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Title: Pulsatory avalanche motion...
Post by: iacob alex on December 31, 2008, 01:33:01 AM a short description,of a possible man-made process,intended to accumulate the gravity power.

       As a prime line,it can be a particular energy pumping method.

       A natural  avalanche phenomenon ,is a fall  of a large mass of snow,rock,or other material down a mountainside.

       We know that due to the gravity fall on an inclined plane ,an over increasing amount of mass gains( so regrettable!) an ever enlarged disastrous power.

        But ,you know ,we can't use this phenomenon ,so to get out some utilizable power.

        Now,if you take a look(it's not the first time when I put it in a plain sight) at   you can find an interesting situation.

         Here you can play a  simulation of a special Atwood Machine :with a  heavy,massive Pulley .

         I tried out with the minimal masses difference   M1-M2=1   and with an ever  increasing  pulley mass M3(10,100,1000,10000,100000).

         I was,and you can be also in a great surprise...with the condition to wait some seconds,so that the process becomes evident.

         For me it was a suggestion for that ever cumulative phenomenon as we know in the natural world:the mass avalanche.

          But,in the case here up(Atwood Machine with a Heavy Pulley),we can collect motion,power only,and not matter and catastrophic energy(natural avalanche)

           It seems that an Atwood Machine with a Massive Pulley exemplifies an energy avalanche motion type.

           Can we develop,evolve this lab-demo,as a starting point for a practical self pulsatory  "avalanche" motion mechanism,due to gravity fall?!

                      All the Bests!  /  Alex