1 and i would like to introduce myself to the community. what i miss is a meet ?n greet section here where people "new members" can introduce themselfs but no problem, if i havent found it please admins could transfere this thread to the section where it belongs to. thanks! i am happy to be here, and i hope to find nice people, help and ideas here and maybe i can help somebody one or the other way.

i am mostly intrested in Free energy, and all related to it. the main interrest for me is the orgonenergy like my nick implies :D.
But i am open for everything. ok i must say about the use of water as energysorce i am a lil sceptical, because i see how the oil is handled and the next fuel would be water and this would be again against nature ( i mean watermonopols and stuff like that). but there are many ways to go, and i am open for all.

ok thats it for the moment and sorry for my english i know its not the best, and everybody feel free to ask what i mean when you can not understand me :D

i wish you all a nice day.....