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Author Topic: An overunity proposition...  (Read 4909 times)

Offline iacob alex

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An overunity proposition...
« on: January 02, 2006, 08:32:54 AM »
...that is a small group of words containing this subject,in an interogative-declarative manner,you will find on net(Google),in a couple of days,if you type this binomial.All the Bests!/Alex

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An overunity proposition...
« on: January 02, 2006, 08:32:54 AM »

Offline ring_theory

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Re: An overunity proposition...
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2006, 07:34:28 PM »
The real mechanism will not only be claiming to be free energy, it will be perpetual in nature, as well as infinite in it's form and function.
It is Unity by it's very form alone, over-unity, and anti-gravity all in one simple mechanism.

Mathematics will never find it. it's based on intigers unworkable in mathematics but is a simple mechanism. it will soon be patented under superconducting rotary toroidal transformer. As the inventor the initial problem i set out to solve was, How to put multiple magnetic flux fields through several induction coils cyclic indefinately. which was the problem with induction. 

Solving the problem required innovation in 3 fields of interest.

#1. DC motors and electro motive force. the innovation was the armature was completely redesigned which brought innovations in engineering of the armature solved through design. the innovation it's self is a multipole toroid armature. which is supported and driven by magnetic bearings also known to have a cooling effect.

#2. Flywheel energy and storage. most flywheel energy devices are robbed of potential by friction. the toroidal form is ideal for frictionless magnetic bearings which renders the flywheel form as 100% frictionless.

#3. Induction. The innovation is driving multiple magnetic flux fields through induction coils. Achieved by a multipole toroidal armature spinning at extreme rates through several induction coils.

the simple process is fully multifarious.

Mankind fails to even get into the game of thermodynamics falling short of the criticle transformation of energy.
Example: fuel to kinetic energy which the work is used to move your butt to work.
The ideal set of transformations is elec to kinetic to elec. Going full circle useing the work to transform it to elec energy to feed the first transformation. this is not free energy there is no such thing, however it is low cost, self renewing energy.  the toroid flywheel will require a minimum of energy to maintain at any conciderable rate regulating the input from the output elec.

This mechanism is stand alone not for use on the grid. However if you concider most devices such as your computer runs on less than 12v DC stepped down from AC which is only nessicary for transporting elec a distance.  You must also understand ANYTHING running on fuel can be run on elec AC/DC.

Not complete or perfect but in the process of building it. I've been trying to find proper componants for many years they simply don't exist "yet".
This is a low budget operation so i cannot afford to pay for retooling to get "as designed" componants.

<br><img src="!centipedalfieldringsm.jpg"><br>

Above image is of the fields that the ring consists of. the green film is magnetic reactive and shows the fields present. however their are extra flux fields that are imposed on as they enter the drive coils and will flux back out to excite the induction coils. 4 induction coils will be wound around the prototype and target rpm's are 50,000 that's in comparison to a faraday flashlight shaken 8,000,000 times a minute. This mechanism Is faraday's principles RUN AMUK. Two of faradays principles are used in this invention. Electro Motive Force and Electromagnetic induction. In fact had faraday continued his works. I believe he would have discovered this mechanism himself. The jumping ring was some of his works. Which i believe implicates the event horizon and all of it's by-products. 

<br><img src="!ringofmagnetswithspacerssm.jpg"><br>

Above image is of the magnets superglued to sliced o-ring sections to space the magnets appropreatly arranged in a ring. Note the fields of the actual magnets spaced as such create the extra flux fields apparent in the top image. Also note that the fields are closer at the inner radius of the ring of fields and farther from eachother at the outer radius of the ring of fields

<br><img src="!coreinfinitysm.jpg"><br>

Above image was me toying with infinity. I simply twisted the ring of magnets and it represented infinity. 

<br><img src="!pt6coreepoxysideupsm.jpg"><br>

The image above is the ring of magnets (toroid armature) nearly half encased in epoxy. epoxy side up. I still have to finish putting epoxy on this componant and form it closer to a toroidal form. A lathe would be a great help here but that's not in the budget. looks like a wood jig, a drill, and a dremel will be the method of getting an approximation of a toroid form with this prototype. perfection or acceptable tolerances are not critical for this prototype it is just to show that the mechanism will operate as designed for peer review.

<br><img src="!pt6r002sm.jpg"><br>

The above image is the Toroid armature with ring of magnets nearly half encased magnets side up. I had hoped that the epoxy would have been bubble free so it would be transparent. however it makes no difference.

<br><img src="!pt6spooldblslicesm.jpg"><br>

The above image is of a drawing i made of a part of the spool componant. it is double sliced and represented linear as all i have is a ruler and my curves freehand suck. The gear is just that it is a way of rotating the spool to wind the coils needed by design. it is around the toroid armature but not connected as the toroid armature is supported by the drive coil and will be caged in the center of the spool/toroid chamber.

<br><img src="!pt6spoolcoilplacementsm.jpg"><br>

The above drawing is of the spool in this prototype it represents 1/4 of the spool the ends represent the gears on the spool/chamber. It is also represented linear but in application will be a toroidal form around the toroid armature. the spool/chamber will be vacuume sealed in production models but for the prototype it is still an option i am exploring.  However the coil placement is simular to what it will actually be.

I'm in the process of making this prototype with very little capitol and i have to make small changes to the design due to the parts are just not manufactured as needed. I concider that a blessing as it indicates that NOTHING like it has been done before.

I'm allways ready to explain any aspect of this mechanism. If you don't understand anything or would like more details feel free to contact me.

Terry L Hewett Sr 8)

Offline iacob alex

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An overunity design...
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2006, 08:57:13 PM »
...if you take a look at #215    All the Bests!/Alex

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

An overunity design...
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2006, 08:57:13 PM »
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