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Author Topic: Why free energy is unsustainable for our society!!!  (Read 2000 times)

Offline CrazyEwok

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Why free energy is unsustainable for our society!!!
« on: January 13, 2009, 04:23:49 AM »
Big statement i know but there has to be a reason for it. I believe that we already have and have been using more than enough energy then we need. All this talk about how we need more energy, and how free energy would solve the worlds problems. It would solve one set of problems and create a whole new set of problems. We can't have "free energy" for some fundamental reason.(please note i didn't say there is no free energy i said we can't have it)

1. We are as a whole a wasteful species. This has been proven time and time again. When there is an abundance of something we abuse it. We need to start looking at efficientcy of things over how we can make it cheaper in the short run. There is no disbuting this as all you need to do is look at the automotive industry. Everyone pointed fingers at car manufacturers and blamed them because their car uses too much petrol and there was not enough cars on the market that are fuel efficient. The oil cartels are forcing out fuel efficient cars etc etc. Thats not all that true. Look at car sales statistics (being as this is what manufactures do as well) lets say you have 5 cars all the same size:
CarA : Large Block performance car that has all teh fruit and lots of grunt burns lots of fuel
CarB: Large Block car but more steered for comfort over power
CarC: Small Block performance car that burns almost as much fuel (per KG) as CarA but fast as
CarD: Small Block car much the same as CarB but less grunt and for efficient.
CarE: Electric commuter that can only run 100km before needing a recharge.

You will find CarA is a car that a lot of people will aspire to have and it will almost become a status symbol.
CarB will be you "top end" family car so the dad can feel that he has almost the same car as if he had CarA
CarC will be for the people that want CarA but can't afford it so try to do work to CarC to make it pretty close.
CarD will be your standard type of family car that is proberly neglected past any more work than your standard service.
and CarE, We don't like the thought of being restricted so people stay away from this car and is a bit of a taboo, usually bought by eccentrics and people with large incomes as a commuter because "they care about the enviroment".

Now if your a company that these are your products where does your R&D go??? CARA tops the list because this is the car everyone wants keep it as a status symbol with all the top gadgets while being the most powerful... CarB and CarC will proberly get the same amount as the adapt and modify the "new" tech from the previous CarA's to suit these cars. that leaves Cars D and E with the Scraps (if any) being as these cars are either for peole who just want a car or just want a gymic. there is no need or call to improve these cars. They can sell the same tech with a sporty new shell every year and still keep the sales rolling...

Now the oil cartels and their dirty dealings... This is simply companies trying to maintain a monopoly on something. If you look at how a lot of business is done in these countriese the bully tactics and buy outs are done all day everyday by big business in theese countries (and i am not talking just about the middle east) its how things are done, sad but true.

So are we destined to destroy ourselves? Short answer we are all gonna die... Specifics:- if we all take it on ourselves to sort out our own waste we may find things will turn around. You need to start to get yourself and people you interact with regulary to see the point in efficientcy over other things like looks perhaps or not needed power. These will save you money and promote the research into these sorts of technology... Personally myself and as of rescently friends have started to ask when bying appliances "I want something like this --->" show me your most efficient options. this has started our local appliace store to stock some items that aren't in their other shops. because there is now a small local demand for these things...

Food for thought

2. Everything works on a balance. There is no free lunch. By this statement i meant that there is a cost for everything. It doesn't mean that the cost has to be pollution but there is a cost. Solar pannels the cost is under the panel there is shade. This might not seem to bad to us but we don't know how this would effect things on a long term large scale?!?

3. Once we believe something is fine we forget about it and let it run its course only interfeering when we see things are too late or too expensive... Not really a sustainable model but that is how we think as a species.

4. Greed is our largest economic motivator. Our current ecomonic system is no where near perfect but i don't know of one that is perfect or sustainable so we will have to work with what we have.

5. As a species we are lazy. Most if not all of our inventions are designed to make our life easier... YOUR ALL LAZY!!! :P just kidding

These problems would have to be solved before anyform of free energy could be used. Sad isn't it...

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