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Author Topic: First electrical power output from a Pyramid  (Read 522982 times)

Offline daityan

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1005 on: September 15, 2008, 07:41:21 AM »
hi nitinnun

have u made the guts of the pyramid? i started making mine out of cardboard on a steel frame, one feet high. let me know if you have started on the core of the pyramid. if yes then tel me which design ur using.

also is it essential for gypsum to be a part of the pyramid, if yes then i shud prolly give a coat of white lime on the cardboard.

Offline nitinnun

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1006 on: September 15, 2008, 08:04:24 PM »
gypsum is a compromise.
a compromise for a pyramid shaped pile of sand. which is what would work best.

i don't know of any easy way to get a pyramid shaped pile of sand to have a cavity in the middle and side, without falling a part.
so i chose the gypsum sideboard method.

Offline Pirate88179

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1007 on: September 15, 2008, 10:01:39 PM »
You could build "double" walls with the gypsum board and then fill the cavity with sand.  I built a set of speakers this way once when in college and the dense sand allowed for a very full range of bass.  Filled, they weighed a ton but when moving time came, I just emptied the sand.

Just a thought.


Offline nitinnun

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1008 on: September 16, 2008, 05:00:53 AM »
i'm going to try this copper core.

i can do far better than this. but this should be in agreement with the "energy effects".

it is:

1 big copper loop.
1 smaller copper loop.

4 plastic bottle tops, to hold the copper loops apart.

1 CW coil (8 turns), wrapped around the big loop.
1 CCW coil (21 turns), wrapped around the big loop.
(both coils ONLY electrically touch graphite/small-loop)

1 graphite stick, bound by copper wire, to the small loop.
(graphite does NOT electrically touch big loop. only touches small loop)

1 wire, connecting the CW coil, to the graphite rod.

1  glass pan ($7), to hold the sand and saltwater.
(glass is made of sand. and sand is immune to saltwater corrosion)
(sand/saltwater, will touch loops and graphite)

the big copper loop, will be connected to the steel frame, by a wire.

the CCW coil, will be connected to the capacitor/multimeter/fan.

Offline daityan

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1009 on: September 16, 2008, 11:25:56 AM »
ohh k! luks neat dude! for starters this sounds great! any results, let me also start on the core. Let me know if you had any luck ?

Offline Drannom

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1010 on: September 16, 2008, 11:46:30 AM »
Hi Nitinnun

it's look very nice, your graphite rods look like my ferromagnetic rod that i pick from old radio receiver, i hope that your are sure that yours are real graphite

anyway i still repeat that somehow this pyramid will reasonate, cause i can't imagine direct current through coils, in fact i do not understand the reason why you are doing your coils with an exact number of loop, the most important is that you are understanding it yourself, i have not studying enough your theory to fully understand it, but i am happy that your work is going pretty well

Hello Pirate, good to see you in a good mood

all i understand about CW and CCW is that is in relation with the atoms in the molecule of sand , water, steel or copper, and all i can see is that might be a consequence of the Super Light hitting molecules from all around them

what i mean is your negative and positive are not AC current, what i mean is that your positive and negative are DC current and might be pulse with a high frequency, and this frequency is in relation with the nature of sand water steel or copper, so i think you'll get a vibrating pyramid

keep going with all my wishes

Offline nitinnun

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1011 on: September 16, 2008, 09:48:43 PM »
last night, i had new insights into the coils, the core, and possibly the magnet.
but i'm still exploring what i realized. and don't have much to show yet.

but i can say this.

the CW coil has fewer turns, than the CCW coil.
i think that this would:

* force the CW to stay in the steel frame.

* allow the CCW to pass from the steel frame, into the copper core.
but NOT allow the CCW to escape from the core, back into the frame.

* the coils are electrically connected. allowing polarization to exist.
even though the coils, are doing the polarizing.

* this polarization, allows the CW to build up in the steel frame, and the CCW to build up in the copper core.
yet does not allow CW and CCW to touch, shorting each other out.

i'm working on a colored diagram, to demonstrate them.

Offline nitinnun

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1012 on: September 16, 2008, 10:04:08 PM »
drannom. think of it this way.

water generates an EXCESS, of clockwise spin.
sand generated an EXCESS, of counter-clockwise spin.

if you threw sand and water into a pure void,  than the sand and water would still generate these excesses.

because these  excesses, are generated from the molecules themselves!
water and sand, are technically free energy devices!

electrons spin counter-clockwise.
protons spin clockwise.
(i "think" that each proton generates more CW, than electrons generate CCW. but that is besides the point.)

hydrogen atoms generate excess CW spin.
oxygen atoms generate excess CCW spin.

water molecules generate excess CW spin.
(2 hydrogen atoms generate more CW, than one oxygen generates CCW!)

sand molecules generate excess CCW spin.
(2 oxygen molecules generate more CCW, than whatever a silicon atom generates!)

when you combine the EXCESS CW of water, with the EXCESS CCW of sand, you get electricity.

it is the same thing as creating a lightning bold.
which nature does hundreds of times every day.

Offline daityan

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1013 on: September 18, 2008, 01:57:38 PM »
guys esp nitinnum need to check this out! looks like smone did sme good research into pyramid power

Offline froarty

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1014 on: December 13, 2008, 01:08:24 PM »
Casimir effect in Limestone Calcium
11/15/08 | by froarty  | Categories: b2evolution Tips
I have a technical theory that supports many of the legenday claims regarding movement of large limestone blocks and carvings. I believe the calcium found in limestone blocks as metal powder forms Casimir cavities similar to the recent breakthrough utilizing Rayney Nickel to produce “hydrinos”…. I know hydrinos are controversial but in addition to Dr Mills at BLP, the Cal-Tech website contains a description and patent from May 8th 2008 by Doctors Haisch and Moddel which support my proposal AND Rowan University did verify overunity combustion of the BLP Rayney Nickel reactor on October 24th of this year where the amount of heat produced repeatedly a hundred times higher than the energy content of hydrogen supplied. The Casimir effect described below has 2 natural incarnations. Casimir open “cavities” can appear in skeletal catalysts where microscopic pore sizes can form metal plates of the correct proportion and spacing below 2nm. they are being employed to chemically rectify energy from virtual particles using a covalent bond. I am writing you however regarding the 2nd case….. I believe "closed" Casimir cavities formed of such common earth metals as calcium can create Casimir cavities in limestone blocks. I believe they may be responsible for numerous legends of levitation and some peculiar properties of limestone pyramids.

I propose that in Limestone and coral blocks gas molecules become trapped in microscopic Calcium cavities. These calcium cavites have portions that meet the criteria to form Casimir plates. the atoms when agitated by heat or sound into resonance can disassociate and rebond repeatedly much like H2 can be heated to become HH. The atoms spread out in the Casimir cavity because they see the restriction of larger virtual particles caused by the Casimir effect as more room on the time axis which allows them to diffuse and rotate into a normally impossible orientation. If they form a molecule while "twisted" the molecule will be stable and remain in this orientation even upon exiting the portion of the cavity meeting Casimir proportions. Dr Mills of Black Light Power has coined the term "hydrinos" for "twisted" hydrogen molecules but any trapped gas forming a molecular bond while in the Casimir field can become a "twisted" molecules- at this point the twisted molecules are surrounded by stessed virtual particles trying to push the atoms back into normal orientation but unable to overcome the covalent bond. The molecule formed while the larger virtual particles responsible for gravity were restricted from the cavity is perpindicular to the time streaming thru our time frame. most electrons are normally driven into the past down behind the nucleus on the time axis only somewhat modified for mutual repulsion and it's attraction to the proton in the upstream nucli which sets up the familiar oscillation we perceive as shells and electron clouds. When this molecule formed it's electrons were not being pushed behind the nuclei. All nuclei are part of the 2d mesh forming our time frame, the electrons are now leveraging one nuclei against the other to defy the gravitons (virtual particles below 1.7 thz) when this molecule is agitated and leaves the Casimir field the virtual particles return to find that the twisted molecules' electron clouds are now sticking out into the time stream instead of being oriented into the "past" below their nuclei the electrons extend out into the time stream like oval wings resisting what we perceive as vertical displacement but not resisting horizontal displacement. One legend was that a limestone block could be moved "1 bow shot" or 200 feet. The legend goes that the block was first lifted and wedged up with papyrus, then struck with something that continued to ring as the wedges were yanked away and the block was quickly moved horizontally while it slowly sank back to the ground. As outrageous as this sounds Casimir force acting on plain old gas molecules make this at least possible.

The shape of the pyramid also suggests purpose, As we sink upside down into the sea of time our time frame is impaling itself on the virtual particles beneath us. the virtual particles approaches our nuclei mesh frame like an air mass approaches the front of an aircraft -smaller VP go thru the nuclei mesh whuch we perceive as time >1.7thz and larger VP we perceive as gravity go around the nuclei to form a complex wake pattern interposing itself between the electron and the proton they at their nuclei. the electrons would simply be pinned straight back and form a halo if not for their mutual repulsion that sets up an electron cloud oscillation between the the stream and the electrons. In the case of casimir cavities the gravitons are further displaced around the entire cavity. The limestone block essentially allows fewer gravitons to pass in favor of more time particles. the quantum effect on the pyramid could be interesting but only if the tests are performed from inside a totally sealed pyramid. the normally straight line path of the time stream would be thinned and widened as it permeates through more and more of these limestone casimir cavities. the time particles would become concentrated on the centerline and the gravitons on the pyramid faces.

Offline Raincy

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1015 on: July 23, 2009, 04:41:30 AM »
                 Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this video.

California Criminal Defense Attorney

Offline the_big_m_in_ok

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid---but an earlier patent
« Reply #1016 on: July 23, 2009, 05:58:53 AM »

This is an antenna based receiving system having a straight wire and a pyramid shaped addition, as well as add-on vacuum tube electronics.  In the patent drawing, "s" is called a radiogoniometer that has a search coil with which to increase the efficiency of the system, allowing a smaller antenna system to receive a wider range of frequencies.

With experimentation, possibly the pyramid radiogoniometer can be made much larger and used as a free energy system extracting electricity from the atmosphere?  This might be combined with the subject of this thread?

This particular patent reference may go into a new thread to archive ideas along the same lines as antenna-based power receiving systems.  I might also include air coil tuners with these.  I'm performing research now on the subject.


Offline Sorcerer

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1017 on: October 02, 2009, 07:21:31 PM »
i'm still working on the pyramid.
i'm just trying to discover a missing piece in my knowledge, which is evading me.

2 days ago, i realized that there must be something critical that i need to do, but have not been doing.
something involving the the clockwise coil, and the counter-clockwise coil.

i think that one of the two coils "collects" CW so that it can be used,
and the other coil "collects" CCW, so that it can be used.

as for the illuminati.
those dark clowns cannot touch me.

they cannot even successfully daydream about touching me. let alone do it.

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so that i may spread technology, without being found dead in a laundromat parking lot one day.

even if the dark clowns could find me, than i am 6 times more untouchable to them, than Al Capone.
minus an income tax evasion conviction.

if they even tried to lift a finger against me, than my invincible horde of protectors would hand them an ice cream cone containing 24 flavors of -blocked.

other than that, i believe 124% that i am fully protected from harm.

and that makes it impossible for them to so much as sneeze at me.
hoping that their dark clown germs might somehow give me a cold.

even the dark-clown common-cold, coming from their snotty dark clown noses, cannot touch me!

Fear not the energy transition know as "death". Your body might be gone, however, physics tells us that energy never dies, it simply changes form.

And if your inner energy is strong enough, it will (re)incarnate as I have experienced.

I have been through this process/transition many times myself, so i know it to be true, thus i have no fear of what people call "death". When I pass over **again**, I KNOW i will be back, again.

Do not give illuminati any vibration(s) of fear. That is what "they" want, as it feeds and strengthens "them"/their dark side.

Please remember: "We", meaning all of us, have nothing to fear as we pass from this side, this dimension, to the next.   

Offline onthecuttingedge2005

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1018 on: October 02, 2009, 07:38:29 PM »
the pyramid is nothing more than a concaved quadrapole bowtie antenna.

the antenna laws would state that about 3cm from the appex is the fringe microwave to UHF region. UHF is 3cm to 30cm region. depending how broad your base is depends on the lower frequencies that can be picked up.

anything smaller than 3cm region is microwaves, unless you actually see the tip of your pyramid glowing visible light on its own I really don't think there is much here.

Offline gauschor

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Re: First electrical power output from a Pyramid
« Reply #1019 on: January 12, 2010, 03:38:20 PM »
Hmm just my 2 cents, although nothing new I guess: I agree with one of the posts saying that graphit+copper+saltwater fluid is a galvanic cell. That is a fact and I don't know why Thomas Trawöger didn't mention it.
Although I did not a replication I made a short experiment and put copper pipe, filtersand, a small shot of plain water & a zincplate together (not a graphit rod though) and measured ~ 0.7 Volt out of the box. No saltwater and no vinegar. The moisture remains quite long within the sand and after 2 weeks there is still about 0.6 Volts in it. I used no pyramid at all, but at least I can see that the voltage remains quite long. Trawöger claims that he tested it for about 30 days and he still has the same amount of energy therefore it is free energy. As far as I can see this is but the wrong conclusion. From my point of view my own thrown-together experiment also lasts at least 1 month.

What happens though is that the metals start to corrode. He obviously ignored that and also did not shown us his graphit rod and his copper pipe from the inside (he could have taken a bigger pipe for that purpose).

Mabe he didn't post again, because he found out the truth after all...