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Title: Your all welcome to our new forum
Post by: Megaverse on January 02, 2009, 05:54:32 AM
ohh and just to say and I'm not criticizing this place because i don't know it too much but well me and a friend of mine (who has done the website) have just started another forum called infinite power and is purely about the same thing as here the only difference is that we have the control to ban the retards who criticized everyones work instead of doing something constructive and explain instead why it doesn't work (it goes both way of course) so in other words there is a karma system that if your too much in the negative you'll be ban and it can always be flip back to good karma. Anyway

I don't want to "steal people away" but if your interested you should visit our place and still be here also (we're all in the same boat and the enemy is the same) so why not hold hands huh hahaha

here is the address: (

Best of all it's bran new so the sooner your here the better places you'll have a chance to get ? (moderator, ect..) make your rep. and there's a few options in there that I didn't see elsewhere like we all have a lab! (it's a personal thread that you can do all you want in it and you can decide who sees it) and there's an education 101 page that is all about grasping the physics and the math behind what we are all trying to do, a "overunity device". And you can post videos in direct or "embed" if you wish from youtube so if you have an account you can post videos there and embed it directly in a message so if something is hard to explain or too long or you just need to show someone something then that's the best solution. (you can upload private videos on youtube also).

So in brief Your all welcome, on this good day  ;D