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Tito L. Oracion:
Hi everyone 8)

Currently i am trying to amplify a small voltage into high voltage and its current from milliamps to amps now
Can somebody demonstrate amplify a 1.5 volts with its milliamps into high voltage and from milliamps to amps? ::)

Thank you. ;)

God bless

Check the jule thief tread mate! Welcome!

Tito L. Oracion:
Thank you

But i'm thinking something big 8)


Tito L. Oracion:
similar something like this.

Well, that plan looks exactly like a joule thief sorry you don't see that , i will try the your secondary connections a guess it should work, But then why ask the question if your not interested in the answer ? So far with a 1.5 battery we can make over 300 volts , maybe high voltage is more to you but , from a 1 inch core that's pretty good, plus you learn how your plan works for 0$. Well good luck ! If you change your mind you are welcome to the jule thief tread. Btw the core for that plan is it a saturation core or not.


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