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Author Topic: HydroMeyers Vic  (Read 210446 times)

Offline kinesisfilms

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #330 on: March 01, 2009, 05:01:31 AM »

i smell your fear.....

please take on my challenge if you are so intelligent.

try and prove me wrong.




i think this is the 8th or 9th time i have asked this.....and consistantly you have ran away.




Online ramset

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #331 on: March 01, 2009, 05:14:06 AM »




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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #332 on: March 01, 2009, 07:45:37 AM »
I remember when I bought my fist scope, it was a Heathkit back in about 1976 roughly 30 years ago.

You mean first scope and not fist scope? Perhaps i've gotten behind and there's new fist scopes out?


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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #333 on: March 01, 2009, 07:50:28 AM »

Which version of Meyer's VIC are you referring to or are to just too stupid to realize that their were many?

referring to or are to just too stupid?

Wtf does this mean? Can it be that this is the new internet slang for pimping a sentence?

Offline kinesisfilms

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #334 on: March 01, 2009, 09:09:49 AM »

Really? What does the work is the energy that is measured in power and that is calculated by volts times amps.

i love how you take the literal meaning of "work" then why is it that if you take 40watts and put it into a cell you can get crap out of it......but then apply 40 watts and get 5 gallons of water converted into energy in 1 hour?.....what is doing the work here?...the stepup transformer and bifilar inductor are what make this WORK.....without it it will not WORK.



will you evade the question for an 11th time......

resonant charging choke.

what is it's inductance.

i am pretty sure i can't make myself any clearer then that.

honestly if we reach the 20th time i ask this and you still haven't answered......i will make sure this becomes history.

instead of always eluding me and correcting everyones grammar why don't you take all that wasted USELESS time and actually read enough of the tech brief to tell me the answer.




stop the acting.

you have already proved yourself a fake.

i would love to meet you in person.

you're probably the biggest loser.


Offline fritz

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #335 on: March 01, 2009, 09:42:20 AM »
what is doing the work here?...the stepup transformer and bifilar inductor are what make this WORK.....without it it will not WORK.

What makes a car "work" ?
The engine, the explosion ?
Can drive a car with a spring or battery - no explosion needed.

The stepup transformer and whatever you use is a vehicle to generate certain dielectrical stress in a water-capacitor.
This stress is best/most efficient  in a resonating situation - where only the energy losses of that oscillation have to be compensated to keep it resonating. The HHO is for free.

Maybe some people tell you that you need the miracle wire to do the miracle - or you need the miracle core for that miracle.
Even if the most ee people cannot calculate, build or explain the vic - this doesn´t mean that it operates outside traditional ee.
Only experience and "hands-on" can give you the knowledge to optimize such design.
Well, there are lots of electrical simulation programs - but I don´t know a single one which is capable to simulate such chokes.
BTW: Writing such program would be interesting thing.

In another exciting thread - they are switching a coil and a cap - and by miracle - they got higher voltage. wow.
maybe we should change the domain name of this site in "".

If the car refuses to move - put miracle tires on ;-)))))

Offline fritz

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #336 on: March 01, 2009, 10:35:37 AM »
Right now I do various measurements on my water-caps.
The simplest parameter is the internal resistance as a product of DC electrolysis and the envolved space/surface.
For my 10 cm size tube cell - this is about 20 Ohms, for the 30cm cell - its about 8 Ohms - and for a special cell 30cm long with 3 electrodes (double surface/space) its about 4 Ohms.
This resistance is what you got on the passivation cycles with DC.
If I apply DC pulses 10us / 1kV / rectangular - the cell seems to operate as a resistive load with exact the same resistance evaluated from not pulsed operation.
Comming back to the "miracle" question - I want to investigate further how that step charging is possible.
Is it caused by the pulsetrain itself (right now I only used single pulse) - or by the steep transients involved.
So I will do a test and record the current drawn during a pulsetrain.
Anyway - by some means I need this internal resistance to go up significant to achieve step charging.
A parallel LC circuit will have high impedance at resonance - transforming an applied pulse (if suitable) to increase the energy captured in the oscillation.

Another quite interesting test was to hook up the cell to an audio analyzer in kind of impedance-measurment fashion.
(measuring voltage vs. current phase) with small sinusodial AC signal form 20Hz - 20kHz.
The response was  as flat as can be - with no significant sign of a typical capacitive/inductive behaviour - using 22 Ohms and 100 Ohms current sensing resistor.
The interesting point was that I found a clear but very flat bell-shaped figure concerning the phase between current and voltage.
Around 12kHz, I have "0" phase - means pure resistive load.
Because of the flatness - I think that this might be an issue of the water itself.
Somebody to comment that ?


Offline fritz

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #337 on: March 01, 2009, 11:08:42 AM »
Another issue is the mechanical oscillation of the tubes.
If you look at the meyer setups - you have the outer tubes precisely mounted at the oscillation knots.
This is around 20% and 80% of the entire length. (slightly less than a quarter)
On the point of maximum field-strength (maximum voltage) there is the maximum force between inner tube
and outer tube - which causes a very tiny but relevant deformation of the tubes.
If you keep in mind that this influences the capacity of the cell - you have another charge-pump effect which
can be involved by certain degree.
If you decrease the capacity of a charged cap (in our case this is the relaxation after voltage peak) - the voltage
goes further up (because the charge stays the same).
This can have a kind of negative feedback property.
I don´t know so far what impact this issue has on the operation of the cell - maybe its just an intuitive design approach of no actual outcome - but in combination with some comments (outer tube should be of the seamless type) this could be the hint to some non-documented design issue.
We built our cells with similar mounting - optimized for maximum acoustic resonance - which is around 800Hz for the 30cm type.
Measurements of the oscillation in water shows that this is almost identical with the mechanical resonance if operated in water.
Any comments on that ?


Offline Outlawstc

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #338 on: March 01, 2009, 12:04:05 PM »
ok im tired of hearing dumb shit on this thread about who knows what and im smarter then you. all coming from the infamous buzz you are all depentards and so on the buzz trys to act like he knows what hes talking about but the truth is he has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) so bad he cant stop focusing on miss spelled words that buzz/farrahday (depending on the personality of the day) act like there on the same page because they kinda are.. in a mental disorder reality.. buzz needs feed back from other self to make his self think he is on the right page.. but all in all he is just someone that needs some  to level his chemical imbalance level out a lil bit.
 im not depentard like the buzz infers me as.. i have a very high iq according to the iq test i have taken... the buzz has shown no information of importance on this thread what so ever.. he has made a transformer claiming its a replication of vic 6-1 but has no similarity what so ever and looks like it was made to be a paper weight (worthless). yeah it may produce low amps on secondary side but the buzz is a retard and doesnt know anything about the basic idea of how electric he fuels on making the smart mad so they wil get frusterated and tell him.. he has sold a airplane in order to fund his experiments but has nothin to show for it but a non identical vic that has been made in a simple manner to rule it out that it will not work.. (common response for buzzes brain for interaction of daily life) just like he does any new idea that approaches him...
i have a feeling the buzz has had everything he ever wanted in his life and his momma has told him he is perfect.. maiking him a mommas boy and ignorant to new ideas at the same time because hes perfect and knows all.

but heres the facts people. buzz either knows and fuels off people that dont know by making them feel worthless or the buzz is evil in ways by instigating situation by claiming false data so we can get more into detail so he can understand.. but all in all he makes us true/ real experimenter look dumb to anyone who dares to interact with this tech. on this thread..
the people responding to buzz are from another research organization which the buzz cannot participate in..why? probly because no one there likes him. this organization communicates very well between one another.. no debates just open minds speaking freely (the quality  that the buzz doesnt have..)
if the buzz knew how this stuff works do you think he would spend every day on here debating about it?... the buzz is a lonely man that needs some tlc with his heart.. he mentions missy several times in his writings and how she feels she fond of hydro.. i dont know who she is but the buzz seems fond of her.,.

 the fact is i know how stan did it and it is simple and complicated  at the same time.....   simple in how it works but complicated in the description of how it works....

this quote holds the truth to how it works.. if you read it and dont see the truth read it again,,, if you still dont then question it from diffent views.. try to totally understand this quote. if you do then you will to hold the truth to the water fuel cell technology stan meyers has created.

you should be good at this buzz. your a genius right?

"In each and all "Space State" of changes,
the combustible gas atoms of water is/are "Electrically Stress" under "different" pressure levels to bring-on
the triggering point of thermally igniting the combustible gases of water beyond or away from "Stable State"
of Equilibrium. Voltage Tickling of State Space under "Resonant Electrical Stress" without amp influxing
while "Tuning-ln" to the dielectric properties of water is herein referred to in this WFC Tech-manual as
"Resonant Action."

the truth is here and i know it..
the buzz is a depressed failure that has not achieved anything but a non realistic vic  that he shows as if its a serious experimenter proving vic doesnt work.. his is  nothin but copper wire  that looks radically wound. forming a ignorant persons vic that a ignorant person can only conceive from a 2d perspective not having a creative mind nor open mind... the quote above really does hold the truth.. yet again i say it i know.. yes buzz i  know how it works... and no im not bullshiting. i know.. you can say i dont all you want but i do.. and i will share in a personal message for anyone but the buzz. i am a realistic genuis that can build things in my head in 3d perspective at a rather fast rate.. i may not type the best nor do i pay 100 percent attention to my typing... read the quote buzz. if your smart you would know the truth as well..


Offline Farrah Day

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #339 on: March 01, 2009, 12:53:17 PM »
Blimey, I've missed all the fun overnight!

Outlaw have you never heard of commas, full stops or capital letters?  Using punctuation would at least make your pathetic jabberings more decipherable.

im not depentard like the buzz infers me as.. i have a very high iq according to the iq test i have taken...

Just a bit disappointed that there isn't a smiley that falls down with tears of laughter running down it's face, because you deserve it for that one - perhaps the moderator can have one made up especially for you.

Curious; it wasn't by any chance Hydro that gave you an IQ test before allowing you to join IONIZATIONX was it?  I'm sure he must use some method of filtering out intellectuals from his website.

Why aren't you all over there at IONIZATIONX, where you can all be as stupid as you like for as long as you like, without making a nuisance of yourself on grown up forums? We really need to gather you all up over there and deploy pest exterminator.

Sorry Fritz, if your expecting an intelligent response you're in the wrong place. I suggest you start a new thread of your own, I'm certainly not going to bother discussing anything of value in this kiddies playground.

Buzz, I've now come to the conclusion that at best we're conversing with spotty teenagers that never had schooling, or little kids who have gained access to their playgroup PC. They surely can't be adults - over here we would have adults this bonkers sectioned!

Offline stevie1001

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #340 on: March 01, 2009, 01:15:30 PM »
« Last Edit: March 01, 2009, 05:38:11 PM by stevie1001 »

Offline Farrah Day

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #341 on: March 01, 2009, 02:13:10 PM »
Ok Stevie

I know it's not right and I must admit to having had a little fun around here lately at the expense of the illiterates, but this is only because it is not possible to have an intellegent discussion - and let's face it they are easy game! Furthermore, there hasn't been anything much good on the telly.

However, if we were all suddenly to become civil to each other, this would not do anything to prevent the absurd science and utter stupidity that plagues these threads.

It doesn't take a genius to realise that Hydrocars is incapable of producing anything to forward this research - on page one he was getting all upset because he claimed to have discovered ionisation but was not getting any credit for it!

I mean c'mon, when you've got someone stating that, electricity is an atom, called of all things the lithium atom, then you've got to expect at least some intelligent people to stand up and rebel.  Quite frankly it would be irresponsible not to highlight such absolute nonsense.

The problem on a whole is that this forum - like most others - simply tolerates too much of this complete and utter bullshit. These forums will only ever be of any real value if they are policed by someone with half a brain that will actively remove the obvious idiots.

Offline fritz

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #342 on: March 01, 2009, 02:47:48 PM »
As long as we dont change the domainname to "" - I want to clarify that intellect is pointless without the ability to communicate.
Reading the postings - I somehow have the deja´vu of drunken morons having and endless discussion which repeats every 360 seconds.
Otherwise it looks that some people enjoy what is happening here - thats why it never ends.
If you guys were real inventors and experimenters - you wouldn´t waste that amount of time for such nonsense.
At the end its all about vanity, repute and honour.

I would even admire a person with a negative IQ - if that "exposure" brings me one step ahead.

- copied my last posts to my original thread -

let´s see if there is some interesting comment.

Offline stevie1001

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #343 on: March 01, 2009, 04:08:08 PM »
« Last Edit: March 01, 2009, 05:36:35 PM by stevie1001 »

Offline infringer

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Re: HydroMeyers Vic
« Reply #344 on: March 01, 2009, 04:25:22 PM »
So it is possible that you are simply steeling from power lines?