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Author Topic: Time Traveler Sightings  (Read 38120 times)


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Re: Time Traveler Sightings
« Reply #45 on: July 26, 2009, 02:34:10 AM »
Math is used to determine possibilities and to have a formula for how it was done, but math isn't needed to know how it works and how to build a time machine. math only makes the time machine better. more accurate so to say.

lets just say math is a measurement. Hands on is different. for instance I can just look at a socket or a nut or bolt and tell you what size it is without a measurement tool because I have it memorized photographically.

Hey EEL, are you sure your not one of my foreseeable time crew? you sound so much like me, lol

Maybe you guys have thought about this stuff already:

Time travel and what is used behind it:

It involves the quantum vacuum field. Why? because it's a very important field, which is actually more 'singularity' in it's nature. Like a singularity of a black hole. Meaning, it is hyper dimensional.

It involves resonance to the vacuum field. Resonance carried through by vibrational matching. The universe is not infinite in has a limit (singularities) and it's not that far upward, but our conventional means to match vibration is not advanced enough.

It involves capturing hyper dimensional physics, beyond the 4th dimension (which is the 5th or higher and this is singularity related)..... And vibration increase/decrease equates to dimensional shifting, btw.

It involves perpetual motion physics. The universe is perpetual and therefore, any attempts into advanced natural science or hyper advanced science, would involve perpetual motion. No laws are violated either, since the Zero Point Energy field is already present. There is enough raw power there to do wonders.

Perpetual motion would allow for a great vibrational rate to be achieved without supplying an ENORMOUS amount of outside energy from an external power source. It would be self contained. In order to grab at such a resonance, it would be like trying to go at the speed of light! In which with conventional physics in propulsion, we would have more fuel mass than the craft size, and still we would not achieve "C".
The energy requirement for time travel is with light speed travel. The only way is to use an ENORMOUS energy source....which = vacuum field resonances.

Time is a dimension. It is an oscillation as well. In which, if a frequency is generated and allowed to surpass or at least resonate to something which is beyond time, time will stop and/or become flexible in which we can move it forward or reverse at will.

-273 C or absolute the temperature when all atomic motions other words, time stops....because time requires things to move in motion. What is at Absolute Zero? Zero Point Energy field. This example of scalar measure of temperature at -273 C is like pointing us all to recognize, that time can indeed stop for all matter here at the zero point. It's like temperature is telling us when dimensions are cut off from another...etc.

Temperature is then relative to time travel! For if we move at certain rates of time travel speed, there SHOULD be a temperature differential occuring between the traveller's environment and the outside universe. As time slows down, things will cool. As time speeds up, things will get hotter. This tells us as well, that vibration is INVOLVED. why? Because hot and cold is also about vibration. High vibration = hot and low vibration = cold.

This also goes to duality, in which the Yin and Yang talks about. The Yin and Yang CAN easily refer to time travel as well. In that, if we stay in balance of the universe, time flows as it does naturally. When we imbalance the Yin and Yang, in either direction...we get time shift in reverse or forward.

How can anyone achieve time travel using perpetual motion and how would be done?
It would be done using 'another' constant in nature which is actually more absolute than all the other constants seemingly found. Natural space geometry.......

For resonance to vacuum energies, one must 'talk' in full appreciation to the vacuum, and it must be done through nature and through design or laws set out by nature.

It's quite interesting stuff......

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Re: Time Traveler Sightings
« Reply #46 on: July 26, 2009, 04:20:14 AM »
onthecuttingedge2005 said:
I already know how to polarize time ... it doesn't require traveling faster than light, the only velocity I need is to follow the Earth backwards through time, it will be no where near light speed either.
Interesting concept.  I hadn't thought of anything like that before.  I did, however, read a science fiction novel about 40 years ago that had a plot point the concept that one cannot go through space without going through time, too.  None of this: instantly appearing out of nowhere.  There was an aircraft in the plot that flew through the air and traveled through time at the same time.