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The Fuelless Engine! - Is it really working?

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In the following link  many satisfied customers posting a success. Has anybody proofed any of the fuelless plans here?


regards, Dani

Hi, I built the fuelless motor the one with the large rectangle air-core coils one on top of the other. i used 24 guage wire, each coil was 100ohms and i used 1"x1" neo magnets stacked on a shaft and had 8 stacks on each side of shaft so there was a huge magnetic field there. At first i used an inverter powering a multiplier doubler step up circuit that gave about 250V and when loaded down voltage dropped to about 230V. then i just hooked the doubler circuit direct to the 120 ac mains and voltage held better under load. i did use a prony brake and measured about 1ft.lb. although didnt measure rpm but id guess it was outputting around 100 watts mechanical. what was interesting was that i could connect a full wave bridge directly to coils and dump into a seperate cap and it didnt seem to slow or affect the motor as it normally does in most other motors.

Hi Dani,

I never built it, but I have the plans for the fuelless engine.  You can find them free on the net.  They are very difficult to follow, at least for me.  I can email to you if you'd like.  Just give me your email.


Hi Skywatcher123

It is working OU or not?


Hi folks, I couldnt say if it was overunity or not because i didnt make enough proper measurements however as far as COP>1.0 goes i think it may be with the right switching and recovery setup to recharge the main battery or a secondary battery bank. This design has a coil magnet geometry that is different from a typical motor in that the counter emf created by the passing magnet causes the usual counter emf to be a complimentary emf. So if that is the case then this motor design could well exceed COP>1.0


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