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Author Topic: Just another Don Smith thread  (Read 41098 times)

Offline alan

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #345 on: February 14, 2023, 08:06:47 PM »
Good info! 

The devices of Figuera, Bearden (MEG) and Don Smith are very similar: 

This is according to my understanding: 
MEG is not a flux gating device! JLN is wrong. The magnet saturates the core, confines all curled A-vp inside the core, and the pulser coil is in the same direction as the flux of the PM, the coil creates a pulse on top of the PM flux to create the E=-dA/dt around the coil which is curl free. E=-dA/dt is done away with by the Lorenz gauge. I guess motional induction is used and transformer flux-linking induction is not occurring. 

The 2 outer coil of the Figuera device are in the same direction too, to create the curl-free A space (guess), and the imbalance in magnetic intensity creates a flux flow similar to the pulse in the meg, again motional induction is occurring. The 2 coils are harmonic, for instance  N(t) + S(t) = 1, N goes from 0 to 1 (Linear or as step pulses, dunno), S goes from 1 to 0. If N = 0,8, then S=0,2, constantly changing but the direction stays the same. 

Don, 2 partnered coils equal and opposite, primary creates a uniplar flux pulse inside both coils and they keep working against each other when the pulse goes off.

I see it like this analogy: Current is a rock, A-potential is the water, and B are the ripples in the water when a rock is thrown in. B = curl of the A smoke ring

Offline nix85

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #346 on: February 15, 2023, 01:41:18 AM »
It is and it did not come easy, it is a result of years of relentless digging and correlating.

I would disagree Figuera's device and "Bearden's" MEG use same principle, BTW MEG is if you read PJKelly's book actually The Motionless Generators of Kelichiro Asaoka and it is a flux gating device, i mean the inventor himself clearly says it.

Like i said, for Figuera i believe he used two poles in opposition sliding left and right.

You start with a premise that A field is confined inside the core, but it is only B field that is confined in the core, A field radiates outward parallel with the coil turns. If you open the already linked article, you will see the figure 6 how A field radiates outside the coil even when B field is totally enclosed in it.

You then talk of bucking coils creating a unipolar flux. Firstly when coils are bucking, A fields are bucking as well, it is this cancelation of lower and higher order fields that is the principle of creation. This is how gravity fields aka life are created on all scales.

As i write on the blog under SIX AXIS OF TIME

"God/Self first imagines an infinite set of vibrations of infinite frequency and amplitude, then God/Self cancels those vibrations with interference, by opposing them with same set of vibrations but 180° out of phase along the 6 axis of time, giving them structure and creating the infinite, rotating 3D forcefield, a mechanism that enables nothing to be."

It is this destructive interference, this clash of the exact opposites that literally creates time-space and all life in it.

Also keep in mind when coils are not totally overlapping, such 'bucking' will only partially cancel out the fields.

Coils, that is, secondary LC tanks may be tuned at same frequency, harmonics, or neither.

But Don did not always use bucking coils and Don's Chinese replication did not use bucking coils, they are not necessary to get overunity, i spoke already about it here.

forest you are referring to saltycitrus replication, it was actually a group of people in China who replicated Don. Salty said adjusting the phase was the key to their success, presumably he meant delayed lenz. He used both secondaries in same direction proving there is no need for CW CCW. There is more on it in PJ Kelly's book. Here is the vid.

So, you do not need bucking coils and you do not need to worry about the A field.

It all comes down to switching flux (B) effortlessly.

This can be done mechanically or solid state.

Offline nix85

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #347 on: February 15, 2023, 04:36:55 AM »