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Author Topic: Surreal UFO dreams  (Read 21292 times)


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Re: Surreal UFO dreams
« Reply #15 on: January 08, 2009, 09:11:34 AM »
Hi folks, i have had so many so called ufo dreams that i cant remember all of them not because i cant but because the sheer number is too large to remember accurately. One that sticks out in my mind as being special was that i was outside and there were many people outside like maybe a fest was already taking place and then there were these beautiful light displays in the sky of some kind of flying craft and along with that feeling you guys are speaking of totally being at peace and feeling ecstatic joy. another that was interesting was i was by some buildings and there was this disc shaped thing on or hovering over the ground, silver metallic looking. i instinctively stepped on top of it and instantly at what seemed like light speed i saw the planet disappearing from view as i was flying out into space to somewhere else and ended up in a building somewhere floating around watching people do various things, not sure what they were doing. also it didnt seem as though they could detect me. another small thing which maybe others have had happen to them is while closing my eyes, and this has happened a few times, maybe starting to fall asleep but i dont think so just pre-sleep and all the sudden i can see the very room im in with my eyes closed almost like luke skywalker from star wars where he can see with eyes closed. but i couldnt float around or anything as if i was dreaming, i literally could move my head to look around the room wondering why i could see the room even though my eyes were closed and one time i was able to see a what appeared to be a man standing in the room dressed in what would be termed angelic clothing or something and when i quickly opened my eyes the man was not able to be seen. not sure what that was about but just thought id offer it in case any others have had that experience.
Oh and by the way i think this so called waking state is more the dream than most think, i think weve got it backwards or maybe were led to believe when we sleep were dreaming, who can say that is the truth.

Peace, Love, Light