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Author Topic: hydrino has temporal shells not sub zero state  (Read 2731 times)

Offline froarty

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hydrino has temporal shells not sub zero state
« on: March 02, 2009, 06:22:47 PM »
A frequent criticism of extracting energy from Casimir cavities using gas atoms is that the energy required to push the gas into the Casimir cavity will at least equal the energy released by the photon. This argument is only an issue for those who believe the hydrino actually achieves a sub-zero state orbital and is non-relativistic. I contend that the reactionary forces are translated 90 degrees to the temporal axis where this method FORCES normally chaotic virtual particles to organize boundary conditions with gas molecules that formed while inside the Casimir cavity. The subzero like radius of the orbital was non radiative because it didn't really get smaller -the boundary condition holding the electron away from the nucleus got wider on the time axis and the electron orbital simply remained stationary relative to the boundary now distributed differently to reflect the change in quadric volume inside these exclusion fields. the electron remains at -13.6 eV ground state momentum. If the atom exits the field without forming a molecule it will simply untwist back to normal. Dr Mills, Dr Moddel and Dr Haisch all failed to realize you need a covalent bond to occur between these gas atoms while inside the exclusion field or you gain nothing. The energy gain is only for bonds formed while the atoms are submerged as far as possible on the time axis. The gain is provided by virtual particles forming organized boundaries with the newly formed molecule's orbitals which are locked into their temporal orientation by the covalent bond. these orientations are preserved by the covalent bond but while exiting the cavity experience increasing opposition from virtual particles that normally keep orbitals swept back into a path of least resistance to the time stream as it curves between the Casimir cavity and normal space or even between normal space and an event horizon. The new molecules orbital orientations find themselves interleaved into the time stream instead of being swept to the shore line like normal matter. At some point the covalent bond will be broken by the increasing boundary potentials and these "temporal shells" will all collapse in a release of signature black light plasma. Since this is already so speculative let me compare this to a related story about an event horizon....
Johnny learns his father's space cruise ship is being sucked into a black hole- unlike most disasters this will be a lifetime tragedy due to relativity -although mere moments for his father it will be hundreds of years before the spaceship is actually crushed by the gravitational forces seeping through the inertial dampers. Johnny however is calm because his new invention multiplies a spaceship drives power and dampers far beyond previous levels and he knows that time is now his friend! After years of preparation Johnny and a rescue ship dive into the event horizon toward the doomed ship - As the doomed ship grows larger Johnny initiates the device that will lock their shields together so they can drag the crippled ship out of the gravity well. The rescue ship is able to lock onto the crippled ship on the first attempt and they quickly combine their navigation and engines into a single dual ship mode. they start pulling away from the black holes gravitational grasp and are already approaching the point where the 2 ships first merged marking their actual starting point on their return. Johnny knows time is traveling faster outside the event horizon and wants to get his father home while there is still family left that will recognize him. As the dual ship climbs the gravity well it is pushed by temporal forces forming boundary conditions with the dual ships merged fields. Both ships have molecular structures twisted on the time axis by the curved space inside the well which would simply untwist if each ship returned individually but the two fields forming the dual ship bond are now locked one against the other unable to twist back to normal even as the dual ship continues to climb the well returning to flat space. The resistance seems to increase in steps and Johnny hopes both ships will still have escape velocity when the binding field breaks and both ships break free. With a flash Johnny's ship suddenly emerges from the black hole and they are immediately contacted by the rescued ship already waiting for them. His father's face appears on the com to tell Johnny only weeks have elapsed since Johnny dove into the black hole and to chide him about taking so long :_) Apparently dad and crew have been waiting 3 days for them to reappear. Johnny then realized the implications of his father’s communication. He assumed that the rescue attempt would return all travelers to a point at least twenty years after the rescue missions entry into the black hole but somehow they were all returned only weeks later. The temporal resistance that eventually tore apart the binding field of the dual ship had combined with the ships vector so that the dual ship did not follow the curved gravitational well of the black hole back to normal flat space. The dual ship had experienced true temporal navigation, the fields acted as temporal rudders their molecular orbitals unable to twist freely with the changing curvature of the well the orbitals became interleaved in the time stream forming boundary conditions with vacuum fluctuations which can lift or submerge a ship from its time frame. the orientations once frozen by the binding field retained an orientation, a resistive rudder angle, that favored that temporal coordinate which combined with ships drive to form a composite temporal spatial vector submerging the dual ship into the plane of the gravity well on the shortest return path to flat space. Johnny wondered what would have happened if the field had not broken - if the two ships had escaped the event horizon with their binding field intact ..would they appear like tiny spaceships still miles away or should I say hours away since they would still be displaced on the temporal axis not the normal spatial axis. Would they be torn apart by temporal force the moment they dropped their shields?
The Casimir effect mirrors this anomaly but unlike an event horizon where relative time appears slow the relative time inside a Casimir cavity appears very fast, hence my suspicion that catalysts are just an indicator of Casimir cavities or outcroppings of Casimir geometry. Two hydrogen atoms enter an exclusion field. If they form a covalent bond and try to diffuse back out of the cavity as a molecule they have a similar dilemma. Their orbital orientations are locked when the covalent bond forms so they are unable to twist parallel to the changes in curved space as the molecule exits the field. the molecule will either return still "twisted" on the temporal axis or the virtual particles will tear the covalent bond apart and release the signature black light plasma as it accelerates through the equivalent of sub zero state shells -actually temporal shells -perhaps 7 more shells to maintain symmetry and each a possible family suggesting a 149 combinations when mixed with normal space shells. On the other hand if the molecule escapes unbroken we actually have the more desirable outcome since it would make possible all the science fiction devices described in Johnny's story by providing the building block "oar" scientists have needed since the beginning of space exploration. Experimenting with larger more complex "twisted" molecules with less combustible atoms may lead to this holy grail. The research is only in its infancy and great care must be taken using rules based on concepts like Plank’s constant to only compare matter in the same time frame which an exclusion field or event horizon are not.

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Re: hydrino has temporal shells not sub zero state
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2009, 06:46:31 PM »

Experimenting with larger more complex "twisted" molecules with less combustible atoms may lead to this holy grail.

You'd do better to pierce the veil on the 'holy''s not so holy as one might suppose.  At least not as is currently wielded by TPTB.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.