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Title: What is bedini Motor
Post by: stergeol on January 30, 2009, 11:16:48 PM
Sorry for my stupid question but i don't understand what can i do with Bedini motor?
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Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: stergeol on January 30, 2009, 11:18:29 PM
Sorry for my stupid question but i don't understand what can i do with Bedini motor?
 ??? ??? ??? ???
Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: Paul-R on January 30, 2009, 11:34:27 PM
There is more than one. The basic "Bedini SG", or SSG can supply
shaft power. You may mean the window motor. Try:
Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: stergeol on January 31, 2009, 02:17:50 PM
Thkns Paul very cool site.
Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: TylerS on February 05, 2009, 11:19:58 AM
Will be usefull:
Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: turbo on February 05, 2009, 01:26:11 PM
Hello  :)

Here is a small video of my bedini motor.;dl=item224 (;dl=item224)

And here are the drawings from John Bedini and Ron Cole.;dl=item225 (;dl=item225)

Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: gauschor on January 08, 2010, 12:11:59 PM
I don't wanted to create a new thread, therefore I post in here: although I approximately know what the Bedini Motor is about I also miss clear statements on what is to expect. From what I understand a Bedini Motor tries to energize Batteries in a way no usual chargers can. Bedini/Bearden claim, that there are 2 types of energy flowing when having an electric circuit:

Type 1 is the usual electric current that powers our machines and we already know
Type 2 is the so claimed radiation energy which is available around every conductor once the circuit is closed. This second type is claimed to be much bigger than Type 1. Bedini attempts to catch this so called "Vacuum Energy" with a special construction, also used in the famous Schoolgirl (SG) Motor.

This is the information in a few words I gathered by informing myself and reading through a lots of websites and PDFs...

What are the results from Bedini Motor replications?

I've already read many examples of successful replications of Bedini Systems from PESWiki:
One half of the people claims that they gain an Overunity effect - but this Overunity effect turned out to be only a Phantom Effect and the Voltage rapidly dropped down as soon as a load was connected. The other half claims that they have no effect at all (maybe due to wrong construction?). Other people claim you cannot even recharge batteries with a battery that was charged using Bedini conditioning. So they are still be dependent on common battery chargers.

that's it? or else, then...

...what should be expected from a Bedini Motor?
Honestly I expect a clear straight answer and statements, but I have not found them yet! I only found spongy answers!
By that I also want to criticise the way an Alternative Eneergy is presented: all you find about Bedini are (really really) awful and confusing websites. No clear instructions, no clear construction plans - only some loose sketches or pictures saying "a 10 year old girl replicated...", etc. I don't want to dishonor the work of people who invented such technology and or replicate it successfully, but by all means of respect the presentation of this kind of technology is a mess! This - and I mean exactly This MESS turns off people from experimenting in this kind of field! This applies and dominates the whole - and I really mean the WHOLE free/alternative energy scene! Also have a look at JLNaudins website - by all honor and respect to his works - his website and presentation of his so claimed successfull replications are catastrophic! Even Scammers websites (such as look a bit more serious and professional than inventors websites. And this is really a shame!
Back to Bedini: even on Bedini's homepage there is hardly any structure, some pics here, some there, some theory here... But no organisation, no clear instruction plans, no categorization etc. - even though it is open source - no one cares about bringing in some organisation! Everybody must gather the information by crawling through a lot of websites else they will miss it. You must not wonder, why people not care about such things if technology is presented that way. It is also no conspiracy that such technology does not get popular *that* way.

To cut the long story short. I am also interested for what the Bedini is good for if it does not work better (judging from the results on PESWIKI and Forum posts) than common chargers?
Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: Taylor1992 on April 18, 2011, 04:44:41 AM
I would like to know as well,  but it would seem that this tread is dead  :-\
The only thing I found useful was using the circuit to light a ton of led's off a little bit of 12V current.
I couldn't get a battery to hold charge when using it as a battery charger.
The only other thing I can think to do with this circuit is to make a small pendulum or something.
Although the air core bifilar coil does work wonders on my joule thief circuit ;)
Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: nightlife on April 18, 2011, 09:03:39 AM
 I think the thing you can expect the most from either Bedini or Beardens designs is efficiency. It is so great, many think they actually produce more then what they use which is untrue.
Title: Re: What is bedini Motor
Post by: mscoffman on April 19, 2011, 09:18:54 PM
The Bedini motor is "pulse motor" as it draws it's current in pulses
and is designed for high efficiency. The high efficiency allows anything
that could enhance wheel rotation to intergrate to additional final energy.
The Rosemary Ainslie saga has a pulse FET drive circuit very similar to the
Bedini motor where she claims overunity energy is being measured.
There are indications that CF cold fusion occurs inside the acid/lead
storage battery when conditions are right causing overunity energy
generation. The people who build these as battery chargers claim that
they "desulfate" used acid/lead storage batteries exactly in a way that
cold fusion would create.

There is no scientific basis for "radiant energy". Tesla mixed together
several different phenomenon when he described his radiant energy.

There is static electric tribologic currents that are probably being generated
in Bedini equipment. These can feed through Bedini circuits as a secondary
current energy flow. I estimate these static charges play a role in alignment of
certain cold fusion structures that effectively down converts static electric
charges to overunity energy when conditions are right.

Unfortunately Bedini and friends seem to ignore what is actually going on
in support of their radiant energy and getting a setup implemented to show
overunity is a bit of "black magic" because of it.

The larger Bedini configurations like his 10-coiler seem to support battery
overunity in a much cleaner easier to observe manor.

So I predict Bedini overunity is true overunity energy.