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Title: Tidal waves comment...
Post by: iacob alex on January 09, 2009, 01:01:50 AM intended to carry out,for the moment,our attention to the simplicity of the ocean technologies ,that rely on the up-and-down huge waves motion,to generate output power(a storage and 1 or 2 gates,only).

        Tidal energy is one of the oldest form of energy used by the people(see tidal mills).

        The main point is that ,the tidal energy,is the only form of mechanical energy which derives directly(as  we try with the present site topic..)  from the gravitational interactions of the massive bodies(Earth,Moon,Sun).

        Tidal waves happen because  of the sun and moon(distinctively...),exerting gravity influences on the ocean water,causing regular and rhythmically up and down of the water surface.

        If we imagine the energetic abstracts of the oceanic system as a huge "black box" ,with input(we have no contribution here...) and output(here we get the gravity potential fall as mechanical energy),have we an endless,perpetual cosmic mechanical power source?

        It comes to us,as waves,tides,periodic changes of the oceanic level.

        With the key word WAVE,pulsating motion,can we open our so small "black box"  and discover ...the same simplicity(an /storage and two gates/ type)?!

                              All the Bests!  /  Alex
Title: Re: Tidal waves comment...
Post by: jsngeorge423 on January 12, 2009, 11:55:51 PM
Nice post, very good points made. Although wave power does not count as over-unity it requires no input from us, instead all the input comes from (as you said) the massive cosmic mechanism that surrounds us.
Another advantage of wave power is its predictability in that we know exactly when tides come in and out. Unfortunately however waves a immensely powerful and thus very good at breaking wave snakes, turbines ect.. (Also fishes and nemo tend to swim through these devices upsetting green piece lol)
Title: Re: Tidal waves comment...
Post by: iacob alex on January 13, 2009, 04:01:36 AM

.....involves this feature, that  the mounting,coming wave has a slow evolution,as a dragging movement.

     So,a first suggestion,if we intend to use gravity power for our topic ,is to drag,draw,tow this one in some way.

     We can imagine easy an arrangement of two spare parts,only:a pendular small mass"m"(rod+bob)/eccentric  ,attached to a centered great mass "M"/centric.

     "M" and "m" are connected,but they are two separate parts:"M" can rotate only,as a centric mass, but "m" can rotate/as an eccentric and translate,move on the rod.

      If we dispose "m" in the top position,the gravity will do the resulting motion: a tangential "m*g" component,acts as a torque on the balanced mass"M"(M>>m),in a slowed down imitation of an accelerated free fall.

    When we have "m" in the lowest point,due to a temporized gravity fall of this one,we have stored kinetic energy as a  the rotational inertia  of "M " :this is the first period,when "m" operates as "action" and "M" as the paired "reaction" of Newton's Law.

     Now,speaking in  some "colorful" energetic terms,gravity " flows" into inertia:gravity potential moves into inertial(rotational) potential.

     Gravity fall makes happen as an incoming tidal wave,inertia as temporary collecting basin,pool.

     This is the end of part one:gravity is down,inertia is up.

     For this ,we can play now inertia as a mechanica power supply.

     Part two:if we have stored some energy so easy,let's try again("remake" the starting frame) and  interfere...with your design,so to get a self system/ "free of charge".

     Imagination can help you,as usually,more than you conceive.

          All the Bests!  /  Alex