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Another Mercury Bombshell

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See for yourself...

My Parents have had the Flu shot for around 5 years now and every year they still get sick.

It looks like there is little chance the Flu vaccine actually works at all judging by how they
go about deciding what strain will show up (geuss work) its pretty much like guessing lottery numbers ???

If the Flu vaccine isn't doing its job but could be doing harm instead with the mercury it contains, it worry's me as i saw my aunt go through alziemers
Which was heartbreaking.

I need to educate myself a little more i think :-[

What’s ‘Bugging’ You?


" "

An excellent resource PS...that site provides about the best legal natural approach to keeping healthy.


Trino Cularoid:
Some more alternative stuff (videos about cold & flu, shots, etc.):


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