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Title: An "overunity" toy?!...
Post by: iacob alex on December 22, 2005, 10:40:35 PM
If you play an Yomega Brain yo-yo(,and notice carefully the "sleeping" time(free super spin) can we talk about an overunity proof?Some comments at #217 "Pulsatory yo-yo"/     All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Re: An "overunity" toy?!...
Post by: lltfdaniel1 on December 23, 2005, 11:52:56 PM
lets get heat from air(it starts from heat , then it powers it self) .

it uses micro climates within micro climates. (and it won't stop heating up because heat expands for ever, and i didn't come up with this(Because its so Simple i would think of it as Impossible due to my Arrogance but it really works), its simply given From God, and the Plan Ideas etc and what to use,so be Delighted and Greatful and have a very light joyful laugh like  Viktor had)

and people actually would think your Nuts but its the ignorant ones that are Nuts(more insane) because this place is a school for the Criminaly Insane (read the Way Home Book By Jah , its True. so read and learn how to ARM Your Self with the Force/Em Energy/Vaccum Energy - - <you need adobe btw).

Overunity is possible in unlimited ways.

like with under unity.

the helix is a free spinning gravity drive you know ;-).

SO YOU'LL NEED A HEAT Control(so that expanding heat will escape) other wise it will Basicly heat up so much that it will burn and melt.

Please Share the idea , we are No Lesser then the Trees and the Stars (Light,because we are Beings of Light)

even your Enemy, and your Loved One, We are the Same, its our Egos that Divide us (Self-Rightouess/Self-Worship).

ANYBODY HEARD OF THE Hopi people, There Doctrine is in Harmony with Overunity(but with People).

Overunity with people is Called Shareing and not Hurting each other.


all of this Technology i tell you, Its God's Glory and Power Manifest in the Psyical Plain, and He is so Mercyful that would would just Want to Adore him and Love him,he is the One who has the Answers.

So read the way Home and learn to Speak with him and Accept him as Your/Our Heavenly Father,then There you will have all the Answers In HIM (there is no difference between us,its Greed/Sin That Destorys everything)

and that Voice which speaks with words (is Satan but his real name is Iblis/Lucifer(Lord of Under Unity and Deprivation),The Fallen Arch Angel who Wanted to kill God(OF OVERUNITY) and Take His Place)

and we are the Fallen Angels (1/3 of the Universe) HERE TO Learn to be unselfish and to control these Animal Bodys so we use them to 'Give Love/Overunity/Share'.
Title: Re: An "overunity" toy?!...
Post by: lltfdaniel1 on December 24, 2005, 12:25:18 AM
if your head spins round and round (Thats your Arrogance trying to conceal the Ignorance)

like a Knife twisting in your head.

ive had that so i simply Digested more and more(Of TWH Book and Jahs website and now i can Interp that Logic into Technology Now) and now i can see things properly and belived in it.(You Spilt the Truth from Lies not the other way round)

and im not Jah, Im a Follower of the Way, But i got interested in Technology and Asked God how to make these Heat from Air thingys and got the Answer,

and i can see the doom of this world is going to happen in our life times. (things will get extremely ugly in 5 years time, can you see that?)

They will use there Weapons in space,(The BLUE Beam) In the Bible its Called 'the Fire'.

because things can only get worst when a man is in Power, and feeds of Lust and he gets more greedy (see?).

Peak Oil is Threatre, (why did Fema turn back aid from Katrina, isnt that Under unity and Deprivation)?

so we must turn to God's Law not some 18 century man made minic law, (Patridiots, again is Threatre Funded by the) Man Made goverment (?)

to feed evil,and take away freedoms(?).

The Battle is to be fought with our selfishness and to give love(Unselfish,Give).

Because we have a need of Love (and mostly Everybody is so Obsessed with , that they can't find that deep Spiritual Satisfaction)


and of course that gets worst (?).

did you feel that Satisfaction when i told you how to make this Heat from Air (?)

which you CRAVE And always look for?

Well there you go,Sorted.

You Need Love to GROW.

(infomation//Greed/Beating/Killing/War/Pride/.etc.. feeds the ego.)

The Ego always craves for the ''EGO High''

You/The Real you need Love.

so let this be a Mercyful ROPE .
(my last post hopefully,Unless God Gives me a nother Technology , which Certanly i will Share with you).

don't get confused (This Vaccum energy/Energy comes from God)
Title: Re: An "overunity" toy?!...
Post by: buzneg on October 15, 2006, 12:01:15 PM
are you saying if you tie it to something solid it will go up and down continuously?
Title: Re: An "overunity" toy?!...
Post by: iacob alex on November 03, 2006, 08:45:32 AM
I am not a player of this so long time amazing toy.Maybe,if we "add" something as a heavy hub(think about Atwood machine) or a rotational energy store -restore system(resembling to a Watt governor) or...the "next idea".Anyway,this toy is fascinating...and not the only one.An other "miraculous" toy is one that tumbles on an inclined plane.It appears as a "stick"(in fact an iron ball inside a light empty sealed tube ) that will tumble and roll end-over-end when on a ramp or incline,as the gravity pulls at the heavy steel ball hidden inside.It's simple if we know what is inside the tube:the iron ball acts as an energy imparting falling element.The ball is a gravity "flow material" in a (like "bended",due to incline) potential flux.The toy moves on incline ,as a "wheel",but in a "tumbling manner".Can we make it move continuously on a surface(not inclined plane!)?Naturally not!But if we fix inside of a cylinder box, a "flip-flop pendulum"?(one of them at    pos.3 at New!New Drafts!),we have a different case,circumstance.It can be a new toy.The real wonder is a  common situation,phenomenon and  happens when we open  eyes in an out of the ordinary habit,style.All the Bests!/Alex